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nationalize the fed

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Member since: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 08:47 AM
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Help Nationalize the Federal Reserve- It is the progressive thing to do. Why is the Public Currency not a Public Utility? http://www.progressivegazette.com/2013/12/nationalize-federal-reserve.html And Tax Speculation- why does Wall Street pay no sales tax?

Journal Archives

AE911Truth.org's Richard Gage responds to those who opposed the AIA WTC 7 resolution

Richard Gage, AIA, founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, sits down with Andy Steele to discuss the recent AIA resolution vote regarding WTC 7 and responds to the objections of those who spoke out in opposition of the resolution before the vote was taken.

Listen here: http://noliesradio.org/archives/99393
This show was broadcast on May 28, 2015

9/11 Free Fall is now a proud member of No Lies Radio. To listen to much earlier episodes and interviews with great 9/11 activists go to http://www.911freefall.com/
All current episodes are archived on No Lies Radio here

From the interview: Richard Gage AE911Truth Lecture at Delft University of Technology NL. April 16 2015 (during his "vacation"

Published on Apr 17, 2015

Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth – www.ae911truth.org – is touring Europe shortly and will visit Delft, to talk about the collapse of three high rise buildings in New York on the fateful morning of 9/11, killing almost three thousand people.

More than 2300 international Architects and Engineers question the official explanation on how these buildings were able to collapse on their respective footprints. They demand, on behalf of the American People, a truly independent investigation on the 9/11 events, specifically into the collapse of WTC Building 7.

Gage’s tour includes lectures and debates in Reykjavík (University), Berlijn, Kopenhagen, London (RIBA), Totnes, Plymouth (University), Bristol (University), Bloomsbury, Newbury, Frome, Brussel (Cultureel Centrum), Parijs, Grenoble, Lausanne, Rome, Wenen en Boedapest.

The April 16th lecture and debate at 8.00 pm includes a lecture by Richard Gage followed by a panel discussion with students and staff of TU Delft and Q&A with the audience and panel

Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri May 29, 2015, 04:56 AM (10 replies)

He has a brother named Larry who ran for Parliament

Not Bernie's Brother

Bernie's actual brother Larry Sanders who lives in the UK and ran for Parliament link

Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu May 28, 2015, 10:36 PM (2 replies)

Steve Wozniak: 'US would look like Dubai if it didn't spend all its money on military', Snowden=Hero

Stephen McBride ArabianBusiness Sunday, 24 May 2015

"Everything is first-class," says Nerd-in-Chief Steve Wozniak of Dubai, as we sit down to chat on the sidelines of this month's Gartner Symposium at the Madinat Arena.

"The United States used to talk, when I was growing up, like that's what we were. The US would look like this if we didn't spend all our money on the military." SNIP

...And "Woz" is equally approachable for normal people. He speaks passionately about everything and does not appear to edit himself. When we start to talk about privacy and I ask him whether he thinks NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero or a villain his answer is prompt and unabashed.

"Total hero to me; total hero," he gushes. "Not necessarily [for] what he exposed, but the fact that he internally came from his own heart, his own belief in the United States Constitution, what democracy and freedom was about. And now a federal judge has said that NSA data collection was unconstitutional."...

MORE: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/steve-wozniak-us-would-look-like-dubai-if-it-didn-t-spend-all-its-money-on-military--593703.html

Dubai in the 1960's

Dubai in 2012

Dubai before the boom: Staggering pictures show how emirate went from desert backwater to the Manhattan of the Middle East in just 50 years

Here's where the US spends money (Figures from 2014- click link below and see the present amounts. >$2000 PER SECOND-that's $20,000 per TEN SECONDS)

Posted by nationalize the fed | Tue May 26, 2015, 08:15 PM (39 replies)

Hillary Rodham-Clinton comments on Wal-Mart in 1990

“As a shareholder and director of our company, I’m always proud of Wal-Mart and what we do and the way we do it better than anybody else,” current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a speech in 1990, when she was first lady of Arkansas.

The largest grocery retailer in the U.S. and the biggest company in the world by revenue, Wal-Mart has long been criticized for paying its workers poverty wages. Because those workers often require financial assistance from the U.S. government, Wal-Mart effectively receives a subsidy on labor.

—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.

Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon May 25, 2015, 05:37 PM (50 replies)

Hyundai’s Everyday Superheroes: The League of Tucson Fuel Cell Drivers

May 19, 2015 thenewswheel.com

Did you realize there are superheroes living among us? We’re not talking about ones that wear spandex uniforms or have telekinesis–these people are helping make a difference by ushering in change that transform the world. They’re people just like you.

In Hyundai‘s new advertising campaign to promote the hydrogen-powered 2016 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle, Tucson owners around southern California are interviewed, depicting how the revolutionary vehicle is unlocking their inner potential.

Prepare to meet The League of Tucson Fuel Cell Drivers.

Hyundai Says Tucson Drivers Are Everyday Superheroes

Eight spotlights will be revealed for Hyundai’s League of Tucson Fuel Cell Drivers marketing campaign, not including the promo video above. Each video–about 90 seconds long–showcases the life of a Tuscon owner in southern California, where the 2016 Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle is being sold (in a limited quantity). So far, three videos have been released:

Blue Lightning: Celso Pierre is a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry who is drawn to the fascinating, world-changing potential of hydrogen technology. Whether heading to the beach for surfing or forest for hiking, the Tucson is perfect for his active lifestyle.

Mother Nurture: Dr. Carolyn Rowley wants the car she drives to reflect who she is... her perfect vehicle’s only emission is water.

Eco-Master: Nancy Gillespie...knows that zero emissions transportation is the way of the future...snip

Complete Article: http://thenewswheel.com/hyundais-everyday-superheroes-the-league-of-tucson-fuel-cell-drivers/

Stay tuned for the next Hyundai HydrogenSuperHeros

Around the world, H2 is #1
Wasserstoff υδρογόνο hidrógeno водород hidrojen idrogeno hydrogène väte waterstof
Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri May 22, 2015, 04:57 PM (1 replies)

PowerCell Sweden to Supply Fuel Cell System for Low-Energy House in Gothenburg

May 22, 2015 Azocleantech.com

The Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB has received an order from H-O Enterprise AB to deliver a fuel cell system for a low-energy house in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The project will be implemented in the fall of 2015.

The facility is a so-called self off grid low-energy house, which includes photovoltaic cells on the roof and facades, energy storage in batteries and hot water tanks, electrolyser, hydrogen tanks and fuel cells. The solar cells will generate electricity during daylight hours and the electricity will be used both to produce hydrogen from water using an electrolyser and to run the house, and recharge the batteries.

During evenings, at nighttime and during the winter season the electricity will be used with electricity from the batteries and from the fuel cell, which runs on hydrogen. The fuel cell produces excess electricity and even heat that is channeled into the house's hot water tanks and used for heating and hot water. The hydrogen in the tanks will also be used as a filling station to the household's planned hydrogen car...

Meet the PowerCell from Sweden

High efficiency with water as the only emission

PowerCell has developed fuel cell technology for more than a decade, and has perfected a unique design that enables the production of a lightweight, versatile and reliable power source for automotive, transport and stationary applications.

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack is designed to work in an APU environment on reformate* gas as well as pure hydrogen. It uses metal bipolar plates and state of the art MEA to give a robust, low cost and high performance design. Some of the design features are patented.

The Fuel Cell is based on PEM technology (Polymere electrolyte membrane). This is the most commonly used technology today, owing to its reliable and dynamic characteristics that allows for full power output within seconds. Another feature is the capability for extensive starts and stops...

About Powercell:
Our mission is to offer our customers environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology that is suitable for both existing and future fuel infrastructures.
Over the years, the Volvo Group has promoted extensive research in the field of fuel cell systems, and this has resulted in an innovative, unique and patented technology for converting commercially available hydro carbon fuels into clean, environmentally friendly electricity.

Japan, Germany, Korea and now Sweden. Can't stop the Hydrogen Revolution. But the US can watch...or, not.

Of course, there were people in the US that were ahead of PowerCell but no one listened. Too busy planning or cheering the next drone bombings or invasions of Syria and Ukraine.

Michael Strizki's Fantastic Solar Hydrogen Home

Uploaded on Aug 31, 2008

In 2006, Mike took his home off of the electrical power grid. Ever since, he has been generating his own electricity. All of Mike's electrical power comes from solar energy. He usually generates 160 percent more energy than he needs to power his home. Mike isn't likely to sell his power to the grid. Instead, Mike uses the excess electrical power to make hydrogen, which he stores in tanks, to run his car on. Mike has proven that it is possible for you to power your home and car from solar power.

Wasserstoff υδρογόνο hidrógeno водород hidrojen idrogeno hydrogène väte waterstof
Posted by nationalize the fed | Fri May 22, 2015, 04:57 PM (0 replies)

It was a done deal long ago

If people don't understand that Washington DC doesn't care about them now they probably never will.

How much more does the middle class have to lose?

Clinton and NAFTA made Unions basically impotent and near obsolete. The money for both parties now comes from wall street. Both parties answer to the same money men. And people wonder why important things never change?

Repost- People should have listened to other people like Sir James Goldsmith. Now it's too late.

Watch Sir Goldsmith have a go at the despicable Laura D'Andrea Tyson, one of the Clinton "Free Trade" mafia.

Watch as the future was predicted IN 1994 by someone with some common sense:

13 million people watched the washed up once great Letterman last night. It would be surprising if 1.3 million even knew anything about the TPP at all. No thanks to the Mainstream Media, which is totally worthless at this point.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu May 21, 2015, 07:34 PM (2 replies)

The TPP, like NAFTA is an "agreement"

like the titles say.

They are called "agreements" specifically to get around the 2/3 majority requirement for a Treaty.

As long as the American people allow themselves to be conned, they will continue to be conned.

Treaty vs. Executive Agreement

As explained in greater detail in 11 FAM 721.2, there are two procedures under domestic law through which the United States becomes a party to an international agreement. First, international agreements (regardless of their title, designation, or form) whose entry into force with respect to the United States takes place only after two thirds of the U.S. Senate has given its advice and consent under Article II, section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution are "treaties."

Second, international agreements brought into force with respect to the United States on a constitutional basis other than with the advice and consent of the Senate are "international agreements other than treaties" and are often referred to as "executive agreements." There are different types of executive agreements.
Posted by nationalize the fed | Thu May 21, 2015, 07:23 PM (1 replies)

Truthdig: Seymour Hersh Stands by His bin Laden Story, and His Sources

Truthdig May 18, 2015 By Bill Boyarsky

With the Obama administration having prosecuted more national security leakers than any other, anonymous sources are the only way Americans can find out how their government is waging its secret war on terror. That’s why journalist Seymour Hersh deserves congratulations rather than condemnation for his story on the killing of al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden.

President Barack Obama acknowledges the crowd as he arrives to speak to CIA employees at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., on May 20, 2011. In his speech, Obama congratulated the country’s intelligence workers for the effort that led to the killing of the terrorist Osama bin Laden. (AP / Carolyn Kaster)

There’s been criticism of Hersh, much of it centering on his use of anonymous sources. But if you read Hersh’s story closely and check what others have written, you’ll see that his account holds up. The report was published in the May 21 edition of the London Review of Books.

I talked to Hersh by telephone Monday morning. He told me he began working on the story immediately after the U.S. raid on the bin Laden compound in Pakistan. He said he doubted, from the beginning, the administration’s account of the death of bin Laden on May 2, 2011, at the hands of U.S. Navy SEALs. The administration said the SEALs shot their way into the compound, near two Pakistani military installations in Abbottabad, and killed the terrorist leader.

“I knew after the raid there was a problem,” Hersh said. He said he was tipped off by someone in the administration that the problem was in the accounts of the raid given by President Barack Obama and some of his aides...
Complete article: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/seymour_hersh_on_bin_laden_story_anonymous_sources_20150518

From the comments:

Ellen Hanson • a day ago

The original story of the raid was preposterous from the start, including the burial at sea, the in flight DNA testing, and the 'face recognition software' ID. The fully controlled media reported all as fact however, without any verification whatever. There should have been an immediate congressional investigation. There should be a congressional investigation now. Let's take the govt.'s version as fact, then it should be prosecuted as a war crime by an international court.

Democracy Now: Seymour Hersh Details Explosive Story on Bin Laden Killing & Responds to White House, Media Backlash

Posted by nationalize the fed | Wed May 20, 2015, 06:47 PM (9 replies)

Democracy Now: Seymour Hersh Details Explosive Story on Bin Laden Killing

Seymour Hersh Details Explosive Story on Bin Laden Killing & Responds to White House, Media Backlash

Four years after U.S. forces assassinated Osama bin Laden, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has published an explosive piece claiming much of what the Obama administration said about the attack was wrong. Hersh claims at the time of the U.S. raid bin Laden had been held as a prisoner by Pakistani intelligence since 2006.

Top Pakistani military leaders knew about the operation and provided key assistance. Contrary to U.S. claims that it located bin Laden by tracking his courier, a former Pakistani intelligence officer identified bin Laden’s whereabouts in return for the bulk of a $25 million U.S. bounty. Questions are also raised about whether bin Laden was actually buried at sea, as the U.S. claimed. Hersh says instead the Navy SEALs threw parts of bin Laden’s body into the Hindu Kush mountains from their helicopter. The White House claims the piece is "riddled with inaccuracies." Hersh joins us to lay out his findings and respond to criticism from government officials and media colleagues.

Transcript Here
Posted by nationalize the fed | Mon May 18, 2015, 06:15 PM (8 replies)
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