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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Big tornado outbreak in AL,GA,LA,FL

Sorry for them. I wonder what they believe God is trying to tell them? Probably plenty different then what I would advise them. I never wish bad upon them.

"I could never have a chick for a boss"

The year, 1979. I sat down at a lunch table at school with my fellow students and I overheard one guy saying that. No one disagreed, including me ... because I wanted hear what other kind of stuff this alpha-male had to say. He then proceeded to point out the 2 women he wanted to "F." The women worked in the offices of the administration. DOES ANYONE GET IT! Free range sexism. Are things the same today? I believe so: my example, Hillary Clinton .... if you can't "F" them, then "F" them!

So, trump wants a war, when and where will it be?

traitors in the white house are slow walking a WAR, maybe they are into a lite jog ... South America? Iran? Pakistan? China Sea? Middle East? ... wow trump has really opened his options but the bastard is going to start one ... before the 2020 election. He must be stopped before he can do so.

CNN, "The bush Years" ... Kitty Kelly's book, "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty"

tells the truth. I just reread it. The bush family snuffed out the release of her book. They had that much power back then. Folks, read it.

A copy of the book was obtained by The New York Times. Ms. Kelley writes that she spent four years and interviewed nearly a thousand people in researching the book, which spans three generations of Bushes. Little, if any, of its content is flattering to the family. Ms. Kelley treats subjects as far-flung as the pranks the younger George Bush played at boarding school at Andover and his jocular use of obscene language in the years before taking office. But she also discusses questions about how he avoided serving in Vietnam, about excessive drinking and whether he used illegal drugs and about his business career. It is a fast-paced, gossipy narrative that relies on second-hand or unnamed sources for much of its new and most vivid details.


And for those who've pursued their complaints in court, they've lost time and time again. Every libel lawsuit filed against Kelley has been dismissed.


he Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty

Ms. Kelley talked about her book, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, published by Doubleday. The author chronicles the history of the Bush family beginning with Prescott Bush’s dealings in the Ohio steel industry and his political career in Connecticut in the 1950's. The book details information about the family’s private life, including family jealousy, marriages, divorces, and alleged mistresses. Following her remarks she answered questions from the audience. Ms. Kelley also talked about her other biographies of celebrities, political figures, and the royal family. She also talked about media bias, the current political climate, and administration efforts to discredit her work.

Do you like your calamari sauteed or fried?

Either way, michael calamari is cooked! Did he threaten Stormy? national enquirer readers want to know! LOL

trump and kim: trump gets the little chair?

look at the chairs ... trump always get the short legged chair. A silly power move that Hitler used. kim looks bigger and more powerful than trump when they sit together. Who the F is supposed to keeping an eye on this kind of thing for dotard?

Understanding the subject: Menstruation

Apart from humans and our close relatives, the only animals that menstruate are elephant shrews and certain bats. Why did it only evolve in these species?

Apart from humans, most of the other menstruating animals are primates, the group that includes monkeys and apes as well as humans. Most monkeys living in Africa and Asia, such as rhesus macaques, menstruate.

Great apes do it too. Menstrual bleeding is easily detectable in chimpanzees and gibbons. However, gorillas and orang-utans bleed less copiously, so menstruation is only visible on closer inspection. Other primates, such as tarsiers, may also menstruate, but there is little hard evidence.

Other than our close relatives, menstruation also evolved independently in two other groups: some bats and elephant shrews.


Just love the way repubs send trumpers to liberal

web sites by reading the articles into the record at the end.... Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Daily Beast .... how long have we have tried to get repubs out of the Drudge bubble ... hahahaha

Does N. Pelosi have the power to arrest trump using the Capital Police?

If so, would she be able to charge trump with a criminal indictment? A pass around the FBI inability to indict?

The Bible got it wrong, Adam was created from Eve's rib

Now I know why religions hates science!

Geneticists have discovered that all human embryos start life as females, as do all embryos of mammals. About the 2nd month the fetal tests elaborate enough androgens to offset the maternal estrogens and maleness develops. The discussion of clitoral vs. vaginal orgasm is meaningless because orgasm is the result of muscular stretching and fluid produced by the veins filling the fatty tissues. The process is exactly the same in males and females. From a scientific viewpoint there is only 1 kind of orgasm, the ''myovascular orgasm.''

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