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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Is it too late to let Alabama sucede from the US?

Really, that state has never done anything good for the country. Alabama is so backwards, constantly producing idiots like Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore. Let them have their 'dear freedom' once and for all and let the rest of America get a break from the abusive State of Alabama. My apologies to the the DU folks from Alabama.

To all the church ladies of Alabama

I find it so down right 'Harper Valley PTA' funny that you all are going to vote for Roy Moore, after you voted for trump. Do you know how you look to the rest of the world?

Viagra and sexual assult connected?

All the old coots sexually assaulting women have to be using Viagra. Right! Viagra is helping to weaponize the penis. Joe Barton, of Texas, do you take Viagra before videotaping yourself? Ban sexual pervs from getting Viagra, no matter the age of the man.

Guess who has big connection to Gadsden, AL

Mary Sessions (Mary Blackshear), wife of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was born and raised in Gadsden, AL. Sessions and Moore are the same age .... ya think Sessions and wife know anything about pedo Moore.

Tracking Russian influence operations on Twitter


Amy Siskind's list of changes - keeping track of Authoritarianism


Melania's visit to Asia

Question; NYC bike path killer

Did he try to buy guns? Did stricter gun laws in NY and NJ prevent him from purchasing a gun/assault rifle ? If this is found to be true, then many lives were saved including the police officers who wounded the killer. I love the way no one talks about the fact that the killer was in possession of only a paintball gun and BB gun. When the killer jumped out of the truck there were plenty of people around in cars, taxi's and pedestrians he could have shot if he had real guns. This information should be part of the investigation and should be released to the public.

"This here's a party" - to all Dems

Middle class GOP supporters

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