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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,438

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Nutandyahoo slams Sec. Kerry-sickening!

Looking at the Big Picture. The Universe is all of time and space and it's contents.

We, as finite beings, have no concept of absolute nothingness. Create is to make something out of nothing. A creator is capable of making something out of nothing. So if WE are not capable of making something out of nothing, than how did we and all the other stuff get here if not for a creator. Bad things happen. Oftentimes, good things come about as a result of bad things and vice versa. Even in the worst of times, positivity will tip the scales in its favor. The goodness in mankind will always prevail. I believe if this were not the case, we would be by now extinct. So if one believes in the dominant better nature of mankind, how could one possibly equate the creator with evil.

Just had an epiphany! A guy that was involved in the whole reality tv debacle

while appearing on MSNBC spoke to the fact that reality tv espouses conflict with no resolution. Ergo, we suffer Drumpf who is the epitome of creating conflict without resolution. Would love to know the the percentage of reality tv watchers who are Drumpfsters.

Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy! Since he said he wanted to get rid

of the Department of Energy, does that mean he will go "poof" along with it? 😱

Trump vs. Trump-I find it quite ironic that Trump is self destructing. His egomaniacal self

is trashing any semblance of stability that may have motivated his deplorables to vote for him. With all that has been revealed in just one day, today, I see a serious movement to put our great country on a positive track.

Holy Turtle Shell! McTurtle just said the Ruskies are not our friends!

Did anyone else who was subjected to the idiot interview with Drumpf at the Army-Navy

Game pick up on the idiot's beyond stupid statement when he said, regarding the game, that it wasn't great football? This fool is incapable of speaking one sentence without putting his "it got me deferments" foot in his anal mouth. God help us all!

Get ready, Alec Baldwin, you're gonna have a good time with the latest "thank you" tour B.S.

Drumpf thanking the peepholes who voted for his sorry ass. He is bigly bat shit craaaaaazy!

Believe me!

Hey Drumpf, I hope you are watching a REAL President delivering his National

Security Speech. I would hope you might learn something from OUR President Barack Obama because he is speaking directly to YOU! But that ain't gonna happen because you are totally incapable intellectuALLY morALLY, and every other relevant "ALLY" that makes one fit to lead our already great nation. Oh God, we are so going to miss you, President Obama!!!!
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