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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Fire ex-military from police force

Not only has the American police force been getting ex-military equipment but has also been getting ex-soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Police departments actively recruit veterans - "Green to Blue" programs. Many of these police forces are made up of entirely of ex-military who are using the same tactics that they used in war zones - the hair trigger, shoot first gang. They are not retrained well enough to work on our streets, resorting to their war training. The police violate the constitutional rights of our fellow citizens more everyday, especially the citizens should have dark skin .... combat flashbacks? with a side order of racism for some? It is time to take away the military hardware and eliminate the war mentality from the police. The only way to do this is either retrain the
ex-military police of fire them, clean house. I bet that the officer who shot Michael Brown served in war. Enough is enough, why should I be more worried about getting abused or killed by the police then the criminals, even in our homes?
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