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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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A questions for rich Americans: Why do you want to grind working folks under

your heels? Why can't you share? Why are you stock piling money, as if it will save you and give you eternal life? trump has given you all the money in the world and yet, you still want more. WHY? When the fuck do you stop and what will stop you? Religion doesn't do it, American values won't do it ... so what will quench your thirst for money?

" What Does Rudy Giuliani's Son Do?"

It’s hard to turn on cable news or scroll through Twitter these days without catching the name “Giuliani.” Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, is a central character in the House’s impeachment inquiry. Meanwhile, Rudy’s third wife, Judith Giuliani, has commanded her own headlines as she’s aired details of the couple’s contentious, ongoing divorce proceedings. Scarcely mentioned, however, is Andrew Giuliani—the former New York mayor’s 31-year-old son—who works in the White House.

Rudy Giuliani told me his son’s hire “wasn’t the usual ‘hire my kid’ situation.” “He’s known the president since he was a baby,” Rudy said. “Now, did he know him in the first place because he was the mayor’s son? Sure, but they also had a relationship independent of me.”

The younger Giuliani has served in the Office of Public Liaison, beginning as an associate director, since March 2017, making him one of the longest-serving members of the Trump administration.


We can't fix today without history ....

How can we stop trump's assault on our Institutions ? We need a Constitutional Amendment to stop a seriously bad person like trump that has no regard for our laws and principles. Dem's should start to draft the new Amendment to the Constitution to help American's understand what this political pervert (pervert in his own life) has done to the rule of Law ... AND NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN .... we did it before in 1933


Using antipersprints and your health

Well, good news. Use Witch Hazel as the way you would use an deodorant, works great as a deodorant ... soak a piece of tissue paper or sponge and apply to your underarms and this natural application will provide the results you desire, minus the Alzheimer's.


A few studies in recent years have theorized that aluminum-based antiperspirants may increase the risk for breast cancer.

According to the authors of these studies, most breast cancers develop in the upper outer part of the breast -- the area closest to the armpit, which is where antiperspirants are applied. The studies suggest that chemicals in antiperspirants, including aluminum, are absorbed into the skin, particularly when the skin is nicked during shaving. These studies claim that those chemicals may then interact with DNA and lead to cancerous changes in cells, or interfere with the action of the female hormone estrogen, which is known to influence the growth of breast cancer cells.

What's wrong with Rudy? Simply put, he is an alcoholic

and in a severe downward spiral without a bottom. So sad that there is no one there to help him. Very sad demise for any person. Rudy even tells anyone willing to see. He says he loves his booze ... oh, but with a big fat cigar ... as if that makes his drinking OK?

Maybe explain to trump* folks - stock market rise screws you as a worker?

Most trump* supporters that I know (UP of MI) are poor workers that don't own any stocks or bonds. Some of these uninformed are screaming about how high the stock market has gone up under trump*. Please explain that investors/profiters rarely give anything to the workers in a Capitalist system out of control.

Fashion observation: Dem men have the better ties and suits


Damn right that Dem's want to Impeach trump

... based on his fucking conduct. We tried to warn American voters that a man of such low character would end up betraying all of us because he was involved with the Mob in Atlantic City and the Russian Mob in his NYC properties - money laundering. Everyone in NYC knew his character and his lies and his criminality, that is why 80% of NY'ers voted against him. Everyone in NY knew he was nothing more than a buffoon. trump conned many folks around the country. Check out everywhere trump has businesses ... NJ, Palm Beach and West Palm Beach FL, and on and on ... all voted against him. No reason to ask why. They got to know him and what a crazy low life con man he was. Repubs today are preventing the rest of Americans to know what is already a true fact, even forgetting Impeachment articles.

So, you are stopped for speeding on the Interstate

The Trooper asks for your license and registration. You refuse to comply to the lawful request. You say, "Well I saw people passing me, driving faster than me, so why am I the one being pulled over?"

That defense ain't gonna fly and everyone knows that truth. trump is trying to use that defense by saying that Hunter Biden and his dad were breaking the law in the same way as, trump himself, so why should he be the only one to be caught? Well besides the fact that no one else was speeding, even though we have the word of the defendant, to the contrary, no proof exists.

trump, you are guilty! Stop trying to bring phantom speeders into this. The law is the law and you are not above it, period.

trump, "The Outlaw President" and American's love an outlaw

trump is an outlaw, a mythological creature of the American imagination. His tribe see's him as good, fighting the powerful folks of their oppression. Kind of like Robin Hood that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Or, Bonnie and Clyde? Or Billy the Kid? Continue with the impeachment facts but... destroy trumps image as being one of our folk hero outlaws !!!!!
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