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Profile Information

Name: Marianne Tecklenburg
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Denver,CO
Home country: USA
Current location: Denver
Member since: Thu Dec 19, 2013, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,431

Journal Archives

A question for other members

of Anthem (Blue Cross/shield).

After they hacked the insurance's computer files, are we
supposed to let SS know, that our numbers may be
abused? Is Anthem supposed to tell us whose information
is now endangered?
Does anyone here know?

Hello, fellow gardeners,

10 days ago I started my pansies inside, and it seems
that about 80% are coming up. It is so great during
winter time to see something green and growing.
I probably could have more, but due to costs of seeds
I keep mine in the refrigerator with some dry milk for

These seeds were from 2007, and I can always add some
more into the "empty" jiffies.

I hope all you people in zones 4-5 are starting now too
with a lot of success!

In case you do not know who

slipped the city bank amendment into the budget bill,
the Huff post says that it was congressman K. Yoder
from Kansas. He seems not to answer his e-mail now.

Does anyone know how our

Senators voted on the budget bill?

Simple questions about Hillary

Yes, I think that she will run. Let's say she will get the nomination.
I don't know this for absolute certainty, but would this not the first time
that a wife of a former president is running for the highest office.

Many here say that she has been vetted or not. I don't think the past
will hurt her as much as the repugs probable claim that as a good wife
she will just be Bill's mouthpiece.

Would that stick?

Just a rhetorical question: Who could close down the CIA?

With this new report out,

which should be abhorrent for every decent American,

is Jebbie's run in danger?

A question concerning canned dog food

My poodle had a lot of loose stool. Coming to this site someone suggested

Taste of the Wild, and I chose Wetlands. That worked very well. Now I am being

informed that this company has production problems and this canned food will

not be available indefinitely. Can anyone suggest a good replacement?


The Rev. Sharpton indicated

a national march on Dec.13th.
How will we know about our localities?
I certainly want to participate.

Any ideas?

Is it now the norm

to test only the victim for drugs and not the shooter? If I
remember correctly Zimmerman was not tested either.

I have wondered whether in both cases this was omitted on purpose.
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