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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Bob Ewell GOP

No pardon, no deal ....

Get tough Dem's and nail the traitor and his co-conspirators to the rule of LAW. We need to clean up, sweep up, disinfect, so that our democracy can continue.

Hey, trump

as my country family folks say .... "bull shit don't run uphill"
trump can't continue to press his BS to America

trump calls for civil war, well then, I literally call trump to get on a horse and lead the charge

trump is not a man, never was, never will be. trump always has some lackeys fight for him. Take your drubbings like a man trump, or shut the ffffffffffffffffffffff up coward.

Push poll robo calls in Michigan - TPC Research


I knew it was BS so on the third question where they asked, what sex I was ... push #1 for male #2 for female ... I kept pushing #3 and they hung up on me. Total satisfaction!

Hey Dems: keep it simple soldiers, KISS

Please explain to our fellow Americans what Democratic Socialism is = NOT WANTING CORPORATIONS TO PROFIT OFF CERTAIN AREAS IN OUR CAPITALIST ECONOMY ... for example; HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, MILITARY, INFRASTRUCTURE! We pay for these things with our tax dollars so 100% should go to that cause. PERIOD! Take the profit out of the grubby, corrupt hands. Pay Union wages, rebuild the Middle Class.

I'm sorry for being crude but am enjoying the fact that

trump is eating a hard, cold, shit burger tonight! No ketchup, lettuce, tomato or special sauce. McTraitor burger.

trump gets a 'History-ectomy'


trump swansong


trump's dance moves ... new dance moves

"The Adderall sniff" .... move to the right, don't shake your hips, bend over and sniff it out, make white power sign, spin around, stomp both feet on the ground, make a fist and then calm it down ...
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