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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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"we'll tak a cup'o kindness yet"

Dems: hold the line on gov jobs

Stop the privatization using tax dollars


First deployment in Army

The 18 year old son of my cousin is being sent to El Paso, on Saturday. It will be his first deployment after completing his training. He signed up for the Military Police. Is trump going to shut down the Border?

NY, AG, where is the investigation into trump modeling agency?

One of the two models now says she's ashamed that her name was ever connected to his brand. Both women say the agency asked them to lie about their profession and to concoct stories to avoid alerting Customs and Border Protection agents to their intention to work in the US without authorization.

Their account of what it's like to work as a model in New York including that they were not paid adequate wages and were housed in cramped, dorm-like apartments could be said about much of the industry and do not apply only to foreign models. But President Trump has made an anti-immigration campaign an early hallmark of his presidency. He is focused on those who are working illegally in the US and foreign workers who could be displacing Americans. The women Business Insider spoke with fit both descriptions.


What is going on? trump dumps immigrants

U.S. immigration authorities planned to release 500 migrants in El Paso by Wednesday evening, which would be the highest single-day figure in the city.

The release of migrants to shelters is common in El Paso, but advocates fear that the government may be dumping large numbers of immigrants on the streets to relieve overcrowding in the wake of the deaths of two children who were in Border Patrol custody.

Ruben Garcia, executive director of Annunciation House, an El Paso immigrant shelter that coordinates local assistance efforts for migrants, said immigrants would not be released to the streets on Wednesday, but instead will be placed directly into 11 temporary and permanent migrant shelters.

But earlier this week, ICE released hundreds of men, women and children at the Greyhound bus station in Downtown El Paso, leaving Garcia and others scrambling to find shelter for about 600 migrants beginning Sunday night and continuing through Christmas Day.


Cool cat liberals

Economy- what's brewing?

I am no expert to be sure. However, what's up with all these commercials offering folks help paying their taxes? I have never seen so many commercials since the 2007 that offered refinancing. Could it be that once everyone gets hit with the trump tax bill, there will be a lot of people in money troubles? If so, then all these Wall Street insiders know something that the rest of us don't. Their repub philosophy is, take the money and run ... stocks crashing. It looks to me like there is going to be a big recession because people won't have extra spending money after paying their taxes. Does anyone have any insight? Economy = eh ... con ... all... my ... money

"Count your blessings"

"Have a very Happy and Merry!"

My new Holiday Greeting salutation.

I am still in a state of shock

over my experiences, over the past 3 months, caring for my poor mother, who walked on, a couple of weeks ago. The hospital told my mother, after a fall, that she did not break her hip, then sent her to rehab to strengthen her, with a broken hip. After one week
in-house rehab, (because insurance would not pay for more), four days at home, she went back to emergency room due to extreme pain. The same nurse that was there for the first emergency room visit, called my Mom a liar, saying that she fell again and did not report it. The orthopedic surgeon apologized for the hospital having misread the first scan. By the time we finally got her into a special surgery hospital for total hip replacement she was so far knocked down in her health. Four weeks with a broken hip, for someone my mothers age, has a mortality rate of 80%. My Mom was living in a supposed great assisted living facility. The ambulance guys treated my Mom like a sack of potatoes. Sorry, I know most EMT's that have compassion. Those guys pulled the straps right across her skin by her ankles. I had to cover her with a blanket and made them re-secure her over the blanket. We have a giant problem with elder care ... my eyes are now open.
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