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Help Nationalize the Federal Reserve- It is the progressive thing to do. Why is the Public Currency not a Public Utility? http://www.progressivegazette.com/2013/12/nationalize-federal-reserve.html And Tax Speculation- why does Wall Street pay no sales tax?

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Clinton on NAFTA in 2008

Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon Apr 4, 2016, 10:52 PM (16 replies)

H2 Logic delivers ninth hydrogen fuelling station for Denmark

March 3, 2016: Today a new hydrogen fuelling station, delivered by H2 Logic, was inaugurated in Kolding. This narrows the driving distance to the nearest station in Hamburg, Germany to only 245km (150 miles) making cross-border driving on hydrogen even more comfortable. The station in Kolding is the third to open in Denmark during the past six months, and in total the ninth public accessible hydrogen station in 24/7 operation throughout Denmark – underlining the status as the world’s first countrywide hydrogen station network.

H2Station® hydrogen fueling station in Kolding, Denmark

The hydrogen station in Kolding will be used by a fleet of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from Hyundai delivered to various local users, among others the City of Kolding.

The Kolding station is operated by Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S (DHF), a joint-venture between the oil company OK, gas company Strandmøllen and H2 Logic. DHF targets to build up to five hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark, where the Kolding station is the third in operation.

Building a H2Logic hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours (time-lapse)

The station is placed at a conventional fuelling station operated by OK and located right next to the major highway connecting the southern part of Denmark with Germany.

Hydrogen for the Kolding station is delivered from a central electrolyser plant operated by Strandmøllen and based on technology from the H2 Logic sister company NEL-Hydrogen. The entire Danish hydrogen station network is based entirely on hydrogen produced from electrolysis and electricity procured with CO2 certificates. This ensures a 100% sustainable and zero emission hydrogen supply – the highest share in the world for an entire station network...snip

Related: NEL ASA: Developing the world´s largest factory for hydrogen refuelling stations
Mon, Apr 04

( Oslo, 4 April 2016) H2 Logic A/S (H2 Logic), a subsidiary of NEL ASA, has entered into a contract for the purchase of a facility in Herning, Denmark for the development of a new large-scale production plant for hydrogen refuelling stations. The factory will have an annual capacity to manufacture hydrogen refuelling stations sufficient to support 200 000 new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) annually...more


Map of Hydrogen Stations in Denmark


I Danmark, Brint er nummer et

Today, the US will spend ~$200 Million dollars on bombing, invading and "regime change" (Coup d'etat) 8,000 miles away. Not a single citizen outside the 1% will ever benefit from this rip-off- the biggest rip-off in history. How many hydrogen stations could $200 million dollars build? The US can build a Compressed Natural Gas station in Afghanistan for $500,000 each. Do the math. http://costofwar.com
Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon Apr 4, 2016, 04:55 AM (3 replies)

Line of Duty Series 3 just started

The Torygraph's blurb from "What's on TV Tonight"

Trying to second-guess Jed Mercurio’s crime thriller is a dangerous game. After last week’s surprise reappearance (no spoilers here), old wounds are reopened. Tense and well scripted, this is at least as good as the previous two series.

LOD Series 2 was even better than 1. Keeley Hawes (Spooks) tore up the screen.

Marcella starts tomorrow- we somehow got a pre-release and the premier was excellent. Anna Friel gets off to a smashing start.

ITV, 9.00pm

A Scandi-style crime drama set here in the UK with a high-calibre cast? Count us in. This promising eight-part whodunit is written by Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of The Bridge, and stars Anna Friel as a former detective who rejoins the police after the breakdown of her marriage.

Marcella Blackland is heartbroken when husband Jason (Nicholas Pinnock) suddenly leaves, claiming he no longer loves her. She’s drawn back to her job on the Met’s murder squad which she gave up a decade previously. A serial murderer nicknamed “the Grove Park Killer”, her last case before she left to start a family, seems to have resurfaced. Meanwhile, what’s the connection to a family construction firm and a dating app called Sinnr.

A strong supporting cast includes Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael, Sinead Cusack, Patrick Baladi and Harry Lloyd. Friel does her best impression of The Killing’s Sarah Lund, and there are echoes of Homeland, Happy Valley and River in Marcella’s portrayal of a grieving, troubled central character. This is admirably ambitious, multi-layered Nordic noir with a twisting narrative – but no subtitles. MH

And for Hustle fans- Adrian Lester returns TONIGHT! in


BBC One, 9.00pm

Adrian Lester and Sophie Okonedo star in this tense new drama, written by Peter Moffat, the man behind Criminal Justice. High-flying lawyer Maya (Okonedo) is offered the role of Director of Public Prosecutions, a position which could allow her to pursue justice for her murdered friend Michael Antwi. What Maya doesn’t know is that her husband (Lester) was undercover when they first met 20 years ago. Could his hidden past destroy the life they have built together? AB

Hope it's good (...appears to be set in the US...hmmm...)- Lester has been away far too long

And- Doctor Foster starring Suranne Jones (Scott and Bailey) is coming back sometime later this year. The first series is excellent.

Good British TV Blog:

Custard & Biscuits anyone?
Posted by nationalize the fed | Sun Apr 3, 2016, 08:23 PM (0 replies)

How Wall Street's Favorite Solar Company Spent Itself to the Brink

Brian Eckhouse | Bloomberg Tech | March 31, 2016

Just nine months ago, SunEdison Inc. was Wall Street’s favorite clean-energy company. It sopped up every dollar it could come by to finance a breathtaking buying binge of wind and solar farms, and in the process became the world’s largest renewable-energy company.

Now, SunEdison is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy protection, its stock trading at 55 cents at 3:37 p.m. in New York on Thursday. The company’s fall is largely its own doing, the almost inevitable result of an ascent that was built on financial engineering and cheap debt. But it had plenty of enablers in the form of bankers, who pocketed fees with each acquisition, and investors, who reaped attractive dividends in a protracted stretch of low interest rates.

Even “smart, thoughtful and skeptical hedge funds” bought SunEdison’s story, said Gordon Johnson, an analyst at Axiom Capital Management Inc. “It’s not just management’s fault, it’s not just their hubris. They just began to drink their own Kool-Aid.”..snip

...But it was on that day that SunEdison -- after a 19-month, $2.6 billion spending spree -- announced that it would pay a 52 percent premium for Vivint Solar Inc. Not only would that be SunEdison’s most expensive acquisition, valued then at $2.2 billion, it also sent the company in a different direction. While SunEdison had become known for selling directly to utilities, Vivint offers rooftop solar systems to homeowners...snip
Full Article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-30/the-2-6-billion-buying-binge-that-felled-solar-giant-sunedison

Interesting Sun Edison history

The establishment of Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC), a silicon wafer–manufacturing division to serve the emerging electronics industry, was announced on August 6, 1959, as an arm of the U.S.-based multinational corporation Monsanto.[5] In February 1960 MEMC started production of 19mm silicon ingots at its location in St. Peters, Missouri, 30 miles west of Monsanto's headquarters in St. Louis.[6] As one of the first companies to produce semiconductor wafers, MEMC was a pioneer in the field, and some of its innovations became industry standards into the 21st century.[7] MEMC used the Czochralski process (CZ process) of silicon crystal production,[8] and developed the Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) process of wafer finishing.[7][9][10] In 1966 MEMC installed its first reactors for the production of epitaxial wafers,[11][12] and developed zero-dislocation crystal growing, which made large-diameter silicon crystals possible..

Name change

On May 30, 2013, MEMC Electronic Materials changed its name to SunEdison, Inc., and also changed its stock-market ticker from "WFR" to "SUNE", reflecting the company's focus on solar energy.[2][85] In May 2014, SunEdison formally separated its electronics-wafer business from its solar-wafer and solar-energy business. SunEdison Semiconductor, Ltd. spun off in an IPO on the NASDAQ under the ticker "SEMI", with SunEdison, Inc. maintaining a majority stake as the largest shareholder.[86] The IPO generated $94 million, used to fund the company's growth...snip
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu Mar 31, 2016, 07:16 PM (0 replies)
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