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'Real Time w/ another Hated, Despised, Reviled Comedian' tonight!

Activists To Converge At Trump Golf Course For March Saturday

"You can run - but you can't hide!"


Activists will protest at Trump National Golf Course Saturday to demand an impartial investigation of Russia's alleged role in the general election as part of The March For Truth.

SOMA Action, NJ Working Families, Action Together New Jersey and We The People NJ7, and a dozen other groups will gather at at 1005 Route 28 in Branchburg and protest as they drive by the golf course on the way to a rally in River Road Park in Bedminster.


Congressman Bill Pascrell (NJ-9), who has lead an effort to force Trump to release his tax returns, is scheduled to appear.

"We demand that our elected officials listen to us, their constituents, and demand that we find out the truth from a nonpartisan commission," said Uyen Khoung, executive director of Action Together New Jersey. "We want to know if there are any conflicts of interest to the business dealings that could compromise how [the president] carries out his duties to the American taxpayers, and we will only know that if we can see his tax returns."

March for Truth Bedminster: http://somaaction.org/march-for-truth-bedminster/

In (partial) defense of Hillary Clinton

I’m going to do something unpopular now. I’m going to defend Hillary Clinton.

Source: Vox, by Ezra Klein


By the end of the campaign, the public had enough information to make basic judgments about who Clinton and Trump were. Trump’s flaws weren’t hidden by Clinton’s mistakes — if she was good at anything, it was goading Trump into error and overreaction. Voters knew what he was when they voted for him. They had seen him lash out at a Gold Star family and at Alicia Machado. They knew he suggested, repeatedly, that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination. They had heard him say Mexico was sending us rapists and criminals and call for a ban on Muslim travel. They had watched him babble incoherently about policy, say he could shoot someone in broad daylight without losing support, and brag, on tape, “when you're a star, they let you do it.”

And it’s worth remembering that before Clinton ran against Trump, 16 other Republicans ran against him — a group that observers thought to be the most talented field the GOP had seen in decades. And every one of them was routed. At some point, the record of talented politicians lying at Trump’s feet requires more explanation than “they all screwed up.”

Imagine a slightly alternate universe. Let’s take Nate Silver’s estimate that the Comey letter cost Clinton about 3 percentage points in the election. Imagine it never happened. Now Clinton wins the Electoral College, and lands a bigger popular vote victory than Barack Obama did against Mitt Romney.

In that world, are we talking about what an awful race President Clinton ran? We aren’t. But that is a world in which Trump — with all he revealed during the campaign about his lack of discipline, his casual cruelty, his disinterest in policy, his penchant for conspiracy theories — still won about 44 percent of the vote.


Read it all at: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/6/1/15721854/defense-hillary-clinton-2106
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