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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Strong Women Song ... for healing


Ojibwe Teachings


Yes, but wear a mask


Forcing workers back into meat packing plants without any rights is CORP SLAVERY !!!! Workers will be forced back to work, risking their lives without PPE, and will be denied Workers Compensation/ Unemployment Insurance for those who don't show up for work. Would you want your spouse, child ... any loved one to be put under this kind of fascist government approach? Creeping fascism should be more worrying then Socialism.

"Not a man to get rich off another man's hard luck."

Watching movie on TCM and quoted that quote from the movie, "The Devil and Danial Webster"
... never something trump or GOP'ers would ever say ....

dr. brix says, we are missing the big picture?

Well from where I sit, dr brix, the big picture is our pres. out there lying and making this pandemic worse .... dr brix it is you who needs to wake up and see the big picture or else you are nothing more than a failed bureaucrat ... when America needed so much more from you, you are failing.


‘It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle,’ Birx says of Trump’s disinfectant and light comments

The White House coronavirus response coordinator says the discussion is a distraction
Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, downplayed President Donald Trump’s suggestion last week that injected disinfectants and light could work as treatments for coronavirus, arguing the news media should move on from the incident.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper pressed Birx on whether Trump’s comments at a White House briefing Thursday alarmed her as a medical professional.

When will trump recommend leaches and blood letting?

Let's all forget about 500 years of medical science .... what have you got to lose?

New York's top designer of chef aprons is now making and donating masks


The founders of Tilit are used to putting aprons, coats and even jumpsuits on the back of chefs across New York and the country. But with all New York restaurants and many across the country temporarily shut down (except for those choosing to offer delivery and takeout), co-founders Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery have turned to making face masks.

Within 20 minutes after Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced about two weeks ago that there was a mask shortage for healthcare workers on the frontlines of battling the coronavirus pandemic, McCrery drafted a pattern for the masks. Tilit says it’s sold 4,000 masks so far (much of it made from scrap fabric at first), and they are currently selling more online for $16 each, with the company donating one mask for each purchase to people working food service and medical jobs.

The eight-ounce makes are made of recycled hemp and organic cotton with latex-free elastic ear straps. While the team notes the masks are not FDA-certified or CDC-approved, you can line them with a HEPA filter and they’re also machine washable. It’s been a quick change for a brand that has catered to many chefs cooking at the best New York restaurants, including Missy Robbins (Lilia and Misi) and Junghyun Park (Atoboy and Atomix).

Other companies, such as Los Angeles-based Hedley & Bennett, and noted fashion designer Chrisitan Siriano have also jumped in to help meet the demand for more masks. Tilit’s goal is to make 2,000 masks each week, with half of the inventory slated for donations. The orders—made by the company’s seamstresses in their own homes—have been placed across the country.

Tilit, which is based in the Lower East Side, had also partnered with Street Pigeon and Chef Supply to raise money for Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants by selling tee shirts (all the proceeds were donated to the NYC restaurant workers’ relief fund).

“Right now, we’re focusing on doing things for charitable reasons,” says Goodman. “We’re all coming together to support smaller businesses.”

Please proceed ... without the rest of us

Hang on trumpistas, 100 years ago during the 1918 Pandemic, folks stayed quarantined and wore masks ... ALL AMERICANS knew their civic duty.
STFU trumpers and go back inside and clean your AK-assault rifles ... one day, it will come when you freak out and shoot up your family or community .... or spread SARS CoV-2 .... "f the libetards" .... please proceed covidiots but please leave us out of your plans to kill the most vulnerable among us.

Where is the White House Doctor, trump is having a mental breakdown

How is trump even allowed to be out in front of the world???? He is clearly having a total mental breakdown. This is so horrible to watch, for most Americans. It is so wrong for any medical doctor to allow trump to occupy the office of POUS.

Folks, hate to break it to some that think trump is the second coming, it is not political anymore, trump IS MENTALLY SICK RIGHT NOW. He needs to be relieved of duty. trump has suffered like this his whole life and now he is making us suffer too.

Hold the White House doctor responsible for not alerting just how dangerous trump is.
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