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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,292

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I would love to know how many of the insurrectionist thugs actually voted!

In retrospect, Trump's push for the $2,000 stimulus was just bait to keep his base on target

for their criminal insurrection.

Question regarding insurrectionist thugs that invaded the Capitol who are active or former

military: are there certain crimes for which they are tried and convicted that will deprive them of veteran benefits?

Looks like Lindsey Graham has a new best friend-Jack Daniels!

The republi-rats are gonna start jumping off the shit ship Trumptanic!


Is it a coincidence that the trumpturds have a median IQ of 45!

USA: Usurp by Seditious Anarchy! Pathetic!

TRUMP, you better watch out so don't even try...

There isn't a doubt and the whole world knows why.
SANITY is coming to town.
Trump's makin' a list and checking it twice
His donors will be pissed when they find out it's a heist.
SANITY is coming to town.
Joe know cuz he's been veeping on how to govern right
While Trump throughout the White House creeping is a
truly scary sight.
Trump better watch out; he's sure gonna cry
When we kick his sorry ass out and Joe is our guy.
SANITY is coming to town!

I am pissed!!!! CON-anti-proGRESS plays the waiting game, drop a few crumbs for people

who are desperate for help, run home to spend the holidays without a care in the world and think they have done their job! DISGUSTING!!
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