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Midterm Elections May Have Had Record Low Turnout


". . . as of today, according to numbers from the Associated Press, a bit over 83 million people voted. As a share of the voting-eligible population, that is 36.6 percent. It was a lot higher than that in Colorado and New Hampshire where there were very hard-fought Senate races.

"But if after all the votes are counted, if the national turnout rate doesn't reach 38.1 percent, it would be the lowest turnout since the midterm elections of 1942. And as Michael McDonald points out, that was in the middle of the Second World War."


This after the voters' rights act was eviscerated and "stopping (non-existent) voter fraud" became a huge RepubliCon political goal.

Yup, nothing to see here . . .
Posted by Damansarajaya | Thu Nov 6, 2014, 06:58 PM (18 replies)
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