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Jake Stern

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Member since: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 01:51 AM
Number of posts: 3,143

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Thank you for all these hearts!

Take a step back and BREATHE.

Please stop with the "He's gonna dissolve Congress and the Supreme Court!!!!!" nonsense

He is not, nor can he even if he wants to. The law that authorizes national emergencies provides ZERO authority to suspend the constitution or Congress or anything else. It deals with using DOD funds, personnel, and material for projects related to national security outside of direct congressional appropriation not tossing SCOTUS out on their asses or suspending elections or lining up and shooting representatives.

Truth is the emergency declaration is pure political theatre

Trump knows damn well that Roberts will almost certainly side with the 4 liberal justices against this move thereby stopping it.

Nothing more than some red meat for his deplorable base so he can tell them he did all he could to get the wall built.

So effing torn right now

Usually opposed to doxxing as the risk of exposing the wrong person is very high but that MAGAt asshole teenager in DC with the smug, self-satisfied smirk has me seeing red. It makes me tempted to look the other way if someone does.

Seriously I'm coming around to the belief that extensive public shaming and his seeing his future prospects go "poof" is the only thing that will humble the little shit and wipe that disgusting smirk off his face.

Per NBC News: Jason Crow has kicked Mike Coffman to the curb!

See ya Mikey!

Colorado's 6th CD is now in our hands.

Been asked why I view so-called centrists and moderates with suspicion

Politicians like Susan Collins are the reason why.

Why is it we can't have real variety shows like the Ed Sullivan Show these days?

Just people performing for our entertainment. No washed up judges. No buzzers. No stupid X's.

Can Americans do anything without turning it into a fucking competition?

Former presidents Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush, Jr. and Obama

need to come out and rebuke Trump. A full on public rebuke at a presser featuring all five of them.

Enough of this "Former presidents shouldn't criticize sitting presidents" bullshit. This is not some minor policy difference - the sitting president just sided with a tyrant over his own government!

I beseech all living former presidents to speak out. For the sake of the fucking nation SAY SOMETHING, their wives have done so and now it's time to fulfill their pledge to defend the nation by using their combined bully pulpits to shut this monster down.

Texas will be gaining two more Dems

Got the call from HR at Lubbock ISD to accept my new position so my partner, our son and I are off to the Lone Star State.

Lubbock area DUers - any advice for a newcomer?

Some music for this warm Monday evening

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