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What Would You Do If Your Income Were Taken Care Of?

Source: Medium, by Misha Chellam


We share key takeaways below in hopes of advancing the conversation around this potentially important piece of policy. None of the arguments against, nor the overall numbers, come as much of a surprise for a bold idea still in its political infancy. The key lessons are the urgent necessity to raise awareness and promote the potential benefits of a universal basic income.


A plurality of voters supported the core idea of providing every resident of the United States with a base income. Younger people, people of color, and less affluent people supported this more. Support was also highest among people who know the most about UBI.



Here are the policy details that were shared:

• The check is not tied to work or having a job

• The amount of the monthly check would be between $500 and $2000

• The monthly income could be used for anything

• The cost of the monthly income would be paid for by tax revenues

• Every adult resident would receive a monthly check, similar to a Social Security check

Around 50 percent of respondents oppose these policy specifics, a trend that holds across all demographic groups.



Framing of policy initiatives are important. When activists centered the marriage equality debate on the idea that “love is love,” the movement gained momentum.

Anchoring around words with positive associations may also work for UBI proponents. In the polling, respondents viewed “Social Security for all” much more favorably than “universal basic income.” Word choice and framing will matter if UBI is to gain broad acceptance.


Much more at: https://medium.com/economicsecproj/could-universal-basic-income-start-with-local-and-state-legislation-5a3b60abd914#.12p4tc3ca

AND: https://medium.com/economicsecproj

Another astounding tweet.


I forgot: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/810604216771284992

That Last Rally in Alabama - The 'Other' Rally!

Mobile anti-Trump rally calls for unity and hope

Tear down that wall!

Thank you, "liberal media" at al.com! We know you're out there!

That Last Rally in Alabama - The Stadium

First, a mystery.

A beautiful old cedar disappeared from city park!

Oh, wait, there it is! Compliments of the citizens of Mobile. No charge.

Packing them in.

It starts! OMG, packed house and buses lined up bringing more (M$M version).

But do they really fill a stadium, or does it just "look" like it?

"Those cameras never move!"

What he sees.

That Last Rally in Alabama - The Arrival

"Here I am!"

The crowd!

"Anybody here?"

Some came running!

"Make America great again. No, not everyone gets to stand."

"This is it, Governor? What's your unemployment rate again?"

Photos from al.com! AKA "liberal media."

'O Holy Night,' because, you know, it's Xmas.

Russia's Hacks Followed Years of Paranoia Toward Hillary Clinton

Ahhhh - something else to consider...

Source: New York Times, by Max Fisher


Mrs. Clinton is viewed in Moscow as innately hostile to Russia. Widely held conspiracy theories portray her as seeking to foment unrest that will return Russia to the chaos and depression of the 1990s. Even many government technocrats view her with suspicion that at times verges on paranoia.


No one factor can fully explain Russia’s decision to hack and pass on Democratic emails, analysts say, and intelligence agencies appear divided on assessing Russian motives. But, in Moscow, fear of Mrs. Clinton has loomed as large or larger than any warmth for Mr. Trump.


Mrs. Clinton is indeed more hawkish than other Democrats, including toward Russia. In 2008, while a senator, she mocked President George W. Bush’s claim that he had looked into Mr. Putin’s soul.

“I could have told him — he was a K.G.B. agent. By definition, he doesn’t have a soul,” Mrs. Clinton joked. The line is still remembered in Moscow.

But the Kremlin’s views of Mrs. Clinton go beyond defining her as hawkish. They are also layered with a pre-existing Russian belief that promoting American democracy is a ploy to unseat unfriendly governments, that the United States remains bent on Russia’s destabilization or even destruction, and that there is an American hand behind nearly every Russian misfortune.


Read it all at: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/16/world/europe/russia-hacks-putin-hillary-clinton.html

Anti-Trump, pro-progressive rally scheduled Saturday in Mobile

In case you can't stand the idea of turning out at a Corrupt Trump rally - you don't have to!

An anti-Donald Trump rally will occur the same time as the president-elect's speech at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Saturday.

Progressive Leaders & Organizers Together (LOT) will hold the public rally from 3-5 p.m. at Bienville Square in downtown Mobile. The event is aimed at bringing progressive organizations together to discuss changes for the future, express concerns about Trump's policies and propose solutions.

The gathering is open for people in the area who feel Trump will not be good for the country or Alabama, Forsyth added. She said that attendees will be allowed to speak at a microphone about their concerns.

A demonstration will also take place in which attendees who are upset with Trump's policies will crash through a makeshift wall. The wall will include written examples of Trump's policies on it.


Beautiful Bienville Square, temperature mid 70's, no Trump!

John Podesta: Something is deeply broken at the FBI

John Podesta was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Source: Washington Post "Opinions", by John Podesta


The election is over and the damage is done, but the threat from Russia and other potential aggressors remains urgent and demands a serious and sustained response.

First, the Obama administration should quickly declassify as much as possible concerning what is known about the Russian hack, as requested by seven Democratic members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Second, the administration should brief members of the electoral college on the extent and manner of Russia’s interference in our election before they vote on Dec. 19, as requested by a bipartisan group of electors.

Third, Congress should authorize a far-reaching, bipartisan independent investigation modeled on the 9/11 Commission. The public deserves to know exactly what happened, why and what can be done to prevent future attacks. Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) have introduced legislation to authorize such an investigation.

Finally, Congress should more vigorously exercise its oversight to determine why the FBI responded overzealously in the Clinton case and insufficiently in the Russian case. The FBI should also clarify whether there is an ongoing investigation into Trump, his associates and their ties to Russia. If ever there were a case of “intense public interest,” this is it. What’s broken in the FBI must be fixed and quickly.

Read it all at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/john-podesta-something-is-deeply-broken-at-the-fbi/2016/12/15/51668ab4-c303-11e6-9a51-cd56ea1c2bb7_story.html?utm_term=.6104644d9c91

Dont believe the haters who say Democrats are doing nothing

The Democrats are pushing back against President-elect Donald Trump and his burgeoning administration, and are advocating for meaningful investigations of Russian interference in the election. It is simply not true that they are "doing nothing."

Source: Shareblue, by Melissa McEwen

President-elect Donald Trump has not yet been inaugurated and is already terrifying progressives (and not a few conservatives) with his diplomatic recklessness, unwillingness to resolve his vast conflicts of interest, chaotic transition, and alarming Cabinet-building.


As a result of all of these profound concerns around Trump’s impending presidency, rank-and-file Democrats urgently want their elected representatives to take action.

And they have. Unfortunately, there is nonetheless a pervasive message that they are “doing nothing.” This is inaccurate.

Last night, I published an extensive tweetstorm pushing back on this demoralizing messaging, which is republished here in full, below.

See her "tweetstorm" at: http://shareblue.com/dont-believe-the-haters-who-say-democrats-are-doing-nothing/
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