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Fred Sanders

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This is not a "war", it is a pogrom in a ghetto, the Gaza ghetto is like the Warsaw ghetto.



We are not alone:

"A Pew Research Center poll released Monday showed that a plurality of Democrats across the country, 35 percent, and liberals, 44 percent, said that Israel had “gone too far” in its response to its conflict with Hamas. Meanwhile 47 percent of Democrats told Gallup that Israel’s actions during the current conflict were “unjustified,” compared to just 31 percent who thought the opposite."

To be ignored and sent to jury.......ignored in the media, ignored by our own progressive heroes.....


Israelis want a "final solution", having apparently forgotten their own history.

War is between relatively equal sides, no war ends up with 1300 civilians killed on one side and 2 on the other, anyone care to weigh in on the math?

Meanwhile cowardly American politicians hide behind chest beating symbolic votes and ship more ammo to Israel as a gift, hoping to keep their fundraising intact and not be attacked by the compliant media...as hundreds of children are torn part limb by limb in their sleep as they
lay in "protected" UN shelters.

As evil as the slaughter is the evil of the American media advancing evil lies and war crimes by the dozens. The human shield argument is so lame as to be a war crime itself, but criminals always have their own sick mind justifications, do they not?

Did you get the part where Israel gets to or has to, I have not figured that out yet, to buy more ammo and weapons.....directly from the American manufacturers? Because the hereto before secret stash of a billion dollars already in Israel, provided by you as a taxpayer, is not enough. Not enough to continue the killing at the pace Bibi wants. How sick is that!

America and Israel belong on the same psych ward, and in the same courtroom.

And yes, I am directly attacking Israel. Israel is wrong and the dead children are dead right, so take me to the jury for my whipping, I am man enough to defend myself and the dead at the same time.

They can edit the story to fit the available publication area.....so they can leave things out, and

They can add what they want, including misinformation, as long as etc. lot of elasticity in that.
Posted by Fred Sanders | Wed Jul 2, 2014, 06:13 PM (1 replies)
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