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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 1,862

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They lied about Vietnam, they lied about Iraq

and now trump lies about a National Emergency on the S. Border. Fall in line fools, those that believe the BS. The majority of Americans ain't buying this dead horse.

Liar, trump, liar, liar


A dark thought

With all the reports about TSA, HMS officers, Fed prison guards, and Coast Guard, not getting paid .... calling in sick or quitting ... could trump be setting us up for a terrorist attack? And then blame Democrats !!! trumps Reichstag moment.

Can I say this? trump, a wall will not make

your penis any larger or less like mushroom cap .... yuck

For my 1,000 'th post: a question for all

I love DU for keeping me informed over the years.

So here is my question: What was your first memory, earliest memory, when you realized that you loved someone or something ?... love of a person, piece of art, love of anything.

For me it is a strange memory. I was 2-3 years old and was in a playpen. My mom was cleaning and pushed the playpen up against a small table. I remember using my bottom teeth to gnaw on the table and I clearly remember thinking how delicious the table tasted, it was love .... I swear! My family still has the table, including the teeth marks. Now I know why I am so strange, LOL.

Women's role in founding of USA

During the war, many women demonstrated their loyalty to the patriot cause by shouldering the burdens of absent husbands. They managed farms and businesses. First in Philadelphia, and then in other cities, women went from door to door collecting money for the Continental Army. Some accompanied husbands to the battlefront, where they tended to the material needs of soldiers. A very few disguised themselves as men and joined the army, exposing as a lie the notion that only men had the capacity to sacrifice their lives for the good of the country. Loyalist women continued to express their political views, even though doing so brought them little more than physical suffering and emotional pain. African American women took advantage of wartime chaos to run away from their masters and forge new, independent lives for themselves.

After the war, women marched in parades, lobbied and petitioned legislators, attended sessions of Congress, and participated in political rallies—lending their support to particular candidates or factions. Elite women published novels, poems, and plays. Some hosted salons where men and women gathered to discuss political issues. In New Jersey, single property-owning women voted.


m. pence, the real Russian connection. How you say?

Mike Pence and Franklin Graham at the 2017 World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians. AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Well before special counsel Robert Mueller started investigating possible illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, American evangelicals had formed an odd alliance of their own with leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church. American evangelicals are led to make common cause with Russian Orthodoxy—and with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin—because of a deep and shared suspicion of Western liberal elites.


Dems redirect your fire from trump

to mitch mcconnell ... strafe the turtle (metaphorically) and make him come out of his shell.
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