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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,322

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It's official. Joy Reid will have 7 PM slot M-F on MSNBC.

Just came across this word - PISSTRUMPET: to act the fool/stupid. How fitting!!!

Fellow DU folks, does anyone know of a newspaper called Epoch Times? Hubs just got

the mail and it was in our mailbox. I got a creepy feeling right away and tossed it.

Trump: Looter-in-Chief

The evil incarnate holding a bible. The devil then smirked and said for this I am libel.

Breakdown of trump voters...the dumb, the numb and the scum.

The F'ing lunatic is trying to rile up the Pennsyltuckians now! (I'm allowed to say that. I

live in PA.)

On this Mother's Day......

On this Mother's Day as we honor our Mother,
It may be a time that will be like no other.
Perhaps it's a time when we can be reflective
And cherish all that is good, putting life in perspective.
Life's full of changes and though we may be apart,
The love between mother and child lives forever deep in
The heart.

Can a despicable, reptilian, evil incarnate cretin get the coronavirus? Asking for a friend!

Leadership: A smart leader, surrounds herself/himself with those who are

smarter than her/him.
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