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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 11:49 AM
Number of posts: 6,592

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AT&T Exploits Massive Loophole to Deny Budget Internet to Some Low-Income Customers


When AT&T merged with DirecTV, the Federal Communications Commission mandated the company give anyone on food stamps internet service for a monthly fee of $10 or less. The program, which launched in April, is called “Access From AT&T” and requires the company to charge SNAP recipients $10 (plus tax) if the download speed “technically available” in their area is 5 or 10 Mbps. Poor folks in areas where the download speed “technically available” is 3 Mbps pay $5 (plus tax).

But as the National Digital Inclusion Alliance attempted to help people apply for this discount, the organization discovered that many were told “the program was unavailable at their addresses” even if AT&T internet service was available in their neighborhood.

The NDIA figured out that AT&T was able to deny SNAP beneficiaries discounted internet service in areas where the fastest speed available was less than 3 Mbps. And while you might think such slow internet is a rarity in rural areas, it actually accounts for around 21% of blocks in Cleveland and Detroit. The blocks with internet service below 3 Mbps constitute some of the cities’ poorest areas.


One of Gary Trudeau's favorite books isn't a book.


Bought it and I agree.




The only good thing I have to say is that Woody wrote "This Land Is Your Land" in response.


The Seafarer Keyboard.

I think I'll get two.


(Check out the reviews - hilarious!)

Oh, I'm unblocked from the Bernie group? Whoopee.

Thanks but no thanks. Sorry to be ungracious (no, I'm really not), but I was blocked for truthful posts that weren't even in that group.

In the Hillary group, I was blocked for an accidental post in that group, unblocked when intentions were straightened out, and reblocked upon my own request, to keep me out of trouble.

Sorry, apples and oranges.

This applies to the DU group, not Bernie himself, of course.

I remain convinced, or at least hopeful

That that was lashing out in frustration.

Hope I am right, or if not that at least a heartfelt lesson was learned.

Yes, some things are heinous, totally agree.

But not many things (some things, granted) are truly, totally unforgivable. In this case, I, personally, forgive. YMMV.


Get shut of corporations then.

"Bernie's ego" (as has been said here) my €&£¥.

If you believe that, I can't believe you're listening right now.

ETA - shut up, Joy (instructed no doubt by MSNBC) let me listen.

Nevermind, I'll go elsewhere. If I can find an elsewhere.

Well, I was really looking forward to the new To Tell the Truth....

Especially with Betty White.

But I find I REALLY do not care which of the three contestants dated Taylor Swift in high school.


Ali song (I had quite a time finding this).

I knew I remembered this from my youth - '75, so teh Google says.


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