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Member since: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 06:36 PM
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In response to MineralMan's challenge, "what are you doing to elect Democrats?"

Yesterday was my first day canvassing the neighborhood for "apathetic" voters. These are registered D voters who usually skip the mid-term election.

We volunteers were tasked by the local county party to ask these voters to vote by mail.

Voting by mail does a number of great things for electing Dems:

1. It about DOUBLES the participation for people who vote by advanced ballot. No lines or car problems to worry about.

2. It allows the local party to see who has voted and who has not so that efforts to get out the vote (GOTV) are not wasted on people who have already voted.

3. It blunts the effect of last minute attack ads--too late for the opposition to refute--that the hateful Cons always run on the eve of elections, because advance voters have already sent in their ballots.

4. It is a paper ballot that can be easily recounted if necessary.

5. Those who vote in advance are then freed up to work in other capacities on election day--poll watching, driving voters to polls, phone banking, etc.

So far, every single person I've spoken to wants an advance ballot.

Okay, that my story. Now let's hear yours.
Posted by Damansarajaya | Fri Sep 12, 2014, 05:52 PM (3 replies)

Lewis Black lectures the National Press Club, April 2014

"I am a socialist, and that's about as powerless a position as you can be in in the United States . . . to call Obama a socialist, you have to be out of your God-damned mind. There are seven socialists left in the country, and if you REALLY wanna see the leadership of the socialist party, you can go to a cemetery and find them."

Gets a bit of a tepid response describing what REALLY wrong with this country--"nobody wants to pay for anything in this country any more . . . I had that (good) education that nobody wants to pay for anymore."

"If you want to go to war, you should at least have to raise a tax. That might actually cause people to think twice about going to war. . . . Apparently, no interest here." (ouch!)

Posted by Damansarajaya | Thu Sep 4, 2014, 05:33 PM (0 replies)
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