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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Member since: Mon Feb 3, 2014, 10:34 PM
Number of posts: 219

About Me

I realize we are all in this together and will continue to experience an almost endless cycle of lifetime after lifetime until we get it right. You can see we have a long way to go but I know I am not alone and understand we must each try to make the world a better place one day at a time.

Journal Archives

Ok an ACA question since the person I talked to today didn't seem to understand...

I will can DHS tomorrow and see if they can answer my question.

When I went to the Healthcare.gov site and applied I was certain that since my income was actually less than $10,000 per year...that I would just be shuffled to Michigan's DHS department.

However, after I applied I was sent a PDF file stating that I didn't qualify for Medicaid. I was quite surprised.....

So as it stood I was going to have to pay minimum $450.00 per month (Bronze) on a $750.00 per month income.

When I talked to a representative... she indicated that this was because I wasn't filing an income tax return this year. I told her that was because I don't make enough money to be required.

She then suggested she forward me to someone who might be able to help....but then my phone went dead.... so I had to hang up.

Anyone have any thoughts so when I call someone tomorrow I have a bit better understanding on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.


Will Ukraine Continue to Exist as a Sovereign State? Essay by Richard DeLong (my Former Son in Law)

Richard is my former Son in Law and has lived in the Ukraine for most of the last 12 years. He is the reason my Daughter still lives in Kyiv to this day.

His understanding of the people and culture of Ukraine is very high. He is a very intelligent and kind hearted man and I respect him deeply.


For many years I've said a terrible thing to my Ukrainian friends in private conversations:

"I don't even know if Ukraine will exist in twenty years."

The country has only been independent for a little over two decades and suffers from deep — though hardly insurmountable — political, cultural, and linguistic divisions. It has historically not remained independent for lengthy periods of time, and regional wars tend to rewrite its boundaries. Even though a whole generation has grown up accustomed to the idea of an independent Ukraine, a sense of fragility has always lingered in the air.

It appears that Ukraine's moment of truth has arrived. The country currently known as Ukraine is now at a historical crossroads. The range of possible near-term scenarios is more or less clear, but there is absolutely no certainty as to which path the country will take.

< snip

An interesting read that will help anyone who wishes to understand the situation in Ukraine.

He was also interviewed in a new documentary "My Revolution" which I posted a link to in the video section here at the DU.



here is the link to my posting in the video section...


My Revolution - A Video Diary from Kiev - (full documentary) released on 3-16-14

My former Son in Law (Richard DeLong) is one of the people interviewed for this documentary. He has lived in Ukraine for the better part of the last 12 years and understands the culture and the people very well. He is the reason that my Daughter still lives in Kyiv to this day. I respect him deeply and is a very kind hearted and intelligent man.


The film "My Revolution -- Video Diary from Kiev" focuses on the protests in Ukraine, using only private video-footage and eye-witness reports. What was the goal of the protesters? How did peaceful demonstrations turn into the radical violence? Were the activists surprised by the Russian reaction?

The film highlights the beginning phase of the Euromaidan protests after the refusal of the Ukrainian government to sign the EU Association Agreement in early November 2013. It becomes apparent how the riots between the police and the protesters escalates during the last days of February 2014. Furthermore, after the escape of the Ukrainian government, the crisis on Crimea gets out of control. All of the protagonists are present during the Euromaidan protests in Kiev and reported via Skype about their experiences -- a rare glimpse behind the scenes.

More information on www.ecomediatv.de
Contact details: info@ecomediatv.de


I have a question about planes "Transponders".....

Can anyone give me one good reason why transponders have an "off" switch?

As important as they are why would this be an option?

Just as the engine "ping" cannot be disengaged ... you would think airlines would make transponders continue to communicate while the plane is running.

My humble question of the day....


If you really want to understand the Ukraine situation

In my opinion the best analysis of the situation between Ukraine and Russia I have come across thus far. It's a fairly long read but covers the subject thoroughly. Obama must be feeling 2016 can't come soon enough as Putin starts his push for retaining power and influence on a global scale knowing that the west can't stop him.


"I never expected so many intelligent, perceptive, and influential media and political personalities to so easily fall into Vladimir Putin’s trap. After the initial shock to the world, and especially to the West, following Moscow’s announcements about the possible use of Russian armed forces in Ukraine, and then after being forced to acknowledge that Russia has already occupied Crimea, the West breathed a collective sigh of relief upon hearing Putin’s March 4 press conference, where he suggested Russia doesn’t have any plans to seize eastern Ukraine. I intentionally waited a while to make sure that this would indeed be the prevailing Western reaction after the dust settled—and it was. Western capitals felt encouraged by Putin. In the New York Times, Peter Baker confirmed that “American officials took some solace” after hearing Putin’s explanations. One may suppose that the Europeans, who are much more inclined to forgive Putin than is Washington, have felt more than just relief, but actual satisfaction, at the news."

"Actually, the Kremlin’s tactics against Ukraine are the same ones it used against the Bolotnaya protesters in Russia: The government will use both psychological and physical terror tactics to ensure dominance and guarantee obedience—both here and over there. This is an up-to-date version of the Brezhnev Doctrine used in 1968 against Czechoslovakia, an aggression which was also meant as a warning to Soviet society.

Ukraine has long been Putin’s personal project. The site of a stinging rebuke during the 2004 Orange Revolution, Ukraine now presents an opportunity for the Kremlin to exact revenge for both past and present Maidans, to teach the rebellious Ukrainians a lesson, and to warn Russians about the price of insubordination or attempts to escape the Russian Matrix."



Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky weighs in on crisis with a Sports Illustrated interview

A great article by Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky about the situation in Ukraine. Well worth the read....

"I wish people would understand that my country stood up not because of a European Union agreement but because we couldn't take it anymore, especially the corruption in every level of government -- judges, police, lawmakers. Consider this: The former chief of police is said to have issued plastic business cards with the flag of Ukraine on one side and his contact details on the other. He was selling these cards for $2,000 each and 1,000 were made. During a police stop, you would just show this card and they would let you go no matter what rule you had violated."


Hey There Obama..... for the memories...

Now over 2 million views!

Meanwhile in Upper Michigan .. people are getting tired of winter....

Got snow? You betcha! Calumet Michigan located on the wonderful Keweenaw Peninsula.

end of February 2014.

Yes Times are a Changin! This poll doesn't need our help....

My local television station, TV 6 News out of Negaunee Michigan posted a poll asking whether Michigan should legalize marijuana for tax revenue? Along with the poll they posted an article out of Denver showing how much tax revenue some counties had taken in since Colorado legalized the weed.

The current vote tally is 76% in favor of legalization with 24% against.

I can now see Michigan won't be far behind with the change.

here is a link should you want to participate...


The Martyrs of Ukraine...May they Rest in Peace knowing

their fight was not in vain.

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