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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Is it time for Justice, Clarence Thomas?

Now that Bill Cosby and Jian (from the CBC) are getting called out for their despicable past ........... don't you think it is about time someone in the media does a comprehensive report on Justice Clarence Thomas? He lied to Congress to get his job on the Supreme Court ... Anita Hill was telling the truth .... and more women have come forward to say the same things as Anita Hill. Sound familiar ?Thomas is the most pathetic judge on the Supreme Court, never asks any questions and votes with Scalia every time. He needs to be brought up on perjury charges at the least. A great summary below for all of you who were not old enough to watch what happened. BTW, I watched the hearing and thought that Joe Biden was running a clown show.


Sinead O'Connor

This is a beautiful song by the female Priest, Sinead O'Connor. In it, she offers healing for herself. Abused as a child by her family and her church, the institutions that were supposed to protect her, she continues to protest. She may not be liked by some but she stands up to the powerful by loving the weak, one must respect that. This is for the child in all of us.


Sinead O'Connor

A beautiful song by a woman Priest, Sinead O'Connor. Some people may not like her but she is a brave person fighting against the powerful, one has to respect that. She suffered as a child, this song speaks to that and speaks to the child in all of us.

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