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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Rose are red .... got one?

Texas may be red
But Georgia is now Blue
Lone Star State Wait 2 years
your time will come too

donald is orange
melania is blue
if you were his wife
you would (vomit) be too

Technology, social media Asymmetrical Warfare

What do you think? I do believe that older Americans who were born before the tech age will understand what I am about to posit.

Walgreens, at check out, a woman (who is clearly over the age of 21, more like 61) at front of line buying assorted items, one of them being a bottle of white wine. The cashier now needs to call over the manager to verify the legal photo ID of the lady. This takes about 3 min. in total time wasting for everyone in line as well as the cashier and manager. What ever happened to common sense? What happened to human observation? I know folks are going to say well company policy so no under age folks get booze or it is just inventory control, bla,blah,blah .... (Inefficiency, bad for our corp. productivity)
NO! This is fucking putting machines in charge instead of the real humans standing there. What?? The young man at the register didn't even understand why he had to have his manager verify the purchase.

Tech (Facebook, all) has to be reigned in, I am fighting windmills but we must examine how trump continues to hold on to the vast numbers of Americans .... free speech yes, free press yes .... free propaganda pumped into the homes of Americans using our free networks and airwaves.... we really need a modern revision of the whole thing called tech cause it is broken and it is breaking human bonds. It is like people look to the social media and machines for answers instead of one another. Only folks born well before the information age will get my drift.

This is why we have "alternative facts." Do we want an "alternative election?"

The door just slamed shut in your face,

for the first time in your life trump. How do you like it? And there ain't nuttin you can do about it, LOL. Toodles

Let's talk temperament.

Way back machine during the repub primaries when the same 70 mil that voted trump then, voted trump now. From the beginning when trump displayed zero lack of 'temperament' for the job he was applying for, they joyously propelled him and his circus show to the top of their party. And now, when trump isn't even showing up for the job all the while reports leaking he is having a total psychotic breakdown .... and these idiots still believe trump has the temperament to be leader of the Free World? He can't even get off the toilet as far as we can tell. How do they define temperament? Holding a mirror up to trumps mouth, if breathing he possesses it? Why does it mean so little to repubs?

Temperament is an old fashioned concept .... psychological evaluations of candidates need to be part of medical evaluations of future candidates. We should know the basics, like if someone is a malignant narcissist, at a minimum.

'the south will rise again' ... LOL ... this time a big difference

Hey Georgia, on my mind. Should have happened 160+ years ago but it is happening now. Black Americans are taking over the reigns of power because they are getting the free access to the vote for the first time in history, thanks to the work of Ms. Stacey Abrams and others really working the working work. And, they are becoming believers in the power of every vote, that their vote matters. Yes it does! Truly amazing sea change in American History. CELEBRATE!!!! The South is rising again and the world likes the changes we are witnessing. Keep the change coming for the Senate elections ....

the south will rise again
A rallying cry used by Confederacy enthusiasts who believe the southern United States is superior. Often, those who use this phrase believe the American Civil War was "about States' rights, not slavery". In fact, the Constitution of the Confederacy was nearly word-for-word identical to the US Constitution, but actually *restricted* States' rights by requiring every State to be a slave State.

Furthermore, there was no "Southern identity" in the United States until abolition became a major political issue, and rebel states saw slavery as more a matter of property rights, not State's rights. The States' rights issue was invented by modern Southern apologists; no real historian takes it seriously.

In short, this is a slogan for southerners who believe they should "take pride in their heritage" even though their heritage includes a legacy of horrifying behavior.
My buddy Jeb told me it's not racist to say "the south will rise again", but I know


"Save The Country," WE DID

Too soon trump?

Is it too soon for trump's party to call for operation 'Night of the Long Knives'? The psycho has to make someone pay for his failures and sure looks like it's going to be turned on his team (so weird they won't give their names at press conferences?). They all better be running for the hills or doing exactly the 'step and fetch it' role lindsey g is performing, or else. AG barr? Hahahah ... would hate to be you. This grotesque mess is all on trump, he lost, will lose anything he tries to do to screw with the election ... so strange to live through this historic time. But the best man and woman have won. Love saying that.

Please President Biden, you promise to be president for all Americans

and I could not agree with you more. We need your healing wisdom and Kamala with her wisdom to and energy to match. However, one thing that I hope you will not do is to go overboard in reaching out to the other side. They are out there now trying to cancel your rightful election victory, as the next, legally elected President, of the USA. These fuck faces will keep this up for the next 4 years and no matter what you do, they will continue with the lies and propaganda, so NO !!!! ... wait until after the inauguration, wait until you grab the reigns of power, to show them who is the new sheriff in town. I love my Obama but he set me off on the wrong after he announced after winning in 2010 election that he would have "Evangelical pastor Rick Warren delivered the invocation for the inaugural ceremony" (Wikipedia). For me that was too much reaching out ....... lets put some heroes up there on the podium ... #1 some BLACK WOMEN *** History needs to write that it was they who saved the Republic; some grocery store workers; some nurses; some good cops; some teachers; some moms and dads doing whats to be done during a pandemic. FUCK reaching out to the haters for just a little while and give the credit to OUR SIDE FOR A QUICK MOMENT. Just saying ....

Concede the ELECTION trump, you f-ing sick bastard.

Can't take it like a man? Stop putting the country through more of your abusive, painful, destructive mess. YOU HAVE LOST. It would have been a landslide victory except for all the crap you pulled especially with the USPS mail in ballots that will never be counted ... left to rot somewhere just like you tried to do to our democracy. Hey, guess what? Every proud raggedy ass non-white, non-straight, non-conforming, non-religious, non-rural, non-handmaiden, non-fossil fuel sucking voter joined together to vote your fucking lard ass out. GET THE HELL OUT!
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