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GOP Senate candidate doctors picture of opponent, replaces Trump with Clinton

We really do live in the Putin's puppet world now.

Source: The Hill, by Jacqueline Thomsen

A Republican candidate in the West Virginia Senate race released a campaign ad featuring an image of his opponent shaking Hillary Clinton’s hand — an event that never happened.

Rep. Evan Jenkins's (R-W.Va.) campaign ad shows GOP primary opponent Attorney General Patrick Morrisey shaking hands with Clinton, despite the original image being one of him shaking hands with President Trump, Yahoo News reported.

Read it all at: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/385908-gop-senate-candidate-doctors-picture-of-opponent-replaces-trump-with

We've been given our wake up call! Stay woke!

Here's 4 reasons why Donald Trump faking a doctor's note actually matters

Source: CNN, by Chris Cillizza


1. The President of the United States, as a candidate, faked a letter from his doctor to settle health and age questions.

Trump's willingness to bend the truth is, by now, de rigeur. But, consider what he did here. At 70, Trump is the oldest person ever to be elected to a first term as president. His diet and exercise regimen are not what anyone would describe as particularly healthy.


2. Trump repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton as not being healthy enough to be president.

From the start, Trump sought to make Clinton's stamina and endurance -- both code words for her overall health -- an issue in the campaign. That effort ramped up bigly in the wake of video capturing a decidedly wobbly Clinton leaving a September 11 memorial in New York City.


3. Trump will say or do absolutely anything to win.

In Trump's mind, everything -- and I mean everything -- is justified if you win. The means are always justified by a successful end. Saying that Ted Cruz's father might have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Yup. Claiming there were Muslims celebrating on New Jersey roofs on the night of September 11, 2001? Yup. Suggesting that Mexico was purposely sending criminals and rapists to the US? Yup. Casting white nationalist violence through the lens of both-sides-ism? Yes.


4. Trump eventually turns on everyone.

Bornstein should have never allowed Trump to dictate a letter about his own fitness. But, he did so because he had a long relationship with Trump and wanted to stay in the presidential candidate's good graces. Trump routinely rewards total loyalty -- see Cohen, Michael -- and Bornstein undoubtedly thought he would reap some sort of gains from his willingness to put aside medical ethics in order to please Mr. Trump.


Read it all at: https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/02/politics/harold-bornstein-donald-trump-health/index.html

Support for same-sex marriage grows sharply in U.S., survey finds

The American Values Atlas finds a big increase in support for LGBTQ issues across all races and ethnicities and almost all faiths.

Source: NBC News, by Alex Johnson


The survey — one of the most extensive of its kind, questioning more than 40,000 Americans in weekly installments for eight months last year — focused on issues of importance to the LGBTQ community, including same-sex marriage and protections against discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment.


The Public Religion Research Institute found that supporters of same-sex marriage now make up majorities among Democrats and Republicans; blacks, whites and Latinos; Catholics; and most white mainline Protestant denominations.


Perhaps not surprisingly, only two groups significantly aligned with conservative Republicanism statistically — Mormons and white evangelicals — continue to support allowing merchants to refuse to provide goods and services to same-sex couples, both at 53 percent. Black Protestants, by contrast, oppose refusing such service by almost two-thirds, the institute reported.

"The country has reached a milestone moment in the debate over LGBT rights," said Dan Cox, the institute's research director. "At a time when Americans are more divided than ever, the sea change in support for LGBT rights that now crosses lines of race, ethnicity, religion and geography means that LGBT rights are becoming one of the few areas of public agreement."


Regarding "refusal of service" on religious grounds:

"While religious liberty is a widely held value, most believe that small businesses that are open to the public should serve all customers and that personal religious objections of the owners should not be allowable grounds for refusing service to gay and lesbian customers," said the institute's chief executive, Robert P. Jones, co-chairman of religion and politics for the American Academy of Religion.

Majorities of white evangelicals and Mormons may remain opposed to refusing service, Jones said, but "combined, they represent less than 1 in 5 Americans today."

Read it all at: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/support-same-sex-marriage-grows-sharply-u-s-survey-finds-n870586

This cake is baked!

Same-sex marriage has support among most American religious groups, study shows

Source: Religious News Service, by Jana Riess

Most religious groups now support same-sex marriage being legal, according to a study released today from PRRI, the Public Religion Research Institute. The survey, which was based on more than 40,000 survey responses collected throughout 2017, finds that twice as many Americans now support same-sex marriage as oppose it, 61% to 30%.

Not surprisingly, support is strongest among members of religious groups that tend to be politically liberal, such as Jews (77%), the unaffiliated (80%), and Unitarians (an overwhelming 97%).

What is more surprising is how quickly support for same-sex marriage has grown among religious groups that are more politically diverse. Two-thirds of Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and white mainline Protestants now say they are in favor.

What’s more, majority support now includes African Americans, whose support for same-sex marriage has increased from 41% in 2013 to 52% today. Hispanic Americans also saw double-digit increases, with support rising from 51% in 2013 to 61% today.

As support has grown, outright opposition has declined, the study shows.

Read it all at: https://religionnews.com/2018/05/01/same-sex-marriage-has-support-among-most-american-religious-groups-study-shows/

May Premieres and Returning Favorites

Be sure and add YOUR favorites!

Colony USA, May 2, Wednesday, 10-9CT Season 3, mysterious ET "colonizers" disrupt West Coast tranquility

2 new 1/2 hour series on Starz, May 6, Sundays

Sweetbitter 8-7CT Early foodie culture of NYC circa a decade ago

Vida 8:30-7:30CT Two Latina sisters and mother's death

Patrick Melrose Showtime, May 12, Saturday, 9-8CT 5 episode mini-series

Little Women PBS, May 13, Sunday, 8-7CT Masterpiece 3-part mini-series

Fahrenheit 451 HBO, May 19, Saturday, 8-7CT

The Tale HBO, May 26, Saturday, 10-9CT Stunning movie

100 Code WGN, May 29, Tuesday, 10-9CT

Reverie NBC, May 30, Wednesday, 10-9CT

Yang 2020. Let's put humanity first. It's time for Universal Basic Income.

Let's get paid for the wages they're taking from us and putting in THEIR pockets!


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