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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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The revolution is is being broadcast, thanks to cell phones

So, have been thinking about the movie, "Gone With the Wind"

TCM shows the old, classic movies. Yes, old movies are racist, among other issues. No real depictions of Black folks, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, just characterizations. Sexist, homophobic, racially intensive plots are not uncommon. So, I am sure many of you can add to the list of ugly portrayals that exist in movies. I still watch, enjoy, I critique and do not want any censorship. Historical context is so necessary to fully understand where we have come, how we can learn and move forward. Our history is whole stinking mess but do not censure our ability to view it. Lets focus on the present, make life better for all, equality, justice. Movies are a snapshot in time, historical documents, educational, even if they are abhorrent. BTW, just saw Gunga Din, now that one is so wrong in so many ways, OMG. But, I recommend it.

STOP, please ... stop this cop criminality

Kneeled On By Chicago Police Officers Outside Northwest Side Mall: ‘I Was Scared For My Life’

WARNING: This story contains violent video. Police said the women were attempting to "disturb the peace," but the cousins say they were simply trying to go to the store.

BELMONT CRAGIN — A Black woman running errands in Belmont Cragin on Sunday was pulled from a car and brutalized by Chicago police in an encounter captured on video.

Mia Wright, Tnika Tate and three others were headed to the Brickyard Mall, 2600 N. Narragansett Ave., Sunday afternoon to pick up some supplies for a small birthday celebration, Tate said, only to discover the mall was closed due to looting the night before. According to Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th), the mall was shuttered as neighbors worked to repair the damage.

Tate, 39, turned around to leave the mall when she saw a group of Chicago police officers and pulled over to get out of their way, she said.


"First observant Sikh woman graduates from West Point"


A momentous milestone occurred at West Point on Saturday when Anmol Narang became the first observant Sikh woman to graduate from the military academy.

Narang, a second lieutenant, said she was “excited and honored” to be fulfilling her dream.

“I am humbled that in reaching this goal, I am showing other Sikh Americans that any career path is possible for anyone willing to rise to the challenge,” Narang said in a statement via the non-profit Sikh Coalition.

The organization says other Sikhs have graduated from West Point, but Narang becomes the first observant Sikh woman to achieve the accomplishment.

Narang, 23, graduates with a degree in nuclear engineering. She transferred to the academy in West Point, N.Y., after a year at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Forget COVID-19 second wave, tsunami coming?

You know what? We don't want American's killed by police

Know something else, no one wants to see police being abused or killed either! So why do police unions continue to do harm, not only our citizens but, to their members, by their support of sadistic police? Don't the police want accountability? If not, why? Accountability promotes trust.

Police have been required to wear body cameras. Why? Because they have been abusing the power that we the citizens give to them. We see what they do, how they protect the worst among their ranks. We have common sense and believe our own eyes, so does the soul true of American. My belief is that these powerful police unions (mostly male, white men) don't want to give up any toys, military equipment. They continue insist on male, white privilege, putting pure corrupt policing (racism) on display ... trump barfs out that has their backs.

This challenge to dismantle the powerful, militarized police, is going to be as big as a lift as racial integration in our schools during the 1960's and 1970's. Everyone, grab and lift.

Never forget what they have done America, enchore

For all these magats that want a second Civil War

... just go up to your room without dinner ... or to the basement or to your presidential bunker. You fucking racists lost the first time and will lose again. Why fight a second Civil War when you will surely lose AGAIN? Wave your confederate flags all you want to now, because that stupidity is going the way of the Dodo bird. We will drive your racism from the EARTH!

trump is out of his mind and will not get any better

repubs can't find the oath taken to protect the Constitution and will not stop trump, they believe he is god sent. No brakes, no stops. But he is just the GOP's useful IDIOT? Just as he is putin's useful idiot, he is also the GOP's useful idiot. Reagan was suffering from dementia and yet they kept him in power so pappy bush could run the government. Hello, we got Iran Contra and so much more shit from pappy bush repubs operating in the shadows... like a stock market crash and GOP running around the executive branch like a bunch of mobsters. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! They will not change. We must run them out of town.

trump ... tweets like gossip drama queen

Who the hell would ever want their supposed leader to behave like someone from the lowest denominator in our society.... he has the mentality of an old time gossip. Perhaps this side of him is just like his Scottish mommy, housekeeper to the rich. We already know where he got is evil streak, from his daddy.
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