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Universal basic income - what do socialists say?

Source: The Socialist, by Judy Beishon, Socialist Party executive committee

The idea of welfare benefits being replaced by a 'universal basic income' (UBI) has resurfaced in recent years - a welcome discussion because it raises the fundamental right of everyone to have an income that meets their basic needs. Exact proposals vary but they are all based on the idea of everyone in society receiving an unconditional, tax-free, regular payment, regardless of whether they are working or the composition of their household (see appendix below).

Discussion on UBI is centuries old, but today campaigners point to a new urgency due to the growing precarious nature of employment and the threat to jobs from automation. More and more workers face the insecurity of having no set minimum hours of work or are being paid 'by the task'. Many who do have full-time contracts are not paid enough for a decent standard of living.



Supporters of a 'progressive' UBI say it would:

• Secure everyone's right to a basic standard of living

• Reward the huge amount of unpaid care and voluntary work

• End means testing and benefits sanctions

• Give women greater independence, as they would be paid as individuals rather than as part of a household

• Mean no financial disincentive to work, as UBI would not be withdrawn

• Be simpler than the present benefits system

• Give workers a safety net allowing them to more easily risk switching jobs

• Make it easier to make ends meet when taking strike action

• Enable reduced working hours, creating more jobs for others and allowing more time for innovation, leisure, political activity, etc

Read it all at: http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/issue/935/24401/08-02-2017/universal-basic-income-what-do-socialists-say

City council designates town Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama

Source: al.com, by Kelly Kazek

Lately, everything's coming up Bigfoot in Conecuh County. Numerous residents have reported Sasquatch sightings, according to the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, which led officials from the town of Evergreen to invite Bigfoot researchers to the annual Collard Green Festival in January. While there, researchers saw what they believed to be evidence of Sasquatch in the area. Click here to read what researchers discovered.

Several stories about those events went viral, prompting members of the Evergreen City Council to discuss how to capitalize on the attention. On Tuesday night, council members voted unanimously to designate their town, population 3,800, the Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.

Councilman Luther Upton, who introduced the resolution, said he has never seen a Sasquatch. "But I've never seen God either and I believe in him," he said. "A lot of people have seen these things. They aren't quacks. They are legitimate people who've seen these things."

Because of that, Upton feels, "There's got to be something to this."

Something to it? But we gots pictures!

The rest at: http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2017/02/citycouncil_designates_townoff.html#incart_river_home

It's back! Set your DVRs for the other shows!

It happened November 9, 2016.

Beware the Alabamafication of America!

"It can't happen here."

Warning! Satire! by Matt Mitchell

Ostrich: White Alabama Democrat added to endangered species list


"In the early 1990s we would drive the back roads in places like Walker and Winston County and just count the Clinton/Gore campaign signs and bumper stickers. There weren't many, but they were there," recalled Ribble. "But last year we drove the same roads and found absolutely zero Hillary signs. Well, there was one, but it was being used for target practice."

Ribble and other wildlife officials believe the White Alabama Democrat still exists in rural areas, they have just been forced to blend in with the White Alabama Conservative that has overwhelmed their environment.

"I could stand the two different species side-by-side and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. To the untrained eye they appear completely identical," said Ribble. "That's why we're having to try new things to identify them, like playing a continuous loop of conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren from a set of loudspeakers. If forced to listen, the White Alabama Democrat's eye will start twitching uncontrollably within thirty seconds. It's remarkable."

Once officials believe they have located a White Alabama Democrat they move quickly to electronically tag the creature. Instead of inserting a microchip under the skin, each identified White Alabama Democrat is given a tracking device disguised as an NPR pledge drive coffee mug.


Red versus Blue.

Interesting correlation. And - another version of "Which came first..."

From 24/7 Wall Street:

Because foreigners seeking employment and eventually citizenship in the United States almost always choose communities where they have families or friends, certain areas of the country continue to attract greater numbers of immigrants than others. The annual flow of green card holding residents tends to be higher in states with larger foreign born populations nearly without exception. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the number of green cards issued per capita in 2015 in each state. New York reported the highest flow, with 658.4 green cards issued per 100,000 people. In West Virginia, on the other hand, just 42.7 residents for every 100,000 residents obtained a green card, the lowest of all states.

The 10 states with the lowest overall immigrant population are:

West Virginia - 1.6 percent
Montana - 2.1 percent
Mississippi - 2.4 percent
South Dakota - 3.2 percent
Maine - 3.4 percent
Alabama - 3.5 percent
Kentucky - 3.6 percent
Wyoming - 3.8 percent
North Dakota - 3.8 percent
Louisiana - 4 percent

And the 10 states with the highest overall immigrant population are:

California - 27.4 percent
New York - 22.9 percent
New Jersey - 22.1 percent
Florida - 20.2 percent
Nevada - 19.4 percent
Hawaii - 17.8 percent
Texas - 17 percent
Massachusetts - 16.2 percent
Maryland - 15 percent
Connecticut - 14.5 percent

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