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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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OK, I tried calling the Senate 5 times today but could not get through

because the lines were on fire. I wanted to say one thing, "We the people want a fair trial with all of the evidence available for us to see." I will keep trying my phone call until I get through.

GOP so corrupt that they can't tell the difference between

what is political and how it can be stretched into a crime .... what we now see is they no longer are standing up for the truth because they can't even see the truth. Sad but true.

repubs need to be on the couch, RADICAL ACCEPTANCE, tune in

Three Blocks to Radical Acceptance
Accepting reality means less emotional suffering in the long run.

"Radical acceptance" means completely and totally accepting something from the depths of your soul, with your heart and your mind. You stop fighting reality. When you stop fighting, you suffer less. That means you don't feel hot anger in your stomach whenever you see the person who got the promotion you deserved, and you don't seethe with resentment when you see your best friend, who is now dating your ex-boyfriend. You accept what is, learn, and go forward.

Radical acceptance is easier to understand than it is to practice. There are many obstacles to giving up the suffering of resentments and anger toward others, toward God, or toward the world in general.

1. I don't want to let them off the hook. Holding on to your anger can seem like you are punishing the offending person, whoever did wrong to you. As long as you are angry, then they aren't getting away with whatever they did to harm you. Your anger serves as a marker, a memorial almost, of their actions. If you let go of your emotions and radically accept, then it can seem like it never happened. You don't want it to be that easy for the other person. When your feelings are deep and intense, you want the other person to understand the hurt they have caused. Plus, your resentment is pretty intense too and difficult to manage.

That sounds good. The problem is that it doesn't really work that way. When someone has treated you unfairly, he either knows it or doesn't. If he recognizes his actions were unkind, then your anger serves only to distract him from facing his own failings and guilt. If he doesn't recognize his unkindness (or worse), then your anger changes nothing. Your anger will not teach another person about compassion or kindness or respect for others.

Radical acceptance does not mean that you embrace the person who hurt you as if nothing happened. You go forward with knowledge that you didn't have before. You stand up for yourself with respect. The anger and resentment serve as messages to be more careful in the future, to stand up for yourself in effective ways, to strengthen your support system, and to use whatever knowledge you gained to be more effective in living your life. Holding on to the anger or resentment handcuffs you to the past and keeps you reliving a painful event. You continue to suffer, though the event is long since past.

The same information is true if you are angry with yourself. Forgive yourself and move on with what you have learned. Punishing yourself does not help you live more effectively.

2. Accepting means I agree; I will never agree. I think the problem is that the word "accept" often means approving of something or agreeing with someone, such as accepting a job offer means agreeing to take the job. Radical acceptance does not mean you are agreeing to a situation or action. It means you are acknowledging that the event happened and is real. Acceptance means not fighting reality. There are many ways to fight reality.

Your language is a clue that you are not accepting reality. You say something, for example, a wedding, shouldn't have happened, that you will never accept he married her, that you will hold it against him to his dying day, and that you will never acknowledge their relationship. The suffering is yours. The reality is that he did marry her. Your refusal to accept it doesn't change the facts and only holds on to emotional pain for you.
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The same information is true if you are not accepting your own behaviors. The truth is that you did whatever you did. You don't have to approve or agree, but the facts are the facts.

3. I need to be angry to protect myself. Radical acceptance can seem very risky to emotionally sensitive people. Anger, withdrawal, and resentment can seem like armor to protect yourself. You may be seeking safety from the person who hurt you. Perhaps you forgive too easily and forget that someone behaves in certain ways, so you get hurt again.


Well, FANTASTIC, if you can keep it!

Europe is home of a lot of unique buildings and cultural wonders. However, some of them are out of the ordinary and the village of Equihen Plage is one of them. Located on the coast of northern France, this peaceful place has beautiful beach, nice camping sites and cozy homes.

Residents of the village live in upside down boats. Today, living in such a small space, instead of a modern house seems unnecessary. But, the locals are devoted to preserving their culture and history.

Back at the beginning of the 1900s, Equihen Plage was known, as one of the best spots for fishing. As many boats were left to be destroyed on the shore, local fishermen used them as roofs for their handmade shelters. At the time, the area was called Quartier des Quilles en líAir: the neighborhood of keels in the air.

Unfortunately, the Second World War ruined almost every boathouse in the village. However, local families were determined to maintain their legacy. So, village residents restored some of the old boathouses and built new ones.


No Joke: How many pens does it take to sign Articles of Impeachment?

AS MANY THAT IT TAKES ... you disgusting evil demon, AKA as trump.

f-ing deal with it! Hillary tried.

Female infanticide

Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of girl babies.

It is also described as gender-selective killing or "gendercide". (Similar words like 'gynocide' and 'femicide' are used to describe the killing of females of any age.)

Female infanticide is more common than male infanticide, and in some countries, particularly India and China, is likely to have serious consequences on the balance of the sexes in the population.

The reasons behind it are almost always cultural, rather than directly religious.

The causes:
Anti-female bias

Societies that practise female infanticide always show many other signs of bias against females.

Women are perceived as subservient because of their role as carers and homemakers, whilst men predominantly ensure the family's social and economic stability.



Raining down on all of us ... Mama Nature says "No Escape"


trump scared shitless, $80 mill from Iran for his head

I believe that trump was so afraid after the price was put on his head by Iran ... his properties ... that he had such a closed off speech today, safely right outside his Oval Office. He couldn't even stand at the podium by himself or walk down the hallway that is traditional for a Pres. to do, had to be surrounded by all of his flunkies to prop him up. Just this threat on his properties will cost him dearly because folks will avoid staying or living in one of them. He is pissing himself, snorting, gasping for air like a animal caught in a snare. I predict no more trump rallies for quite some time ... he is too scared to be in public. Paranoia setting in big time. No one wants anyone assassinated, especially any American President. But the parinoia has taken over and trump will be less available to the press and American people.

Why don't Dem's trumpet this Democratic Party achievement!!!!!

Hell yes we pushed back hard on the corporate thevies and WON big money for the average American. So, let us point out what we have done, not only what we will do to fight against the trump and GOP's undoing!

Within days of being sworn in, President Donald Trump has already pledged to cut business regulations by 75%. One way he is likely to fulfill that promise, at least in part, is by defanging a legacy of the 2008 financial crisis: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

That could mean the functional end to the consumer watchdog, which has been responsible for returning roughly $11.8 billion to some 29 million consumers since its inception in 2011, according to data from the bureau. Thatís an average of $407 returned to each affected consumer, affecting roughly 9% of the U.S. population (assuming no single consumer was a victim in more than one case).

The agency was conceived by a group of consumer advocates including Elizabeth Warren (then a Harvard Law School professor and congressional advisor, and now a senator from Massachusetts), partly in response to reports of deceptive mortgage lending practices that helped precipitate the housing crash. Designed to safeguard consumers in their dealings with the financial-services industry, the CFPB has made moves to curb abuses in the payday, student, and auto lending industries. The agency has also focused on predatory lending practices that target low-income consumers that can ill afford their loans.


trump chomps on his War bridle ...

but men of Peace have no bridle, they are men of intelligence and diplomacy, they see the future more clearly and seek all things good for mankind.
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