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Profile Information

Name: Marianne Tecklenburg
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Denver,CO
Home country: USA
Current location: Denver
Member since: Thu Dec 19, 2013, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,431

Journal Archives

The 100,000 people march in DC

cannot be attended by most people. I just
contacted PDA (Progressive Dems for America),
who have organized for Bernie from the beginning.

I hope that we can coordinate a similar rally in
many cities in different states, and was assured
that something like that is in the works.

It might help if all of you ask the Bernie campaign
to work on a similar project.

Just a suggestion.

Yesterday I attended a PDA meeting for Bernie

There were about 130 people there. The issue was
volunteering with flyers, door to door,etc.

The point, which interested me the most was
the suggestion to "infiltrate" ones own precinct
party, just as the tea baggers have done. I know
that T. Hartmann suggested the same.

I found out when they meet, and have decided
to participate. The point was driven home not
to push for Bernie, since the party is supposed
to be neutral during the primaries. Instead to
talk about the issues in a clear way.

So wish me luck for doing it the right way
without cursing the establishment!

Please, help me get the math right here.

20%are superdelegates, iow HRC delegates.

So she only needs 31% of the elected delegates,

but Bernie would need 66% of those to succeed.

If so, that is a "himalayan " mountain to climb.

Has any ex-president ever been attacked

by anyone, let's say since 100 years? I don't
know of such an event. If not, why do we have to pay
for SS protection for them and their family for
the rest of their lives?

Quick question: Where can I get a video

from the LA speech? I would like to lend it to some of my
neighbors, so that they get a better impression.

A question regarding Trump's possible independent

run for 2016. If he fails to get enough delegates by
super Tuesday, can he still run as an independent in
enough states to hurt the repugs?

After all he is not just a megalomaniac, but also
rather vengeful.

So here is a question for many of you

I was a Vietnam protester, protested the Iraq war, took part
in the OWS movement and now work for Bernie.

In all those protests there were always infiltrators,
provocateurs, and secret police agitators.

How do any of us know, who is a honest protester,
or any of the other?
I have become an extreme sceptic about so-called
protesters, if they are not willing to listen as much
as they require it from others. Convince me that
I am wrong in my skepticism.

I don't know what to think, but I wished

all of you would read the post on GD-P about the ring of Fire
article. IF TRUE, it casts a very dark light on BLM.

Normally I have found RoF to be an honest source
of info, and this scares the heck out of me.

This question I have can only be asked in

a friendly forum, and I hope you won't get angry with me.

Considering all the young people, who love Bernie, are
volunteering for him, etc are essentially like the ones,
who helped Obama win.

Should HRC win the nomination will these same people
even vote? I have serious doubts about it. Many of us
may hold their nose and vote anyway, but will they?

Since the general MSM don't get

anywhere with the "socialist" label, because he gives
them the issues, they will now go after his age it seems.

I just watched part of an interview in Iowa, and the
interviewer mentioned it several times.

Funny they only talk about HIS age!
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