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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Could it be that a brain tumor saves Healthcare?

Maybe John McCain, who was supposed to be a "yes" vote to repeal Obamacare, may change his vote because of his own heath emergency? If he wants to leave a legacy for the America he suffered for, as a prisoner of war, now would be the time to vote against his party to keep some semblance of healthcare for 32 million Americans.

Jujutsu politics

Democrats need to employ new tactics to deal with Trump. Don't just give endless facts to try and contradict Trump's lies .... turn his lies back on him. For example: Trump says he won't own Obamacare vote, say that he is now the Obamacare decider. Trump says that climate change is hoax, say that Trump's climate change view is hoax, as decided by every other nation in the world. Simple, shame the bastard, isolate him and his beliefs. People don't like being associated with a loser so Dem's need to start pointing this out about Trump .... simply and without all the facts that seem to make American's eyes glaze over.

Fidget this


''In recent months the small whirling toy known as the fidget spinner has assumed a state of near-ubiquity, at least in any area with children of a certain age. After your mind goes through more pressing questions like, "How much would it hurt if an unruly child flung a fidget spinner at me?" you might have asked yourself "Where does the word fidget come from?" We can't help you answer the former, but we're all over the latter.''

Listen to your Elders


Stop it .... media

Been watching for awhile now .... we need to stop with 'he said, he said' , BS. We need to say what is wrong and what is right because a lot of Americans have been brainwashed. GET IT !!!! Folks need to be re-educated .... I know because I live in Trumpland.
Our Media NEEDS TO STOP GIVING Trump talking heads equal floor time. I know plenty of very good Americans who are not getting the facts/truth about Trump. They would change their minds in a NY minute if they were presented with the facts. These folks would not support Trump if he "shot someone on 5th Ave." Most Americans are true patriots in rural America and they are not stupid. Trump presented himself as an America ideal ..... that was a lie, but folks out here are easy targets.

Trump, too bad he ain't that cool

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