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Gender: Male
Hometown: Lexington
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 09:55 AM
Number of posts: 5,291

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Anyone surprised by this?


Clinton is wrecking Sanders on foreign policy.

I almost feel sorry for him.

There will always be a reason why a woman is not the right woman. Always a "better alternative".

The mythical "ideal" will always be just out of reach or unattainable. If it wasn't Hillary, it would be some other woman that doesn't meet the standard. There will always be some man that is better, not because he is a man, but just because.

There will always be comments about her voice. Her wardrobe. Her appearance. Her personal life choices. She will always be just a little too ambitious. She will always be defined by her spouse.

If you point out these differences in treatment, you will be playing the gender card. If she is arrogant enough to point out the historic nature of her goals, she is pandering.

I have come to realize that Yoko Ono was right.

Hillary Clinton is my choice. She is the most qualified. And make no mistake...a large percentage of the vitriol displayed by her opponents on the right and left is sexism. Virulent, hateful sexism.

I'm With Her.

Anybody watch the Lakers v Timberwolves game last night. It was a virtual tie.

Lakers 119
TWolves 115

Let's be frank. Once a sizeable number of minorities can vote, Sanders is done.

His best chances are Iowa and NH, and he couldn't win in Iowa. He needed to win by a good margin in Iowa and he didn't. Young white males are not enough to win a Democratic nomination. Clinton will likely close the gap somewhat in NH, making that a tighter contest, and then we will see how small Sanders' support really is among minorities.

You guys in this group are a safe port from an angry, hateful sea.

Thank you.

Assault weapons are evil. What kind of Democrat wouldn't vote to ban such weapons?

It is evil to vote against such a ban. If there are economic reasons behind a vote not to ban them, that is corrupt and evil

Hmmm... I wonder which Democrat Smith & Wesson and Ruger are endorsing?

I have seen it asked why minorities aren't "feeling the Bern".

There is an especially notorious thread on the subject with many replies. I have some thoughts, as a minority.

First, I am not claiming there aren't any minorities supporting Sanders. There obviously are. But the large majority support HRC, as do I.

When I see an endorsement made of HRC by a minority, the ugly way in which that endorser is diminished and brushed aside is troubling. Some of the comments I see, such as "he/she is a sellout", "no one even knows who that is", " must be getting paid" are offensive. Maybe white people don't know who some of the prominent minority endorsements are, but I do. I follow them, because they are few. It is important to me. I like President Obama. I like the men and women he has in his cabinet, the diversity. I am impressed when they endorse a candidate, because I know that they understand the struggles of minorities, racial and LGBTQ. I saw Trayvon Martin's mother attacked. I saw John Lewis characterized as some sort of selfish political animal. Eric Holder as a Wall Street tool.

It offends me when I see Sanders supporter claim the base supports him. Last I looked, minorities are the base. His game is impressive in Iowa and NH...no doubt. But those places might as well be Idaho or Utah to me. Iowa is 90+% white, NH the same. If Sanders supporters think that winning in those states is going to sway minorities, I am sorry. He is not Obama. He is not in the same league as Obama in importance to the minority community. Especially given the way that minorities that aren't "feeling the Bern" are dismissed and diminished by his supporters.

I don't mind the back and forth on the candidates merits. I don't even mind a little mudslinging both ways. But the paternal attitude about minorities will end in failure...this I can guarantee. Minorities that support HRC aren't dumb, or greedy, or in need of white guidance to see the light. The numbers aren't even close, there is a reason for that and its Sanders and his supporters. If Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him in the General, because the alternative is unacceptable. If that happens, I hope that by the time the election comes around I have overcome my strong dislike of the man mostly in place due to his supporters, and that is unfair to him.

I look forward to the first response with the term "race card" to prove my point.
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