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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,438

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Could Dump be charged with accessory to conspiracy to commit murder given his being

the thug at the center of the January 6th insurrection?

Due to the unacceptable antics of Abbot and DeSantis, I am posting my rhymed reaction here

rather than the Poetry Thread:

There is a Lady in New York who has been here many years.
She is the epitome of strength and courage but is now immersed in
This Lady was an immigrant who came to us from France
Because she loved that we welcomed all who came to give their
lives a chance.
They came from all across the globe and weathered hardship,
fear and strife.
Their sacrifice was their vehicle to enjoy a better life.
Now it saddens me to know that we have fallen from her favor.
Those principles that we once embraced, now from freedom's
path we waiver.
Those broken shackles that represent her words of promised
Now choke our nation's fiber as we no longer guarantee them.
But our better natures shall prevail.
as she emboldens our reserve.
No despot will impede our quest for it is Liberty we serve.


A loose cannon misses its mark. Just sayin'!

No one is above the law! Perhaps, henceforth any person assuming the office of POTUS

should be held to a higher standard than the "no one" as the damage inflicted on the country by this F'ING imbecile and his ilk can be irreversible.

Saw "ELVIS" yesterday and loved it! IMHO, Austin Butler was fantastic!

Good thing for the secret service guy that the wangler strangler has little tiny hands!

How predictable that the reversal of Roe vs. Wade by the Supine Court raises its ugly

head at the exact time that the January 6th terrorist attack committee has brought truth to the world. And Unjustice Thomas speaks out to protect wifey VirGinni from her role in this shit show!

You wanna a be a good guy with a gun? How about donating your military style

automatic weapon(s) to Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian people in their efforts to save their people and country from Putin's evil invasion.

SeGUNNED Amendment.....!

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