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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Chaka Khan - Through The Fire, David Foster & Friends

Pink Floyd Songs Played Splendidly on a Harp Guitar: "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here" & More

Harp guitars have been around since at least the 19th century, and if you want a good, enthusiastic, intellectual argument on the exact date of its birth, you’ll find many an organologist ready to do that. (Here’s a page filled with information about the subject.) But it was only recently, in 2014, that the Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments finally recognized the harp guitar as its own thing. New- or old-fangled as it might be, the harp guitar contains both the usual six strings and fretted neck and a neighboring series of unstopped open strings. Well known musicians who have played them include John McLaughlin, David Lindley, and Robbie Robertson.

But look up the instrument on the ‘net and there’s one name that will pop up before anybody else: 29 year old Canadian Jamie Dupuis. He’s earned millions of views on his YouTube channel for arranging and performing covers of rock and metal classics.


Don't read my screed because it may offend you

if you are going to support males over females. For 400 years white southern males had freedom to rape women and sexually abuse and rape both male and female children of African American slaves. After the Civil War, those men never got over the loss of their sexual freedom. "The South will rise again" bullshit is so much about the white privilege of sexual assault. This narrative is alive today with the restrictive laws against abortion. Men want control over women including rape victims. Every Black American who is decedent from slaves, with European blood in their DNA, can basically see that one of their female ancestors was raped by a white man. Why is this not part of the discussion when it comes to all these white Southern men voting to restrict women from the rights to their own bodies? There is a fresh history here. Roy Moore, anyone?

Trump administration defends $62M bailout to crooked Brazilian meatpacker

Source: New York Daily News | May 16, 2019

The Trump administration on Thursday defended its $62 million bailout to a Brazilian meatpacking company controlled by a pair of corrupt brothers, arguing the private pork payout will eventually trickle down to struggling U.S. farmers.

Food industry watchdogs were baffled that JBS USA, owned by shady food industry titans Joesley and Welsey Batista, have their snouts so deep in an American bailout money pot, even though it’s designed to support American farmers hit hard by President Trump’s trade war.

But the Department of Agriculture said it doesn’t matter the funds went to the Brazilian bad boys — both of whom have confessed to bribing hundreds of top officials in their home country — because the program was designed to subsidize “approved vendors who have proven they can procure” products made in the U.S.

“This means that regardless of who the vendor is, the products purchased are grown in the U.S. and benefit U.S. farmers,” a spokesperson for the department said in a statement to the Daily News. "JBS qualifies as a bidder under this criteria. This is similar to someone buying JBS bacon in a grocery store.

Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-trump-defends-bailout-brazilian-bacon-grocery-batista-hogs-20190516-hj2gpi5h4jejve63cqac5atcn4-story.html

Dem's in legislature, get busy crafting all kinda laws to make

government, insurance companies, healthcare, etc ... make all of these businesses cover the costs of gestation of the fetus until the birth or, take over the costs of forcing a woman to give birth. The price tag will make the so called ... 'anti-choice folks' wither away .... by choice. Fight back! Make them look stupid!

Anti-abortion laws must include

provision that all men, even married, must wear a condom when having sex. Then there will be no more abortions, no more unwanted pregnancies. Why no responsibility for men in this debate?

"When did you first know you were Canadian?" Ivana trump too

Save the Country

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