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Hometown: Caifornia
Current location: Lompoc, Ca
Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 06:03 PM
Number of posts: 119

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Obama and apple pie


Barack was so kool

Columbo and his dog

Peter didn't mind dog kisses

So I heard that Paul Revere was just using the lamp...

...to indicate the runway 27 outer marker at the local Continental Army Air Corps regional military airfield. I never knew this. I always learn something from FOX Snooze.

I need to go to bed....

...but the Doggers!. Top of the 15th 2-2. Great game. ZZZZ, Ill read about it.

Trying to navigate the Social Security Web Site...

...Is it unusual that you can't access the site unless it's within business hours?

Trying to figure out if I will benefit from the crap game of Social Security. My wife of 10 years (25 total years together) died on 3/21/2012.

I find myself with half of our income at age 65 and things are getting tight. I feel I should have applied earlier for her benefits but my thought was that the taxes on a working recipient would be crushing.

Is there anyone here that can direct me or give me advice on what I should do?

I'm only 10 months from my SS full benefit age and she was 56 when she died.

Should I apply for her benefits that would amount to less than 1k per month or take my early retirement at an estimated $1700 or $1800 when I reach full retirement age 66 in June 2019 and planning to work for 3+years at 45K per year?

The reason I ask is that navigating the SS web site and asking these questions on the web generally gives results from those who gain $ from these very questions.

Serious inquiry so, please, only help and informed opinions are requested.

Maybe I just need to go to the local SS Administration office for advice but I want to be informed when I do.

Thanks for any advice and anecdotes that may help.

A FB discussion about the MJ Biz...

...from a long time resident of a small community in California regarding the new odors from the newly legalized MJ business. Names changed for the F&$# of it...

Proboscis Maximus: I urge everyone who is bothered by the smell to contact the county through their web page each and every time you have an experience. The county needs to hear how unacceptable this is.

Ancient Rememberious
: I remember way back when the nursery's began populating the Carp valley. These same concerns were expressed and most were valid because they changed the aroma and landscape of the area. Prior to those days the smell of lemons, avocado and orange were prominent very pleasant but things changed. The smell of manure and compost was a shock especially on humid days back when the crop was pretty flowers. Things change and the Carpinteria agribusiness has always been a benefit to the community regardless of the protests of the few who are adversely impacted. I would very much like to go back to the time when I used to take a shortcut thru the lemon orchard south of the Linden 101 overpass to get to Canalino elementary school or take a run up the old Edison road behind the new Carp high in gym class that we hated way back then in '68. Jumping off the pier, long gone and living in the memory of the few these days, at high tide and digging under the old boardwalk at the end of Linden ave for nickels to play the pinball machines or buy 5 cent salt water taffy or maybe a 30 cent drop line rig from Reg's. The thing is that Carpinteria is an evolving community and agribusiness is a major factor in the valleys growth. The money from Carps agribusiness, no matter what the crop is, will always have positive overall positive impact on the local economy and prosperity in the valley IMNSHO.
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Canadian Selective Odoriferous Snowflake: Iíve lived in agricultural areas all my life, and have never been particularly bothered by a multitude of associated odors. I donít mind the smell of smoked cannabis, but proximity to commercial cannabis cultivation is much more offensive than manure and compost. There are more than a few who are adversely affected, and IMO odor control is imperative for the new industry. This is nothing newó Iím in Canada at the moment and communities here have dealt with the odor issue for medical cannabis operations, and in fact at least one community imposes fines for odor releases.
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Ancient Rememberious: The MJ agribusiness creates odors at an order of magnitude much less than the slaughter of animals. Thank Cod that Carpinteria's agribusiness is plant centric rather than animal based! So Canada, unlike the US, has decided to have a more progressive attitude towards MJ country wide, that, IMO, is good.

It must be mentioned that those who are bitching about the odor are the land owners who don't want and have issues with new MJ ag businesses moving into their turf.

Kind of trivial but...

I just watched Rachel brush off a spot on her right cheek with her right thumb, could have been a fly. Like a Pro, she didn't miss a beat in her delivery. At about the 45 minute mark in tonight's show.

A compilation of...

his unedited twitter posts. (apologizes to Loituma)

Does anybody remember 'Three Days of the Condor'?

I just watched this movie again for maybe the twentieth time and it forced a sudden realization about the IC that the writers of the movie then may have known. We all know how the CIA has intervened and subverted fledgling democracy's where the ROA is perceived, in their thought, as a plus for American business entities. Is this administration so corrupt that Russian influence via blackmail and moles they have fostered in this administration are actually in control but are failing with their prime objective of dividing and then eventually conquering at this moment? What is their long term goal and who will be targeted for silencing when the shit eventually hits the fan because of Putins reliance on those tactics. Is POTUS and America in danger of another November 22, 1963 attack not from within like I believe happened then but from our arch enemy at that time? Random thoughts because of Rum and Coke, and a great movie!

Rachel and her reference to Santa Barbara and Earth Day

I was a 16 year old surfer when Platform A had its blowout. Santa Barbra channel crude, which is very toxic, and contains very high levels of SO2. So high that the California Coastal Commission somewhere around 1987 refused permitting of the transfer of crude oil extracted from the federal lease in the Santa Barbara channel by pipe to the Chevron processing facility at Mariposa Reina unless the crude was scrubbed of SO2 prior to reaching land. These regulations are still in place to this day. Back then Chevron's response was to anchor a SO2 scrubbing vessel offshore to scrub the SO2 before the crude hit the shoreline via pipeline. In 1969 the residents of Carpinteria, where Platform A was less than 2 miles offshore of a popular beach called 'The Jelly Bowl' had no idea of the danger that the crude oil extraction imposed on us. Me and several friends surfed in the muck because the winter waves were too good to ignore. We were never informed of the toxicity of crude oil at the time. This oil spill event, http://www.sbcountyplanning.org/energy/information/1969blowout.asp and the aftermath is why we Californians have a voice in limiting offshore oil extraction efforts to the point that the decline and absolute restrictions of acquiring and developing new and existing federal leases to operate in the Santa Barbara Channel. https://thinkprogress.org/how-a-massive-oil-spill-in-1969-changed-everything-c4da7ecd5038?gi=8f0a914c9b17

This is home to me, any federal assault on my states restrictions on oil and gas extraction is an act that will not be tolerated!
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