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Sanders' West Virginia win makes up little ground on Clinton


Source: AP, Lisa Lerer and Ken Thomas

The result in the West Virginia Democratic primary underscored the awkward position Clinton and the party's establishment face as they attempt to turn their focus to the general election. Sanders has won 19 states to Clinton's 23, but she is 94 percent of the way to winning the nomination ó just 144 delegates short of the 2,383 required.

That means she could lose all the states left to vote by a landslide and still emerge as the nominee, so long as all her supporters among the party insiders known as superdelegates continue to back her.

Clinton needs to win just 14 percent of the delegates and uncommitted superdelegates at stake in the remaining contests, and she remains on track to capture the nomination in early June.

Among those voting in the West Virginia Democratic primary, about a third said they would support Trump over either Clinton or Sanders in November. An additional 2 in 10 said they wouldn't vote for either candidate. But 4 in 10 also said they consider themselves to be independents or Republicans, and not Democrats, according to exit polls.

Read it all at: http://bigstory.ap.org/47ef6847b99d4c618944ee440918e487

Conner Eldridge for U.S. Senate - "Harassment"

Enablers: Cable Networks Air Trumpís Marital Attack on Hillary More Than Sixty Times in 12 Hours

Source: BNR, Melissa McEwan

So itís no surprise that heís going there.

But the media are uncritically reporting this attack on an endless loop: A cursory search of the past 12 hours finds that CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have reported on Trumpís attack more than 60 times. (Fox has actually done it with less frequency.)

The media are providing an amplified forum for Trump to say whatever he wants to say, no matter how incredible, unsubstantiated, or undignified.

They broadcast lengthy excerpts of his speeches, irrespective of the quality ó or lack thereof ó of their content, giving him free rein to attack Hillary, then they report over and over on whatever attacks he makes, and then they begin to report on the reporting, convening panels to discuss the coverage of his attacks as though they are removed from their own decisions and actions.

The abdication of all pretense of fairness is extraordinary. But it is not unexpected.

Read it all at: https://www.bluenationreview.com/cable-networks-air-trumps-marital-attack-on-hillary-more-than-sixty-times-in-12-hours/

Please Donít Pretend Hillaryís Negatives Are the Same as Trumpís

Source: BNR, Peter Daou

The mediaís favorite new talking point is that Hillary and Donald Trump have one thing in common: they are both deeply disliked candidates. That false equivalence only works if you strip away the context: Trump is disliked because of what he has done; Hillary is disliked because of what has been done to her; Trump is disliked because of who he is; Hillary is disliked because of who sheís falsely portrayed to be.

Letís take the names Trump and Clinton out of the picture and try a thought experiment.

Candidate A spends a year basking in unashamed bigotry, demeaning and degrading women, lying incessantly, insulting rivals, and boasting and bloviating like a schoolyard bully.

Candidate B spends a year spreading a message of love and kindness, working to help women and children, promoting fairness and tolerance, and enduring an unjustified character assault of colossal proportions.

Does anyone really believe itís the same thing when Candidate A is disliked for who he actually is and Candidate B is disliked because sheís lied about, insulted and smeared?

Read it at: https://www.bluenationreview.com/dont-pretend-hillarys-negatives-are-the-same-as-trumps/

Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive Democrat, Despite What You May Have Heard

Hereís what people would be saying about her if she wasnít running against Bernie Sanders.

Source: Jonathan Cohn, HuffPo

If Sanders is the standard by which youíre going to decide whether a politician is a progressive, then almost nobody from the Democratic Party would qualify. Take Sanders out of the equation, and suddenly Clinton looks an awful lot like a mainstream progressive ó firmly on the left side of the American ideological spectrum and maybe on the left side of the Democratic Partyís, as well.

One reason itís easy to miss this is that Clintonís domestic policy agenda doesnít include one signature idea or position thatís going to dominate the headlines or get activists excited. Instead, itís a series of proposals that, together, would fortify the social safety net, strengthen regulation of industry, and bolster public services. To the extent these programs require new spending, the money would largely come from new taxes on the wealthy.

And if you can count on Clinton to be responsive to Wall Street, you can also count on her to be responsive to unions, environmental groups, advocates for children and for womenís rights ó groups that will continue to push her in a progressive direction if she ends up in the White House. The same goes for the hordes of progressive voters who have backed Sanders in the primaries. If they make noise, Clinton is going to listen.

Thatís arguably happening already, thanks to the strong campaign that Sanders has run. This is how political change happens! But once the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination is over, the dynamics are bound to shift. Itís easy to forget now, but the right wing has spent most of Clintonís time in public life portraying her as a extreme liberal, or even a socialist. As soon as the primaries are over, those attacks will start again ó and some ambivalent progressives may decide they like Clinton after all.

Read it all at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-progressive_us_572cca08e4b0bc9cb0469098

Hillary won 49% of pledged delegates in 2008 primary.

This is what we expect our Democratic candidates to do:

Let's do some Hillary math.

Numbers from today's Democratic Pledged and Unpledged Delegate Summary (some numbers subject to change as unpledged delegates may change commitment)

The Democratic candidate needs 2,383 delegate votes to win the nomination. Counting ALL delegates!

Hillary has 2,201 delegate votes.

Bernie has 1,456 delegate votes.

There are 1,107 uncommitted delegates remaining.

Hillary needs 16% - 182 more delegates.

Bernie needs 84% - 927 more delegates.

Could we not presume Hillary is the nominee?

Was THIS the birth of Trump?

I sense a 'tag team' in Donald Trump's future!

AP Exit Poll:

The problem with open primaries.

Indiana GOP voters pick Trump, but party divided


Most men supported Sanders, while women were about equally divided between him and Clinton. Two-thirds of voters under 45 voted for Sanders, while 6 in 10 of those 45 and over voted for Clinton.

Three-quarters of black voters supported Clinton, but they were far outnumbered by white voters, nearly 6 in 10 of whom supported Sanders. Nearly two-thirds of white voters without a college degree supported Sanders.

A majority of self-described Democrats supported Clinton, but 7 in 10 self-described independents supported Sanders. Six in 10 of those who said they are very liberal supported Sanders, while Clinton was supported by moderates.

Among Sanders voters, nearly half said they think he will win the nomination. Nearly all Clinton voters think she will. Still, voters consider Sanders more inspirational and honest, while they see Clinton as more realistic and electable.

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