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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Hate never wins anything worth winning


I wonder what Ronan Farrow is working on?

Don't know but hoping something to do with trump sex trafficking with epstein ... years of trump modeling agency at the same time trump was BFF with epstein ...


Creating a strong Middle Class is American Socialism

Plain and simple ... fair taxes, fair access, fair voting, fair income, fair policing, fair justice, fair employment, fair housing ... it's not rocket science! Dem's need to run on fairness ... for all Americans. trump makes Dem's seem only run on minority getting progress ... break the GOP cycle. The media is not describing Dem's as working for all Americans ... and so we lose

Kick trump in the teeth

Sexual, sexual, sexual abuse, rape of children, sexual abuse ... Dems you now have a point to defeat trump. So go after it!

patrick fitzgerald - james comey - robert mueller

How the fuck are we expecting anything from mueller on Wednesday? The package is already tied up in a pretty bow. ... thanks to AG bar ... aka ag barf

As a special counsel, Mr. Fitzgerald was selected to lead the investigation of leaks in the Valerie Plame matter and tried the case of United States v. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. During his tenure, the U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecuted significant fraud, civil rights, organized crime, narcotics and national security cases. Mr. Fitzgerald also was involved in a number of nationwide initiatives, including the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee.


Making nice with trumper assholes only gets you

HEMORRHOIDS .... Preparation GOP ... reccomended for that burning asshole that burns ... lol

Trigger warning in post

trump is the new sarah palin... but with a dick .... (small and malformed at best)

Get trump's ass in a sling ... press corps

Ask him questions about American History ... ask him the questions that new citizens need to answer. He will be exposed and put in the corner with a dunce cap!

F'en trump and followers know the truth

Go Back Where You Came From': The Long Rhetorical Roots Of Trump's Racist Tweets

Jennifer Wingard, a University of Houston professor who has looked at rhetoric and immigrant communities, traces this sentiment at least to 1798, when the U.S. passed a series of laws — together known as the the Alien and Sedition Acts — that were aimed at making citizenship more difficult for immigrants and deportation easier for U.S. authorities to carry out.

"The legislation is actually constructed for the ability to remove immigrants who are saying things against the U.S. government," she says, explaining that these laws were passed in a tumultuous political climate.

"We were starting to see different political parties and different politicians arguing for different ways that the government should be run. And it just happened that politically, they could try to maintain and try to withhold the status quo by putting it on the backs of immigrants."


Ode to trump rascists

trump should invite them folks to Kennedy Center ...

For the song by Eminem, see Jimmy Crack Corn (Eminem song)

"Jimmy Crack Corn" or "Blue Tail Fly" is an American song which first became popular during the rise of blackface minstrelsy in the 1840s through performances by the Virginia Minstrels. It regained currency as a folk song in the 1940s at the beginning of the American folk music revival and has since become a popular children's song. Over the years, several variants have appeared.

Most versions include some idiomatic African English, although sanitized General American versions now predominate. The basic narrative remains intact. On the surface, the song is a black slave's lament over his white master's death in a horseriding accident. The song, however, can be—and is—interpreted as having a subtext of celebration about that death[3][4] and of the slave's having contributed to it through deliberate negligence[5][6] or even deniable action.

De Blue Tail Fly. A Negro Song

O when you come in summer time,
To South Carlinar's sultry clime,
If in de shade you chance to lie,
You'll soon find out de blue tail fly,
 An scratch 'im wid a brier too.

Dar's many kind ob dese here tings,
From diff'rent sort ob insects springs;
Some hatch in June, an some July,
But August fotches de blue tail fly,
 An scratch 'im wid a brier too.

When I was young, I used to wait
On Massa's table an hand de plate;
I'de pass de bottle when he dry,
An brush away de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

Den arter dinner massa sleep,
He bid me vigilance to keep;
An when he gwine to shut he eye,
He tell me watch de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

When he ride in de arternoon,
I foller wid a hickory broom;
De poney being berry shy,
When bitten by de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

One day he rode aroun de farm,
De flies so numerous did swarm;
One chance to bite 'im on de thigh,
De debble take dat blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

De poney run, he jump, an pitch,
An tumble massa in de ditch;
He died, an de Jury wonder why,
De verdict was, de "blue tail fly."
 An scratch 'im &c.

Dey laid 'im under a simmon tree,
His epitaph am dar to see;
Beneath dis stone I'm forced to lie,
All by de means ob de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

Ole Massa's gone, now let him rest,
Dey say all tings am for de best;
I neber shall forget till de day I die,
Ole Massa an de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.

De hornet gets in your eyes an nose,
De skeeter bites y'e through your close,
De gallinipper sweeten high,
But wusser yet de blue tail fly.
 An scratch 'im &c.
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