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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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trump cult

The truth about growing up Black, trapped and poor, no escape and that is the way things are

Is trump gonna speak indoors or outdoors?

Looks like he has set up a big outdoor stage --- outdoor stage is big, far away and way above the trump cultists. If he won't go inside to give his BS vomit, than he will now be proven to be more of the coward, he is. Not a leader. Expects his followers to go without masks etc. ... but not the butt turd. He will protect himself knowing full well that there is a deadly virus, but send his brain dead followers off to possible infection.

Wanna know what a good Corporation looks like?

Well for starters, they pay their workers a living wage, offer benefits, retirement and good health care. What US corps do this? If they don't then their values are anti-American and they are seriously contributing to the many ills we are constantly having to fight against.. Isn't it time to remove their Corp. charters? Historically, corps had to show how they would benefit their community in order to get a charter. Where the fuck did that concept go? Shipping jobs overseas for higher profits, destruction of Unions, ripping off consumers with their fucking financial machinations. Why the massive, trillions of tax payer dollars to bail them out, after each economic crash, when they don't even pay any State of Federal taxes? ENOUGH! Step up and do your civil duty. We are watching.

"Are you a man hater?"

How many times has a woman who speaks up about the systemic sexism had to have this question thrown in her face. Why?

I know why. Do you? Perpetuation, of the views they want to protect. Oh, we should wither from their criticism? Well, not gonna happen this time.

They are doing it again with "Black Lives Matter" ... Don't attack the messenger ... fix the fucking problem, don't kill innocent Black Americans, simple.

All of these men that won't wear a mask, wondering

These are the same bastards that won't wear a condom either? These men (not real men) create the exact situations that they constantly protest. No solution except to ignore any solution. Unwanted pregnancy's, no contraceptives. Police's criminal behavior, it's the black man's fault. Women speaking their minds, no you don't, get back in the kitchen, make my dinner, bitch. Time to throw off the yoke of oppression from these obtuse idiots. They are no longer gonna be calling the shots. WEAR A MASK .... WEAR A CONDOM TOO.

Revive 1960's activist music, needed now

"Black Legion" ... The entire Black Legion is sentenced to life in prison for Ed's murder in the end

TCM movie ...
"Brief Synopsis
At a midwestern factory, workers speculate about who will fill the opening for plant foreman. Most agree that the job will go to Frank Taylor, who has seniority. That night Frank and his family celebrate, but in the morning, he learns that the job has gone to Joe Dombrowski, a younger man who has invented a time saving device for the plant. When Cliff Summers, another worker, sees how angry Frank is about losing his job to a "foreigner," he suggests that Frank join the Black Legion, a secret organization dedicated to eliminating foreigners from the country. Their first action is to burn down Dombrowski's chicken farm and chase the Dombrowskis out of town. After this, Frank is made foreman, but pressure from the founders of the Legion force him to spend time recruiting new members and he is demoted in favor of his neighbor Mike Grogan. That night, the gang attacks Grogan. Co-worker Ed Jackson, who is married to Grogan's daughter Betty, starts to suspect Frank's connection to all the trouble. He says something to Frank's wife Ruth and when she confronts Frank, his violent reaction drives her away. Frank continues to drink. He loses his job and associates with Pearl Davis, a woman with a bad reputation. When Ed threatens to go to the police, he becomes the next victim of the Legion. Unlike the other victims, though, Ed is not afraid, and when he tries to escape, a panicky Frank shoots him. Frank is then arrested for the murder and Ruth returns from her parents' house to stand by him. The lawyer for the Legion threatens Frank's wife and son in order to stop him from implicating the Legion, but finally, filled with self-loathing, Frank tells the truth. The entire Black Legion is sentenced to life in prison for Ed's murder.


The revolution is is being broadcast, thanks to cell phones

So, have been thinking about the movie, "Gone With the Wind"

TCM shows the old, classic movies. Yes, old movies are racist, among other issues. No real depictions of Black folks, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, just characterizations. Sexist, homophobic, racially intensive plots are not uncommon. So, I am sure many of you can add to the list of ugly portrayals that exist in movies. I still watch, enjoy, I critique and do not want any censorship. Historical context is so necessary to fully understand where we have come, how we can learn and move forward. Our history is whole stinking mess but do not censure our ability to view it. Lets focus on the present, make life better for all, equality, justice. Movies are a snapshot in time, historical documents, educational, even if they are abhorrent. BTW, just saw Gunga Din, now that one is so wrong in so many ways, OMG. But, I recommend it.
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