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nationalize the fed

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Help Nationalize the Federal Reserve- It is the progressive thing to do. Why is the Public Currency not a Public Utility? http://www.progressivegazette.com/2013/12/nationalize-federal-reserve.html And Tax Speculation- why does Wall Street pay no sales tax?

Journal Archives

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III

“How easy is it for you to shift your belief system from ‘I totally believe in my government’ to ‘Oh My God! What’s going on?’ That’s exactly where I went in all of this.” – Albert N. Stubblebine III

Albert N. Stubblebine III is a retired Major General in the United States Army. He was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984. In this compelling interview, Stubblemine reveals the following information (what he calls “dots”) about the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001:

Stubblebine initially believed the official story regarding 9/11.Then, he saw the hole in the Pentagon. He can prove that the Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757. DOT. All of the sensors around the Pentagon were turned off except one. That one sensor captured an image of the object the hit the Pentagon. It looked like a missile. But, after he went public, the imagery was changed to look like a plane. DOT....

6:35 He initially believed that it was terrorist attack done by other forces: “Not my government.”

...8:30 “Well there was something wrong. And, so I analyzed it not just photographically, I did measurements… I checked the plane, the length of the nose, where the wings were… I took measurements of the Pentagon – the depth of the destruction in the Pentagon.”

9:05 “Conclusion: airplane did not make that hole.”
MORE http://consciouslifenews.com/911-prove-airplane-hit-pentagon-major-general-albert-stubblebine/#

Attention "Non Truthers" (Falsers?): If you think you are being successful at stifling the discussion take a peek here: http://www.reddit.com/r/911truth/
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu Jul 31, 2014, 05:11 PM (8 replies)

Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Compared to the Alternatives

by Dr. C.E. (Sandy) Thomas azocleantech.com 7/31/14

...We show by detailed computer simulation modeling that hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are superior to BEVs in terms of GHG reductions, range, refueling time and life cycle cost. Despite these overwhelming advantages of hydrogen-FCEVs, the Obama administration in the US has decided to fund plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and BEVs while downgrading FCEV developments that were strongly supported by the previous Bush administration; Steven Chu, the new Secretary of Energy, eliminated all Federal funding for hydrogen and FCEVs in his first budget request for Fiscal Year 2009 without consulting with any industrial stakeholders (automobile or energy companies), and without consulting his own Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee (HTAC) set up by Congress to keep the Secretary informed on hydrogen and FCEV issues.

...In the model we assume that hydrogen is made initially from natural gas, which is the dominate source of industrial hydrogen today. Hydrogen made from natural gas used in a FCEV reduces GHGs approximately 45% compared to burning gasoline in an ICV. The carbon footprint of hydrogen is then gradually reduced further over time as indicated by Figure 2. Hydrogen is made from biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, then from biomass gasification, and (possibly) from coal gasification with carbon capture and storage (CCS), and, eventually, from electrolysis of water using "clean electricity" from renewables and nuclear power when and where available, resulting in zero or even negative net GHG emissions...

Batteries vs. Fuel Cells

Batteries are much heavier than fuel cell systems for a given vehicle range as illustrated in Figure 11. This figure also shows the substantial improvement in battery technology over the century, comparing the old lead acid battery technology used in all starter batteries on today's cars, plus the nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery technology used on many HEVs, and advanced versions of the Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery used in many cell phones and laptop computers. But even with advanced Li-ion batteries, a vehicle with 300 miles range12 would weigh almost twice as much as a FCEV with 300 miles range...


Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are superior to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in terms of;
a. Weight
b. On-board storage volume
c. Mass production vehicle cost
d. Fuel infrastructure cost
e. Refueling time

Full Article: http://www.azocleantech.com/article.aspx?ArticleId=214
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu Jul 31, 2014, 03:58 PM (7 replies)

Coming soon to Utah liquor stores: cannabis oils?

Change would help parents of children with epilepsy avoid trips to Colorado.

By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune Jul 27 2014

Leah Hogsten The Salt Lake Tribune-Charlotte's Web cannabis buds and leaves arrive at the Realm of Caring's lab in vaccum sealed bags and stored in bins to protect them from light, which can cause them to chemically degrade.

A state senator who co-sponsored the bill legalizing the possession of cannabis extracts to treat children with epilepsy is considering ways to make it easier for Utah parents to get the oils, including potentially making them available at state liquor stores.

Sen. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, says the problem parents face now is that it is still technically illegal under federal law for them to possess or transport the oils, which are extracts from marijuana plants high in a chemical called cannabidiol (CBD) but with almost all of the psychotropic ingredient THC removed.

Many Utah parents plan to drive to — or import the oils from — neighboring Colorado.

The federal government has stated it doesn’t plan to crack down on those complying with state law. But, Urquhart says, rather than expose these parents to possible action by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, he would consider having the state import the oils and make them available at liquor stores across Utah...
MORE http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/58216771-78/oils-state-says-parents.html.csp

Cannabidiol's 3D molecular structure in 3D animated ball and stick format.
Source: QuteMol Author: Fuse809

Project CBD
Harry's world: The Science of CBD's
Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Jul 29, 2014, 05:04 PM (4 replies)

Japan Looks at Hydrogen for Power Generation

Mitsuru Obe Wall St Journal Jul 29, 2014


Now that Toyota Motor says it will release mass-production fuel-cell vehicles powered by hydrogen, Japan has set an even bigger goal of making hydrogen a main energy source for the nation’s electric utilities.

The nation’s first “hydrogen energy white paper,” released Monday, calls on the country to become a “hydrogen economy” by adopting the fuel for utility power generation.

The paper was produced by the government-affiliated New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization...

...Japan isn’t alone in looking at hydrogen for utility power. Germany, for instance, has been experimenting with a project to inject hydrogen into natural gas grids...
Full article + video: http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2014/07/29/japan-looks-at-hydrogen-for-power-generation/

Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Jul 29, 2014, 03:00 PM (6 replies)

My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

A former Clinton aide on how Democrats lost their way chasing Wall Street cash, and new populism the party needs

Bill Curry Salon.com Jul 27, 2014

Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Cory Booker (Credit: AP/Evan Vucci/Lauren Victoria Burke/Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Stephan Savoia/Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)


In 2006 the Atlantic magazine asked a panel of “eminent historians” to name the 100 most influential people in American history. Included alongside George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain and Elvis Presley was Ralph Nader, one of only three living Americans to make the list. It was airy company for Nader, but if you think about it, an easy call.

Though a private citizen, Nader shepherded more bills through Congress than all but a handful of American presidents. If that sounds like an outsize claim, try refuting it. His signature wins included landmark laws on auto, food, consumer product and workplace safety; clean air and water; freedom of information, and consumer, citizen, worker and shareholder rights. In a century only Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson passed more major legislation....

...In 1985 moderate Democrats including Bill Clinton and Al Gore founded the Democratic Leadership Council, which proposed innovative policies while forging ever closer ties to business. Clinton would be the first Democratic presidential nominee since FDR and probably ever to raise more money than his Republican opponent. (Even Barry Goldwater outraised Lyndon Johnson.) In 2008 Obama took the torch passed to Clinton and became the first Democratic nominee to outraise a GOP opponent on Wall Street. His 2-to-1 spending advantage over John McCain broke a record Richard Nixon set in his drubbing of George McGovern.

Throughout the 1980s Nader watched as erstwhile Democratic allies vanished or fell into the welcoming arms of big business. By the mid-’90s the whole country was in a swoon over the new baby-faced titans of technology and global capital. If leading Democrats thought technology threatened anyone’s privacy or employment or that globalization threatened anyone’s wages, they kept it to themselves. In his contempt for oligarchs of any vintage and rejection of the economic and political democratization myths of the new technology Nader seemed an anachronism....
Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue Jul 29, 2014, 12:53 AM (21 replies)

The Politics of Pot (Hemp) in Australia- Excellent 15 min report from ABC/AUS

Politics of Pot Broadcast: 20/07/2014 Reporter: Sean Murphy

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: This story is about the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, where a controversial green crop is being harvested.

Australia's fledgling hemp industry has been trying to join the rest of the developed world and produce oil and food for human consumption. A prohibition on growing industrial hemp in Australia was lifted in the late 1990s, but farmers here are restricted to growing fibre and construction materials and politics has prevented them from gaining access to booming hemp food markets, as Sean Murphy reports.

SEAN MURPHY, REPORTER: It looks like a windrow harvest of lucerne, but this is hemp, industrial hemp. It's grown by Australia's biggest producer, which has farms and facilities in NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, producing about 2,000 tonnes of raw material a year.

PHIL WARNER, ECOFIBRE: What we are producing presently is just low-level, low-value market material such as pet bedding, horse bedding, erosion control mediums, oil spill containment products, garden mulch - you know, basic things like that. And there's lots of products we could get to eventually, but it's about volumes, critical mass that needs to be there. And, you know, the industry isn't at that stage yet. It's hampered...MORE-Full video + Transcript

Hemp=Food, Fibre, Fuel and Medicine
Posted by nationalize the fed | Sat Jul 26, 2014, 12:18 PM (1 replies)

GE: Fuel cell startup could spark a revolution. New FC uses Stainless Steel instead of Platinum

July 22, 2014 Source: General Electric

There’s more than one way to get energy out of natural gas. For decades, one of the most promising methods – and also most difficult to pull off ‑ has been the fuel cell.

A fuel cell works like a battery, using a simple chemical reaction to provide energy. In fuel cells, this reaction involves hydrogen molecules abundant in natural gas and oxygen from ordinary air...

...But scientists in GE (NYSE: GE) labs recently cracked an important conundrum involving one iteration of the technology called solid oxide fuel cell, or SOFC. The breakthrough allowed the company to start building a new pilot fuel cell manufacturing and development facility in upstate New York. The resulting technology could soon start producing electricity around the world.

The new system’s power generation efficiency can reach an unprecedented 65 percent. Overall efficiency can grow to 95 percent when the system is configured to capture waste heat produced by the process. The basic configuration of the system can generate between 1 to 10 megawatts of power. Unlike other systems, the new fuel cell is using stainless steel in place of platinum and rare metals.
more: http://www.pennenergy.com/articles/pennenergy/2014/07/the-new-power-generation-fuel-cell-startup-could-spark-a-revolution.html

Posted by nationalize the fed | Wed Jul 23, 2014, 06:42 AM (14 replies)

Ground Zero For US Fuel Cell Bus Initiative: Altoona

July 23rd, 2014 by Tina Casey Cleantechnica

Weren’t we just saying that like it or not, fuel cell EVs are here to stay? Well yes we did say that, and we said it before we even heard of this thing called the National Fuel Cell Bus Program. It’s an initiative of the Federal Transit Administration, which we never even heard of either, and it’s being launched in this city called Altoona, Pennsylvania, which we actually have heard of because (disclaimer alert) we are from Pennsylvania. Go, Pennsylvania!

Not to harp on a theme, but we will anyways: this is yet another example of how President Obama is using his executive authority to spread advanced energy technology around among the 50 states, regardless of the political leanings of their Governors. Did we say clean energy? No, we said advanced energy. That’s because there is an interesting twist at play in Pennsylvania but we’ll get to that in a minnit.

The latest fuel cell bus news crossed our radar in the form of a press release from Ballard Power Systems. The company is, naturally enough, very excited that it has been selected by the company New Flyer Industries to contribute its advanced fuel cell technology to the test launch of a fuel cell bus in Altoona.

This latest project continues a relationship between Ballard and New Flyer on fuel cell buses that goes back to 1991. The partnership is fresh off a successful demo test of a 20-strong fleet of fuel cell buses in Canada, which clocked a total of 2.5 million miles over a five-year span ending earlier in 2014...
more: http://cleantechnica.com/2014/07/23/ground-zero-us-fuel-cell-bus-initiative-altoona/
Posted by nationalize the fed | Wed Jul 23, 2014, 06:24 AM (0 replies)

Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency. US: #13

July 21st, 2014 by Roy L Hales Cleantechnica

Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency, according to the 2014 scorecard released by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) today. Sixteen nations were studied. Six of the top 10 were from Europe. Canada was the only North American nation to make the cut, placing 9th.

“Germany is a prime example of a nation that has made energy efficiency a top priority,” ACEEE Executive Director Steven Nadel said in a press release. “The United States, long considered an innovative and competitive world leader, has progressed slowly and has made limited progress since our last report, even as Germany, Italy, China, and other nations surge ahead.”

German Trade and Invest issued a press release noting that:
The study praised Germany’s comprehensive energy strategy and awarded the country maximum points for its building codes, retrofit policies, and tax credit and loan programs.

“Germany’s commitment to creating a framework that encourages investment in energy efficiency has made it a world-leading market in the field,” says Henning Ellermann, energy efficiency industry expert at Germany Trade & Invest...
more: http://cleantechnica.com/2014/07/21/germany-1-world-energy-efficiency/

It's not that the US can't do better, the US doesn't want to.

For example-Ukraine is "an urgent priority"

President Obama and Vice President Biden have made U.S. support for Ukraine an urgent priority as the Ukrainian government works to establish security and stability, pursue democratic elections and constitutional reform, revive its economy, and ensure government institutions are transparent and accountable to the Ukrainian people.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Wed Jul 23, 2014, 06:17 AM (4 replies)

New Method Paves Way for More Efficient Renewable Energy Storage

July 21, 2014 azocleantech.com

Fang Song and Xile Hu © 2014 Alain Herzog/EPFL

Scientists at EPFL have developed a method for improving the catalysis of water-splitting reactions used for storing wind and solar energy. The method chemically peels off the outermost surface of a catalyst, thereby maximizing its active surface for the reaction.

A major challenge in renewable energy is storage. A common approach is a reaction that splits water into oxygen and hydrogen, and uses the hydrogen as a fuel to store energy. The efficiency of ‘water splitting’ depends heavily on a solid substance called a catalyst. However, only the surface of the catalyst acts on the reaction, while its bulk is inactive. This restricts how much catalyst can be used, and limits the efficiency of water splitting in energy systems. Publishing in Nature Communications, EPFL scientists have developed a new method for maximizing the catalyst’s contribution by chemically ‘peeling off’ only its active surface and excluding its bulk from the reaction. Their data, which show 2.6- to 4.5-fold increase in water-splitting efficiency, pave the way for cheaper and more efficient renewable energy storage...

...The researchers tested seven common metal oxide catalysts, including iridium oxide, which is an expensive material considered to be one of the most state-of-the-art catalysts for water splitting. Other catalysts included cheaper metal oxides based on iron, cobalt, and nickel. The data showed that exfoliated metal oxides increased the reaction rate by 2.6- to 4.5-fold compared to reactions containing the entire catalyst, meaning that if the exfoliation method is implemented in renewable energy systems, it could greatly increase energy storage. A few exfoliated cheaper catalysts even showed better efficiency than iridium oxide. The authors suggest that the enhancement of the reaction rate is mainly due to an increased number of the ‘hotspots’ on the catalyst where water molecules – in this case water – fit and undergo reactions.

The authors state that the new method represents a “‘top-down’ approach in the development of oxygen evolution reaction catalysts”, with a significant impact on energy research. The relatively simple exfoliation method and the increased catalytic properties of low-cost, abundant materials can open the way for cheaper and more efficient storage of energy obtained from renewable sources...MORE>

Great to see other countries studying ways to improve the life of humans, because the US is mired in drone research, net wiretapping, bank bailouts and the like. It could have been different but these days Hegemony trumps everything else. Disgraceful.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon Jul 21, 2014, 05:21 AM (0 replies)
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