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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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MAGA Virus 2019

YES, that is what I will call it

trump has perfected "The Art of The Fuck Up"

1. get to the top of whatever, using family money
2. screw up all you want, just keep blaming and then firing people you hired and had praised when you did so
3. if your "fuck up" gets so big that you can't fix it, then, let all the other folks around you fix it (daddy? mommy?)
4. sit back and enjoy the pain and confusion that you have caused (because you know that no one could blame wittle donnie), relax, you have this under control
5. TAKE CREDIT FOR THE WORK OF OTHERS once the "fuck up" seems to be coming to an end
6. lie about everything

V.P. pence is a Pez dispenser for don the con

they should create one for pence ... barfing up talking points from the big, disgusting(OMG I can smell him from here , the devil) ... you get the idea.


We are all up "shits creek" but trumpers in Red States are really gonna get it

and are they gonna blame everyone, the Chinese, Obama, the Democrats, the next Democratic President, before he gets elected? You bet.

No, your slaves should not go back to work just so your corp profits go up

..... Oh, no, no, no, we won't go! Remember that one from the anti-war movement from the 1960's. trump is qualified to save American's health? He fucking needs to resign now. No protection, no work! No pay, no peace. We are going to see looting and other shit unless we provide help to everyday Americans, not corporations, they got the whole pie (not even a slice for the rest of us) last year with a 1.5 trillion tax break. NOW TRUMP WANTS OUR TAX DOLLARS AGAIN FOR BUSINESS AND NOT THE TAX PAYER.

The Lord giveth, the REPUBLICANS taketh away

... like they always do

So, we are worried. Yes, but got me thinking ...

COVID-19 is so bad for humanity. We worry about our countrymen and family.

We are ripe for a cyber attack on our countries power grids, water supplies ... everything, that would cause absolute collapse of everyday life. Is trump looking out for that possibility? Hey putie poot, putin ...

Find this man ... the one man that could never get COVID?

Just saying ... maybe this guy has immunity. Someone needs to check out his blood for antibodies to this disease.

"10 Ways to Wipe Your Butt for Free "

Spring leaves are just around the bend ... use em ... for real ... lol


Capitalists always run for help, to where? Scoialism, ain't that the truth

trump the fuckup is now doing the same thing ... remind them everyday
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