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nationalize the fed

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Help Nationalize the Federal Reserve- It is the progressive thing to do. Why is the Public Currency not a Public Utility? http://www.progressivegazette.com/2013/12/nationalize-federal-reserve.html And Tax Speculation- why does Wall Street pay no sales tax?

Journal Archives

November 2014: President Obama Meets with Leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Published on Nov 10, 2014 by the Whitehouse

Obama Complains That TPP Critics Are 'Conspiracy Theorists' Who 'Lack Knowledge' About Negotiations
Thu, May 1st 2014 TechDirt.com

from the well,-that-would-appear-to-be-your-own-fault dept

President Obama: "But my point is you shouldn’t be surprised if there are going to be objections, protests, rumors, conspiracy theories, political aggravation around a trade deal. You’ve been around long enough, Chuck — that’s true in Malaysia; it’s true in Tokyo; it’s true in Seoul; it’s true in the United States of America — and it’s true in the Democratic Party"....

Keith Olbermann Hosts The 2007 AFL-CIO Democratic Debate

Clinton @ 18:20 "NAFTA has hurt American workers"

Obama @ 21:24 "I would immediately call the President of Canada and Mexico to try to amend NAFTA"

Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Mar 31, 2015, 06:05 PM (5 replies)

University of Delaware discovery is boon for 'green' hydrogen fuel

March 26, 2015 | Jessica McDonald | Newsworks.org

Researchers at the University of Delaware have found a much cheaper way to produce hydrogen fuel, a promising renewable energy source that can be made from water.

"Compared to the fossil fuels we use, hydrogen fuel doesn't have any carbon in it," said Feng Jiao, a chemical engineer at the University of Delaware. "If you look at the end product, it's not carbon dioxide. Actually, it's water."

Dr. Feng Jiao, an assistant professor at the University of Delaware's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department, is working on developing cheap alternatives to platinum for use in hydrogen fuel cells. (Image courtesy of the University of Delaware)

One of the hurdles in making the technology mainstream, however, is its high cost. Producing hydrogen fuel from water requires precious metal catalysts to drive the reaction. Platinum is the standard, and, currently, it's more than $1,000 an ounce...

...The result has the potential to radically change the economic calculus of creating hydrogen fuel in an environmentally friendly way. But first, reactions with the new catalyst will have to be scaled up for commercial use — a process that Jiao estimates might take a few years...MORE


The R&D has barely begun. It would be farther along if Obama and Chu didn't cut funding in 2009.

Of course, one can take the view that research is worthless...

"These demonstration projects you keep promoting here are neither scalable nor replicable nor economical even if we imagine future technologies." - a revealing post by NYC_SKP, who can evidently see the future, like Miss Cleo
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu Mar 26, 2015, 10:03 PM (3 replies)

We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 23 - Senator Bob Graham (D) FL

Daniel Robert "Bob" Graham (born November 9, 1936) is an American politician and author. He was the 38th Governor of Florida from 1979 to 1987 and a United States Senator from that state from 1987 to 2005.

Graham tried unsuccessfully to run for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, but dropped out of the race on October 6, 2003. He announced his retirement from the Senate on November 3 of that year.

Graham is now concentrating his efforts on the newly established Bob Graham Center for Public Service at his undergraduate alma mater, the University of Florida. He served as Chairman of the Commission on the Prevention of WMD proliferation and terrorism. Through the WMD policy center he advocates for the recommendations in the Commission report, World at Risk.

Published on Mar 21, 2015

Jon Gold: We Were Lied To about 911
More interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gold9472/videos

9/11 Truther: The Fight for Peace, Justice and Accountability by Jon Gold

Review by wolfgang
This book outlines the need for further investigation surrounding an event that has changed the whole political system in our country, without taking us down the road of absurd speculation. Jon gives a list of known facts and instances where the people who could have investigated and should have , did not .He strongly advocates for the victims and our Right to know what really happened. You won't find any support for unproven theories or conspiracies and you may be disappointed if that's what you're looking for.Jon explains how these theories have contributed to the marginalising of the call for investigations and only serves those who are not interested in facts. But don't worry it's still rich in intrique and has the faint arroma of a cloak and dagger novel written devoid of fiction, but packed with links and citation.

More reviews at link

Bombshell! Sen. Bob Graham:Release/Declassify the 28 Pages of 9/11 Commission

It’s Time to Declassify Those 28 Pages. What can you do to help?
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu Mar 26, 2015, 09:42 PM (0 replies)

First Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens in Tokyo

A fuel-cell car is seen at Japan’s first mobile hydrogen fueling station, which opened Tuesday in Tokyo. —Nippon
Mobile Hydrogen Station Services LLC

Jun Hongo | Mar 24, 2015 | Wall Street Journal Blogs

Japan’s first mobile fueling station for hydrogen-powered cars opened for business Tuesday.

The opening of the new station, operated by Nippon Mobile Hydrogen Station Services LLC, signals progress in the building of a network of fueling stands for fuel-cell cars, but it might be some time before long lines are seen. A company spokeswoman told Japan Real Time there was only one customer on the opening day.

There are 13 hydrogen fueling stands in Japan according to the hydrogen fuel station operator, but the mobile station only costs about ¥200 million ($1.67 million) to ¥300 million, about half the price of setting up a station.

The mobile station, located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward, is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It can carry enough fuel for about five vehicles, and takes approximately three minutes to fill up a tank. A kilogram of hydrogen sells for ¥1,200. Toyota Motor Corp. Mirai can carry 4.3 kilograms in its tank, enough to run 650 kilometers...

Continue: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2015/03/24/first-mobile-hydrogen-fueling-station-opens-in-tokyo/

^ That's the complete cycle- sometimes people only use the first part- electrolysis to make H2. Other times the whole cycle is used. This must be pointed out because apparently some "assume" way too much
Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Mar 24, 2015, 07:25 PM (12 replies)

Cooking with Hydrogen, Indian Style

Fire from Water; Hyd Gas a Cheaper Alternative to LPG

Alex Mathew | 23rd March 2015 | The New Indian Express

KOCHI: What if you could replace LPG with a cooking fuel as clean and cheap as water. That’s just what the techies at Reinwo Labs Pvt Ltd have set their sights on: Fire from water. Hyd Gas is the brainchild of Reinwo Labs Pvt Ltd, a start-up company incubated at Startup Village, Kalamassery.

Team Reinwo Labs Pvt Ltd: Nithin Mohan, Riswin M H, Vijeesh T V and Vimal Gopal beside the Hyd Gas table cooktop

According to its co-founder Vimal Gopal, Hyd Gas is a gas cooktop that produces gas from water. When current is passed through the water stored inside the device, it gets converted into hydrogen and oxygen by the process of electrolysis. The hydrogen and oxygen thus released are passed to the burner through pipes. As there is no storage of gas, the product will be 100 pc hazard-free unlike LPG gas cylinders.

A prototype of the product has been installed at the canteen of the Cusat School of Engineering two weeks ago. “During our engineering days at Cusat itself, we were quite active in tech fests. After a brief stint with robotics, we turned to product-based activities,” says Vimal. “Though a non-IT startup, the company got funding from Startup Village. Now, we are in final talks with angel investors to bring in more funds to make the product a reality,” he adds...snip... The work on the project began in June 2014 and the company was registered in August...snip

Solar Power

As electrolysis uses DC power, the product can be connected directly to solar panels without the need of inverters and batteries, reducing the installation costs by 50 per cent. The current product at Cusat is 20 per cent solar-powered too... If the R&D of the company goes to the plan, Hyd Gas could be the next big thing...

More: http://www.newindianexpress.com/business/news/Fire-from-Water-Hyd-Gas-a-Cheaper-Alternative-to-LPG/2015/03/23/article2726088.ece

Hydrogen trivia: Hydrogen can be burned inside - no venting required. No toxic fumes.

Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon Mar 23, 2015, 05:50 AM (8 replies)

Hillary herself offers some clues in her review of Henry Kissinger's book "World Order"

Hillary Clinton reviews Henry Kissinger’s ‘World Order’
Washington Post September 4, 2014

By Hillary Rodham Clinton

When Americans look around the world today, we see one crisis after another. Russian aggression in Ukraine, extremism and chaos in Iraq and Syria, a deadly epidemic in West Africa, escalating territorial tensions in the East and South China seas, a global economy that still isn’t producing enough growth or shared prosperity — the liberal international order that the United States has worked for generations to build and defend seems to be under pressure from every quarter. It’s no wonder so many Americans express uncertainty and even fear about our role and our future in the world.

In his new book, “World Order,” Henry Kissinger explains the historic scope of this challenge. His analysis, despite some differences over specific policies, largely fits with the broad strategy behind the Obama administration’s effort over the past six years to build a global architecture of security and cooperation for the 21st century.

During the Cold War, America’s bipartisan commitment to protecting and expanding a community of nations devoted to freedom, market economies and cooperation eventually proved successful for us and the world. Kissinger’s summary of that vision sounds pertinent today: “an inexorably expanding cooperative order of states observing common rules and norms, embracing liberal economic systems, forswearing territorial conquest, respecting national sovereignty, and adopting participatory and democratic systems of governance.”

This system, advanced by U.S. military and diplomatic power and our alliances with like-minded nations, helped us defeat fascism and communism and brought enormous benefits to Americans and billions of others. Nonetheless, many people around the world today — especially millions of young people — don’t know these success stories, so it becomes our responsibility to show as well as tell what American leadership looks like...snip

...Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state. He checked in with me regularly, sharing astute observations about foreign leaders and sending me written reports on his travels...snip

MORE from Rodham Clinton: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/hillary-clinton-reviews-henry-kissingers-world-order/2014/09/04/b280c654-31ea-11e4-8f02-03c644b2d7d0_story.html

Here's Hanks full book in audio form- all 12 boring hours You can get a lot from the first 15 minutes.

Anyone that liistens to/ reads that will know more about American Foreign Policy than 95% of the "reporters" in the US.

Since Hank is so close to the top

A reminder of Hank's past

Intervention in Chile
Main article: United States intervention in Chile § 1970 election

Chilean Socialist Party presidential candidate Salvador Allende was elected by a plurality in 1970, causing serious concern in Washington, D.C. due to his openly socialist and pro-Cuban politics. The Nixon administration, with Kissinger's input, authorized the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to encourage a military coup that would prevent Allende's inauguration, but the plan was not successful..

...The most expeditious way to prevent Allende from assuming office was somehow to convince the Chilean congress to confirm Jorge Alessandri as the winner of the election. Once elected by the congress, Alessandri—a party to the plot through intermediaries—was prepared to resign his presidency within a matter of days so that new elections could be held. This first, nonmilitary, approach to stopping Allende was called the Track I approach.[49] The CIA's second approach, the Track II approach, was designed to encourage a military overthrow.[51]

On September 11, 1973, Allende died during a military coup launched by Army Commander-in-Chief Augusto Pinochet, who became President.[53] A document released by the CIA in 2000 titled "CIA Activities in Chile" revealed that the United States, acting through the CIA, actively supported the military junta after the overthrow of Allende and that it made many of Pinochet's officers into paid contacts of the CIA or U.S. military...more
Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon Mar 23, 2015, 12:17 AM (0 replies)

Jeremy Clarkson's extraordinary rant: 'I'll do one last lap of Top Gear track before f**b** sack me'

Published on Mar 20, 2015: Watch Jeremy Clarkson's extraordinary rant: 'I'll do one last lap of Top Gear track before f****** b******* sack me'

The motormouth presenter insisted he was about to be given his marching orders by the BBC when he appeared on stage at the London Roundhouse

The Top Gear star also said he was set to be sacked over claims he punched a show producer.

On stage at a charity gala in North London, Clarkson said the BBC programme used to be great but bosses had "f***** it up".

Last night, speaking at the Roundhouse, he seemed resigned to his fate after a foulmouthed rant at BBC bosses.

At a charity auction of what he described as his "last ever lap" of the Top Gear track, he said: "I didn't foresee my sacking, but I would like to do one last lap.

"So I'll go down to Surrey and I'll do one last lap of that track before the f****** b***ards sack me."

An apparently emotional Clarkson - suspended over claims he punched a producer - added: "I'll be a bit tearful when I do it, but f*** it, let's do it."

He left the shocked charity gala audience in no doubt about what he thinks of Beeb bosses.

Continuing his rant, he added: "And I'll drive somebody around in whatever I can get hold of.

"I'm sacked so it's probably an Austin Maestro. So who knows? "But anyway it will be my last ever lap of the Top Gear test drive.

"There was an 18-year waiting list to be in the audience of Top Gear, but the BBC has f***ed themselves.

"It was a great show and they've f***ed it up. Tonight's the night when you have the opportunity."
The lap auctioned by Clarkson was snapped up for an amazing £100,000 at the event helping young people get involved in the arts.

After allegedly punching Oisin Tymon in the face, Clarkson apparently tried a new approach - hitting his front door instead.

It is understood the anxious presenter turned up at his colleague's home to apologise for their bust-up.
Sources said Clarkson's stand-off on Oisin's doorstep came four days after allegedly giving him a split lip requiring hospital treatment following a row at a hotel over a hot meal.

Ken MacQuarrie, the BBC executive in charge of the inquiry, has reportedly been shown the contents of emails.

A source said: "In the hours before he reported the matter to the BBC, Clarkson seemed increasingly desperate to apologise to Oisin and persuade him to let the matter blow over. When he arrived on the doorstep that Sunday, Oisin was not ready to face him so didn't answer.

"He just didn't want to speak to him after what had happened. Clarkson could be heard saying that he just wanted to talk. He tried for upto five minutes but in the end had to walk away."

It is thought Clarkson then telephoned the BBC's director of television Danny Cohen to tell him about the hotel "fracas" earlier that week.

Clarkson, 54, was then suspended. He is already on a "final warning" with the BBC after a string of Top Gear controversies - including mumbling the N-word.

He also allegedly called Oisin "a lazy, Irish c***" during the rant at the hotel. Oisin, 36, shares his North London flat with his girlfriend, but is currently staying in a hotel while the probe is going on.

Last night the BBC said the findings of the investigation will be published next week and the decision on Clarkson's future lay with Director-General Tony Hall.

Before Clarkson's rant last night at the Roundhouse in Camden, North London, he looked relaxed as he rubbed shoulders with other celebs.
But his close friend Phillipa Sage looked anxious as she left his West London penthouse yesterday morning.

The last three episodes of the current series of Top Gear were dropped after the fracas. The contracts of the three presenters expire at the end of the month.

Yesterday it also emerged that Clarkson narrowly avoided a second culinary disaster at the hotel where he allegedly hit Oisin due to the lack of hot food.

Staff at the Simonstone Hall hotel near Hawes, North Yorks, said he was lucky not to be served a cold breakfast - when he slept in on the day after the bust-up a fortnight ago.

BBC staff had pleaded with hotel workers not to disconnect the electricity for planned maintenance so the presenter could have hot food when he emerged.

"I got a call to say Clarkson was still in his room and wouldn't be down until 10am," a member of kitchen staff told Sky News.

"I said, 'Well in that case he'll have to have Weetabix' because a sign on reception said the electricity would be cut off."

The worker said power was left on so he could have something hot.

The previous night's alleged assault came after Clarkson had grown enraged after being offered a cold platter after filming.

Last night Clarkson's lawyers said they were "not making any comment".
Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri Mar 20, 2015, 06:33 PM (16 replies)

China: World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tram Rolls Off Assembly Line

2015-03-20 Xinhua Web Editor: Gu Liping

World's first hydrogen-powered tramcar rolled off the assembly line in Qingdao on Thursday.

Liang Jianying, chief engineer of Sifang Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China South Rail Corporation (CSR), said the new tram is the only hydrogen powered vehicle in the field, and makes China the only country in the world to have mastered the technology.

The world's first tram powered by hydrogen energy rolls off the production line at a CSR Qingdao Sifang Co plant in Qingdao, Shandong province. This is the first time that hydrogen energy has been applied in the tram manufacturing. China has also become the first country worldwide to possess the technology to make hydrogen-fueled streetcars. (Photo/Xinhua)

Hydrogen fuel cells are a new clean energy source, widely used in the automobile industry, but lagging behind in the field of rail transit.

"It took two years for Sifang to solve key technological problems, with the help of research institutions," Liang said.

The tram can be refilled with hydrogen in three minutes and can then run for 100 km at speeds as high as 70 km per hour...

Continue: http://www.ecns.cn/2015/03-20/158821.shtml

The only exhaust is water.

Some don't even think Hydrogen is worthy of discussion, while other countries are building hydrogen fueled cars, trains and trams.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri Mar 20, 2015, 03:17 AM (8 replies)

eBay needs competetion. USPS needs new directions. Why doesn't USPS compete with eBay

the infrastructure is there- much better than eBay when it comes to dispute resolution. When a postal inspector with a gun and badge comes to the door it gets more attention than another email.

It would be perfect- forcing eBay to be competitive and giving USPS new streams of revenue and usefulness.

USPSbay: "We Guarantee your Auction"
Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri Mar 20, 2015, 01:16 AM (0 replies)

Reddit: I am back after a year. This is what I learned about myself and 911

by texdeveloper

I got burned out discussing the topic, I kind of just did not want to debate about it any more. I knew the falls were impossible for all three buildings, that the official story made no sense. I got tired of people online trying to answer my questions with dogmatic and unquestioning replies; talking to me like I had shitted in the house of the lord. (yes, I have issues, but bear with me).

In my real life, people would just rather not discuss this topic much. A lot of people express curiosity when I start talking, but most rather forget about it soon enough. The combination of online hostility and real world indifference made me want to not deal with it much for the past year. I think I stopped reading the stuff in this sub because of all the troll accounts here a year ago. So they won, sort of.

But I cannot stay away from this topic. This lie is making my country sick. I was reading about the white rose movement in Germany in world war 2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Rose . I am not saying the United States is a totalitarian government or that I will be shot for speaking my mind. But I cannot stand by while most of my country cheerily still drowns itself with stupid propaganda and lies about this subject. Reading about the white rose movement inspired me tonight. I started commenting on other threads about 911. I think I could ignore 911 if the denial of it were not so pervasive; but it is, and almost every American has been affected by these lies. I think I could ignore 911 if everyone just forgot about it. But every day on reddit there is some nutcase proclaiming how nutty 911 conspirators are, and then any real replies to it are downvoted. Its unhealthy. It teaches kids not to think, it shows the political process as so far gone as to be pathetic.

I have no clue what I am going to do, though.

Thanks for reading. It just seemed appropriate to post this here, given how much time I used to spend in this sub a while back. If this sub is like I remember it, there will be maybe 1 or 3 upvotes, with perhaps a couple of decent responses and perhaps two or so demented ones; but I was writing this just to get this off my chest, not really for the upvotes or comments -- although comments are of course appreciated.


For some of us, it is tough to watch as the US descends into fascism based on lies. Others- not so much.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Mar 17, 2015, 06:38 PM (3 replies)
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