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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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So, this is how the great American experiment ends?

... with a bunch of repub Senators. Oh well.

Are men the weaker sex?

Scientists confirm what women always knew: men really are the weaker sex
In times of famine, epidemic and hardship over the past 250 years, women have consistently outlived men, find researchers

Women are more likely than men to survive in times of famine and epidemics, research has found.

While it has long been known that women have a higher life expectancy than men in general, analysis of historical records stretching back 250 years shows that women have, for example, outlived men on slave plantations in Trinidad, during famines in Sweden and through various measles outbreaks in Iceland.

Even when mortality was very high for both sexes, women still outlived men, on average, by six months to four years, according to the report (pdf) by Duke University in North Carolina.

The datasets included seven groups of people for whom life expectancy was 20 years or under for one or both sexes. Among them were working and former slaves in Trinidad and the US in the early 1800s; people experiencing famine in Sweden, Ireland and the Ukraine in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; and Icelanders affected by the 1846 and 1882 measles epidemics.


Jerry Nadler, such a great, wonderful man. Why? He spent his day with his wife

who was undergoing cancer treatment during such important times for our Nation. Nough said. So, he shows up tonight on the news channels after such a day, to step up to his responsibilities, even during difficult times today with his family. Jerry, you are beautiful.

Why is it so hard to say trump is corrupt?

trump uses corruption. He represents the man that steals what he desires instead of the man who earns what he makes. Good vs. Evil.

*80,000 leagues Under the BS Seas, Pam Bondi

... she is a so such a D-lawyer ... WOOOOO ... I actually feel sorry for her and her presentation which makes her look too stupid for prime time.

Not afraid trump being removed from office, heck let's do it, let's solve some problems immediately

GOP Media, don't try to scare us with what would happen if trump were fired. We are not cowering, we want this evil, unqualified cretin removed, sooner than later. Come what may, the majority of Americans have already figured out that keeping trump is worse than keeping him. OK ... READY AMERICA! Only the RW trumper's are afraidy

Time to mourn, but not time to forget our country is on the edge

of impeachment disaster. Kobe Bryant, yes an inspirational man who played basketball better than 100% OF ALL THE OTHERS.... yes he did and yes he was an inspiration to some ... but, do we have to grind our country to a halt? The cult of the Dead is not something we would want to see here but .... holy sh*t ... distract us much?

Senate makes rules for impeachment trial but if rules are illegal

vis-a-vis witnesses then who has the right to challenge? CJ Roberts, time to stand up for your country!

It's not just us, the whole world is watching, watching how the greatest

democracy is going to handle a fair and free trial that will show the world, how we here in the USA, claim that no one is above the law, including the most powerful man on the planet. Let us hope our country is up up the task. Such a powerful message to all the weary worn men and women, from around the globe, will help herald in a new future for fractious humans. Maybe when we learn the true direction of peace, the world will no longer vote for a trump* like cretonne to lead the world..

WTHeck ... lindsey graham, get lost, America doesn't need you. You are not a War hero

... never served in combat so stop propping yourself up as a tough guy military man ... LOL on you


Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump were born nine years and one month apart. Trump came first, but when they appear side by side, as they often do these days, the men look about the same age. On November 6th, in the East Room of the White House, the president held an event to mark the record number of federal judges his administration has appointed, and Graham was there, having played a critical role in the achievement as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump’s staff had scheduled the event in part to shift focus from the House impeachment investigation, to remind any wobbly Republicans of the reason they’d held their noses and voted for the guy in the first place.
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