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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Today's GOP report card

Why did pence want to be seated? Investigation please.

You tell me ... here is my 2 cents .... could be

1. He was not feeling well? He looked like shit and was very attractive to that fly, after all!
2. He did not want anyone to see his knees shaking because he was too afraid of having to talk to Kamala with only plexiglass between them instead of bodyguards .... LOL
3. More sinister thought ... he knew he was Covid positive and wanted Kamala to get exposed. Virus droplets float in the air and fall to the ground., especially the heaver ones. That would put someone seated in a more vulnerable position than someone standing? Just a thought.

Maybe putin suggested that idea since trump tried and failed to infect Joe at his debate. Also, why did melania walk up on the stage to the right of Chris Wallace into Biden's side of the stage after the debate, without her mask? I thought at the time, wow she shouldn't be going over there without a mask! It was as if they were pulling some kind of stunt. Since we pretty much know that they were Covid positive and they knew it ... what were they trying to do to Joe Biden and his family, friends and supporters, at the debate? Can someone ask that 800lb. gorilla question?

Does the economy feels like a game of musical chairs

but without any chairs?

trump is sadistically torturing workers at the WH

He is putting their lives in danger. trump gets his narcissistic fix from this kind of mental abuse. Like a cat playing with a mouse. Why doesn't anyone speak up for these poor workers. They should be able to walk off and be replaced with properly trained and equipped personnel. This is more than political for trump.

WTF? Is he gonna Moon Walk down the stairs too?

Cart wheel 4 or 5 times across the landing ... roll behind a bush ... slowly walk out from behind the bush where he is quickly escorted into the heavy SUV. LOL, but anything can happen with that crowd.

America First, NOT trump! LOL

Sorry trumpers, practice what you preach! Can't vote for a man in the hospital with the PLAGUE, of all things. Think of the danger you would be putting the Country in. Too risky to take a chance on such a poor, frail, old, sick man. Leave him alone and let him rest. Don't vote for trump, don't vote this time, sit this one out. Don't do it for him, do it for America First!

Have to share a very cathartic time yesterday

Was driving down Main Street and to my surprise came across the rolling trump freaks, the local repubs, driving around town with the trump flags on their cars and trucks. I was driving in the opposite direction. I quickly rolled down the window of my pickup and gave the biggest middle finger I possessed and yelled the biggest FU to each and every one of em (only about 10 -12 of em). The look on their faces was priceless!!! And, they didn't even have time to shoot at me. HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I to a second and looked in my rear view, the kids in the car behind me were laughing their butts off. Such a wonderful afternoon drive. Fight, fight, fight!

Can a dead President still nominate a SC justice?

I don't wish death on anyone, I do believe in karma. Honestly, trump was already really looking bad lately before Covid. His reported drug use can't be helping his old ticker. He could pass away ... quickly maybe. Modern medicine will do all it can to save his life but this virus has mowed down over 205,000 Americans, he is only human just like them, after all.

What happens with lamey amy?

How to shut trump up during next debate

Have a giant, fierce, life sized version of a SHARK. Put it on ropes. Lower it down from the rafters directly in front of trump every time he needs behavior modification. Face to face, big teeth grinning. LOL

All this talk of civil war? November is hunting season!

Who in rural America can find a plumber during hunting season? All these big militia types will all be a-hunting, guaranteed. So any civil war will have to wait. Just saying.
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