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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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A deliciuos education ... the best in the world, here in the USA


pence is over his head dealing with science

Mike Pence is supposedly in charge on coronavirus response and it's a total disaster
Our vice president doesn't believe in science so he's perfect to dispense pro-Trump lies and conspiracy theories

Last Wednesday as the stock market dropped precipitously for the third day in a row, President Trump was reluctantly forced to admit that the nation was in the midst of a major global public health crisis. So he held a desultory press conference, handed out some misinformation and blamed Democrats for the stock market slide. And then he named Vice President Mike Pence to be the point man for the crisis, reportedly because he thinks Pence "doesn't have anything else to do." It was hardly reassuring. In fact, Pence might be the very last person one would want to put in charge. His history with public health is abysmal.

When a rural county in Indiana had an HIV outbreak during Pence's tenure as governor, he completely dropped the ball. And he's lying about it. He told Fox News host Sean Hannity last week, "I don't believe in needle exchanges as a way to combat drug abuse, but in this case, we came to the conclusion that we had a public health emergency, and so I took executive action to make a limited needle exchange available."


"pinky pence" ... nickname ... why is pence so pink?

trump is orange, pence is pink. Does pence eat too much cotton candy? Mother, please step up.

Get you membership right away - LOL

How the Race for Exclusivity Gave Rise to Private Restaurants
An affluent segment of diners has a growing appetite for members-only experiences.

You know to look for Johnson here because hes at this same table at the same time every Thursday and Friday. And on any given week he may run into Bitcoin entrepreneurs, the assistant coach of an NBA championship team or the showrunner for an Emmy-winning sitcom. But hes more than just a regular. He, like most of the people around him that night, has paid to make this his table every week.

Mason is semi-private, meaning the majority of people who dine there are members (whom the restaurant calls trustees) or their guests. The general public can come in and sit at the bar or snag a table here or there, but for the most part, this restaurant is a cloistered little enclave for the well-heeled in Los Angeles.


Dealing with pollution in our community

both in Canada and her sister city here in the USA, Sault Sainte Marie, MI. Always a coverup when it comes to human health compromised by corporation from India


"17 Maps Of The United States That Made Us Say "Whoa"

America. It's so much more than chants of "USA! USA! USA!" can possibly capture. It's a diverse empire of more than 327 million people living often radically different star-spangled lives in the land of the free. In addition to helping navigate from sea to shining sea, maps can help convey just how magnificently multifarious this great nation really is. These are the most compelling maps of the United States of America available on r/mapp*rn, and you can vote up the ones that blow your red, white, and blue mind.


Strange but beautiful


For Black History Month

Meet the Iowa Architect Documenting Every Slave House Still Standing
Jobie Hill has visited 700 former residences. Many have been abandoned. Some have become storage space. Others are B&Bs.


CoV update from ECD, since we can't trust our trump team


Epidemiological curves

These histograms are based on the available information at the time of publication, originating from several sources. Data completeness depends on the availability of information from the affected areas. All data should be interpreted with caution as the outbreak is evolving rapidly. In addition, due to the unavailability of date-of-onset data, likely testing of retrospective specimens and currently expanding introduction of the specific laboratory test for SARS-CoV-2, this figure might not be reflective of the evolution of the epidemic in China

I remember: 2016, bernie bro's would not vote for our Party's nomination, Hillary

... pondering ... would I vote for Bernie if he were to win the Democratic Party nomination ... of fu**ing course I would! So, behave and support our nominee, even if it is bernie.
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