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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 792

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The Debate: Castro just HARRISED Biden about his memory!

MENTAL ILLNESS! MENTAL ILLNESS! The real insanity is doing the same thing

over and over-NOTHING TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE-and expecting different results.

A time coincidence question regarding Barr's beggar's letter for the A.G. job. Did Barr go

after the A.G. job because he knew the situation was heating up on the Epstein debacle?

Trump speaking out against hate, racism, etc. is like the devil telling everyone to

obey the ten commandments.

During last night's debate, does anyone else recall Kamala Harris saying (not verbatim) something

about the other times Biden ran for president?

Watching start of Mueller testimony. He looks like a kid who was sent to the principal's office!

Think Dumpy Trumpy is gonna be grumpy when he sees a REAL parade for REAL winners with


Dear Robert Mueller: If you can't indict a "sitting" president, tell the POS to stand up!

SST aka Stupid Shit Trump blabbed again today saying there was no collusion, no obstruction, no

nothing. Does the idiot not know that two negatives make a positive?

Re. Rump doesn't want conflict with Iran-BULLSHIT!!!! He just doesn't want the responsibility.

They're playing bad cop/worse cop with the U.S. and our allies.
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