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The truth about Dr. Tiller has never been told to Americans

He should be presented as the savior of the unborn ... those born after a necessary abortion

One woman described her elation at being pregnant and how the possibility of motherhood offered a glimmer of hope through several family deaths. Then she found out her fetus had severe spinal and cerebral deformities. "I laid on the table crying and knowing in my heart at that point my son was not going to make it," she wrote. At almost 23 weeks pregnant, she was too far along for an abortion in her own state, and so, like many women in her situation, she made the anguished pilgrimage to Wichita.

Writing five weeks after her abortion, she said, "I hate that my son is gone. I hate that I had to make the decision to end his life. I hate that my womb and my arms are empty. But I am strengthened in the fact that I made my decision by focusing on him and what was best for him. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful people that guided me through this horrible experience with compassion, love, and understanding."


Serious climate stuff

Mother Earth, Mother to us all, if we try to undo what we have done, please forgive us.

The biggest number of winter ticks that Peter J. Pekins ever found on a moose was about 100,000. But that moose calf was already dead, most likely the victim of anemia, which develops when that many ticks drain a moose’s blood. So it was probably a lowball estimate, because some of the ticks had already detached.

“It’s about as grody a picture as you can imagine on a dead animal,” said Dr. Pekins, a professor of natural resources and the environment at the University of New Hampshire. (A warning: The pictures below are, indeed, grody.)

Between 2014 and 2016, Dr. Pekins counted ticks on moose calves at two locations in New Hampshire and Maine. He wanted to see how the moose were faring, given that climate change has been delaying snow’s arrival in New England’s winters.


Sandman, AKA, 'Jack Merridew' character from "Lord of the Flies": mommy got him a PR agent?

Baby boy from CovCath, sandman, put out a statement today and boy did he lie like trump. His mommy is a VP Banker and the first thing she must have done was get her baby slug a PR, damage control professional. Does anyone think that this kid could write the statement that was issued to the press? He was reprimanded in Freshman year for trying to use essay papers that he bought. The whole thing will be nothing more then a coverup ... SOS

Ready to rumble?

Link Wray’s 1958 song “Rumble” remains the most dangerous-sounding instrumental blues vamp ever recorded, unmatched in its raw, slinky cool until, perhaps, John Lee Hooker’s Endless Boogie or the Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat. But unlike Lou Reed, Wray didn’t need lyrics about heroin addiction and sadomasochism to freak out the parents and turn on the kids. All he needed was his fuzzed-out guitar, soaking in reverb and tremolo, and a rhythm section with the minimalist instincts of Bo Diddley’s band, who were making a similar kind of sound at the same time “Rumble” hit the airwaves. But where Diddley’s songs invited listeners to dance, Wray’s “ragged, ominous chords, overdriven and dragged to a crawl,” wrote Rolling Stone, “sounded like an invitation to a knife fight.”


Who is gonna watch?

They tried to ban, censor and erase Indian culture from rock and roll history but Native American influence is wrapped into modern music's DNA. RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World is an electric look at Native American influence in popular music, going deep into the Indigenous foundations of rock

Why? Walmart and banks picking the pocket of the poorest!

Took a disabled friend shopping at Walmart today. She is in a wheelchair due to stage 4 cancer. She was a business owner and has worked her whole life until she became sick. Thanks to our Gov., she has Medicare disability, to help her. However, she needs to pay bills that have to be paid by credit card, check or money orders. The banks charge monthly fees so it is impossible for her to have a checking account and can't get a credit card. She first had to go to an ATM to draw money deposited from her SSI disability, with a charge. So then, she has to get in line at the Walmart to get a money order. They charge her her again. Why? What happened to the idea of Post Offices acting as Banks? It would really help out the pitiless poor.
Corporations and banks picking the pockets of poor folks (and our tax dollars). Dems, please make this an issue to fight for. Thanks.

Walmart.com Help Center Find Answers In-Store Check Cashing

In-Store Check Cashing
How to Cash a Check at Your Local Walmart

Just present your check for cashing at the Money Center or Service Desk in your local Walmart store.
What types of Checks we can cash
We cash the following:

Payroll checks
Government checks
Tax checks
Cashier's Checks
Insurance settlement checks
401(k), retirement distribution checks
All Pre-Printed Checks*
MoneyGram Money Orders
Two-Party Personal Checks**

We can cash checks and money orders in any amount up to and including $5000.
Pre-Printed Check Cashing Fees*

Cashing your check at your local Walmart is affordable, with fees based on the amount of the check:

For checks up to and including $1000: $4.00*
For checks over $1000 up to and including $5000: $8.00*

Two-Party Personal Check Cashing Fees**

Cashing your check at your local Walmart is affordable, with fees based on the amount of the check:

Two-Party Personal Checks Up to $200: $6 or Less*

Providing financial services in post offices “could benefit the 68 million underserved Americans who either do not have a bank account or rely on expensive services like payday lending and check cashing,” says an inspector general report issued in May. “The products also could help the Postal Service generate new revenue to continue providing universal service. Because it has a presence in every neighborhood, including many places where there are no longer any bank branches, the Postal Service is well suited to provide such services. In addition, its well-trained workforce is already experienced at handling complex transactions and watching out for related fraud and other risks.”


Here is some hearsay ?

I will not name the man who was a NYT's Moscow reporter, years ago, who told me that judith miller (allegedly) slept with Qaddafi to get that interview ... and he said (allegedly) did so with lots of others. The whole Moscow Bureau laughed over this, he said. No, not a me too moment, I hope. Shaming women is not his message ... just that she was corrupt.

And at a recent dinner party, Mr. Epstein recalled, he joked about what might happen if his irrepressible and indefatigable wife were sentenced to home detention. "It wouldn't be very good from my point of view," Mr. Epstein said with a laugh.

But yesterday, as Ms. Miller was sent to the federal Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia for four months, a more somber reality emerged. Just before marshals ushered her out of the courtroom, she turned to Floyd Abrams, one of her lawyers, and said she knew she was doing the right thing. "She was sure in the end she was keeping faith with her promise," Mr. Abrams said.


I thought trump was about 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

Now shutdown is 'no jobs for you' or 'jobs, no pay jobs, no pay for work jobs' ... welcome to 1862

If we can ban Clackers then

why is it so freaking hard to ban trump?

I can hardly believe it, big default line for trump crossed

My cousin, whom I love, regardless of the fact that she voted for trump, stated today that she "blames the media" for giving us trump. "They never vetted him properly," I said (always seeking a position of agreement). She is 82 years old and a life long repub but with a heart of gold, always helping those in need, the sick and lonely. When repubs lose her (and her 5 sons and families) then they are about to learn how screwed they are. This shutdown is affecting her directly because she owns rental properties and has many Coast Guard tenants that can't pay rent. trump is so over ... BTW I don't believe polls that say trump has 39% SUPPORT. From where I live, I see his support crashing.

So, your child is involved with drugs,

according to the Principle at his School. They have found drugs in his locker and have interviewed students who state that they got drugs from your son.
1. Search his room and social media and ground him until the facts come forward - call rehab center checking for availability
2. Tell your kid that the Principle is a lying sack of shiat and not to worry, you will never turn against your kid
3. Ask your kid for his connections to drugs so that you can get in on the investment possibilities

So where do repubs stand? ... on trump Russian connection?
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