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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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America to pence. It is after 10. Where are the shots?

Reason trump signed relief bill, to solve Mar a Lardo phone problems?

Someone here on DU posted the phone number of Mar a Lardo and asked we call to 'encourage' trump to sign to bill. The phone lines at the club were totally jammed, I know because I called, was on hold for like 5 mins. then was asked to hold longer or leave a message and so I left a beauty! The only way for trump to solve his phone problems at Shart a Lardo was to sign the COVID relief Bill and Gov. funding.

I laughed so hard last night because I know in my mind that that is WHY he signed. His precious club was under attack and the only way out, to make it stop was to sign!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It is always about him, don't cha know. I hope someone does a story about this pressure campaign by the clever Americans who keep coming up with ways to fight back .... "Good trouble"

Clap on clap off Evangelical Christians. Not Jesus rated.

Ode to Joy ... English translation

If youíve loved anotherís beauty
If youíve craved the warmth of flesh,
If your spirit is invested In anotherís sense of worth,
Lift your voice to touch my voice now,
Let our song bring joy to earth.
Lift your voice to touch my voice now,
Let our song bring joy to earth


Best interview with eye witness to the bombing in Nashville

Don't know if this was posted earlier but here it is again. The woman gives the best timeline from gun shots to explosion .... escaping once with her life only to return and almost get blown up a second time ... her her tell it.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) ó Metro police and witnesses said an RV played a recorded message, warning anyone in the area to evacuate minutes before it exploded early Friday morning.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with a woman who evacuated with her family after hearing the message.

The woman said she lives in an apartment directly across from where the RV was parked. She recounted hearing very loud, repetitive gunshots sometime between 5 and 5:30 a.m., which she said could have been a recording of gunshots.

After calling 911 to report what she heard, the woman looked out of her windows and saw what she described as an older-looking RV parked directly across the street from her apartment.


Hey, got the gift of glossolalia?

Speaking in tongues, also known as glossolalia, is a practice in which people utter words or speech-like sounds, often thought by believers to be languages unknown to the speaker. Wikipedia

I thought to give it a try since it is the new girl thing in the Supreme Court. Here it goes ...

Istchy ummy mitchyy booboobooboobyy shoooboobuu nubbbby shrundy but crund craw..... TRANSLATION:

trump is pardoning all these criminals because he thinks he can gum up the new justice dept and Congress so much so that he thinks they will have their hands full and never get around to charging him with anything before the next mid-term elections, where he hopes to take back the House and Senate (we win the Georgia Senate run offs). How did I do?

Coming Home - A wayward family member returns home for the holiday

Count Your Blessings "Are You Burning Little Candle"

So? If trump is doing all this illegal, seditious, unconstitutional

stuff during his last days .... I have a question. Do all of the members of his cabinet stand to be legally held to the same requirements as trump? I hope all of them have to face justice because not a single one have spoken out to try and stop this coup or this attempt to destroy our democracy. pence is #1 on the list ... traitors all. Lets get this out in the open air .... public hearings that actually inform the American public as to the crimes that have been going on for the past 4 years. AND, keep it simple!

The White Stripes I think I smell a rat - M. Flynn

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