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How true, Hillary! WE know!

Last night, John Oliver pointed out there is a difference between "believing it to be a fact" and "a fact."

From the Clinton/Kaine "60 Minutes" interview:

Scott Pelley: I was speaking to a young African-American man just the other day in a Democratic state. And he said, and I'll quote, "You know, I guess I would vote for Hillary except for that corruption problem," end quote. As I talked to him further, he didn't quite know what he meant by that. But that was his impression and concern. Why do you think people say that about you?

Hillary Clinton: Well first, I will take responsibility for any impression or anything I've ever done that people have legitimate questions about. But I think that it's fair to say there's been a concerted effort to convince people like that young man of something, nobody's quite sure what, but of something. I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else. And--

Scott Pelley: What's the Hillary standard?

Hillary Clinton: Well, it-- it is-- you know, a lot of as you at the Republican convention-- unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth-- reality, which take on a life of their own. And for whatever reasons and I don't want to try to analyze the reasons. I see it. I understand it. People are very willing to say things about me, to make accusations about me that are-- I don't get upset about them anymore, but they are very regrettable.

And all the rest at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-hillary-clinton-tim-kaine-democratic-ticket-scott-pelley/

FactChecking Trump’s Big Speech

Source: FactCheck.org, by Lori Robertson

In accepting his party’s nomination for president, Donald Trump said “here, at our convention, there will be no lies.” But we found plenty of instances where Trump twisted facts or made false claims.

◾ Trump said after Clinton’s four years as secretary of state, “Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons.” But Iran was already on a path to acquiring nuclear weapons. At issue is whether the nuclear deal will prevent Iran, as intended, from becoming a nuclear power.

◾ He also blamed Clinton for the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But Clinton and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates both urged President Obama not to be quick to abandon support for Mubarak.

◾ Trump claimed Clinton “plans a massive … tax increase,” but tax experts say 95 percent of taxpayers would see “little or no change” in their taxes under Clinton’s plan.

◾ He correctly noted a 17 percent increase in homicides in the 50 largest cities from 2014 to 2015, but called it a reversal after a decades-long decline in crime. Experts say that’s not enough data to draw conclusions about a trend.

◾ Trump claimed Clinton “illegally” stored emails on her private server while secretary of state, and deleted 33,000 to cover-up “her crime.” But the FBI cleared Clinton of criminal wrongdoing, and found no evidence of a cover-up.

◾ Trump said that “there’s no way to screen” Syrian refugees to determine “who they are or where they come from.” But all refugees admitted to the U.S. go through an extensive vetting process that takes 18 to 24 months to complete.

◾ He said the “trade deficit in goods … is $800 billion last year alone.” It was nearly that, but it discounts the services the U.S. exports. The total trade deficit for goods and services is just over $500 billion.

◾ Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, also spoke, and he erroneously claimed that the Iran nuclear deal “lined the pockets of the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism with your money.” The assets that were unfrozen by the deal weren’t held by the U.S. government.

Read it all at: http://www.factcheck.org/2016/07/factchecking-trumps-big-speech/

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer (2016) Comic-Con

OMG!!! Could this show get better?

C-SPAN carrying Hillary at Tampa rally!

Streaming at: http://www.c-span.org/video/?412917-1/hillary-clinton-campaigns-tampa-florida&live

We've Reached Peak Hillary Hate (Thanks to Our Noxious Media)

BNR, Melissa McEwan

We have reached peak Hillary Hate, and I’m not going to mince words anymore: The media are complicit in fomenting escalating hatred against her. Their cavalier and irresponsible repetition of lies, uncritical reporting of conservative expressions of hostility toward her, and inflammatory headlines are creating a toxic environment that must change.

The national media’s treatment of Hillary has never been great. Whether it’s endlessly discussing her “likability,” or casually referring to her as “Godzillary” or “a Lovecraftian monster, the Cthulhu of American politics,” or depicting her with devil horns, or portraying her as a towering man-crushing monster, or constantly subjecting her to Remember Your Place pictures, or saying she “must be stopped,” they have long been prominent purveyors of narratives about Hillary being History’s Greatest Monster.


The story opens thus: “If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would be the most disliked major-party presidential nominee in recent American history.”

Sure. If it weren’t for Donald. It doesn’t have anything to do with a media who has been writing dogshit articles like this about her for thirty years.

And continue to write them, even as the Republican convention is peppered with unfathomable garbage like Dr. Ben Carson suggesting she’s aligned with the Devil and prominent speakers leading chants of “lock her up.”


Much, much more at: http://bluenationreview.com/weve-reached-peak-hillary-hate/

RNC: Watch the House Band Play David Bowie's Drug-Referencing 'Station to Station'

I wondered what Philly PA's (Hall & Oates) GE Smith was doing there!

Source: Billboard, Gil Kaufman

Any number of odd things happened at the opening night of the Republican National Convention on Monday in Cleveland: presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife, Melania, gave a speech that a lot of people thought was almost identical to one that Michelle Obama gave at the DNC in 2008, Happy Days' Chachi, Scott Baio, was one of the first speakers of the night, following a member of the Duck Dynasty clan and just before former underwear model/soap star/Dancing with the Stars actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.

But those were not even the weirdest things. On a night when the theme was "Make America Safe Again" and speaker after speaker hammered the importance of the rule of law, the house band might have slipped a bit of a Schedule II mickey into the mix with a David Bowie cover. The group, led by former Saturday Night Live band leader G.E. Smith, performed a version of the title track from Bowie's 1976 album Station to Station.

In addition to lyrics that reference legendary British occultist Aleister Crowley (who has been labeled a misogynist and anti-Semite over the years), the song famously has an explicit reference to cocaine in the chorus that Smith and the band did not avoid. "It's not the side-effects of the cocaine/ I'm thinking that it must be love/ It's too late to be grateful," the house band's vocalist sang to the room full of GOP faithful.


"What kind of president do we want our kids looking up to?":

My wife - who isn't political, but still a diehard Democrat - called me while watching TV and said this ad got her attention.

Hillary Meets with Warren; Announces 'End ' to Citizens United at Netroots Nation!

In poker, we call this a 'tell'?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a series of meetings with potential vice-presidential picks and her top aides at her home in Washington on Friday, a sign that she is preparing to make a decision as her party's convention nears. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) was spotted being dropped off at Clinton's home and remained there for about an hour, according to CNN and NBC News.


The very next day:

Hillary Clinton will call for a constitutional amendment to "overturn Citizens United" in her first 30 days as president and plans to make that announcement today to progressive activists at the annual Netroots Nation conference.

"I will also appoint Supreme Court justices who understand that this decision was a disaster for our democracy," Clinton will say in a video message, scheduled to run near the end of today's final keynote session. "I will fight for other progressive reforms, including small-dollar matching and disclosure requirements. I hope some of the brilliant minds in this room will seek out cases to challenge Citizens United in the courts."


"We all float down here."


No need to look it up. It’s what you’re feeling right now. The unreasonable fear of clowns.

Maybe it’s not so unreasonable.


Congress Recesses, Leaving More Stalemates Than Accomplishments

Anyone watching that summer TV show "BrainDead"?

New York Times, By David M. Herszenhorn and Jennifer Steinhauer

Congress limped out of town Thursday for a seven-week recess, leaving behind a trail of partisan fights, a failed bill to help fight the Zika virus, a stalemate on gun safety and a few mundane accomplishments that members hoped to sell as awesome to voters in an unsparing mood.

Although Congress began the year with some legislative accomplishments, including an important energy measure, Democrats have been eager in recent months to rob Republicans of even modest victories as they head into the election. Republicans, in turn, have been unable to resist attempts to legislate social policy through spending and other unrelated bills, furthering the impasse. The result has largely been inertia.

Most notably, Republicans and Democrats failed to come together to approve money to combat Zika, despite widespread agreement that the virus, which can cause serious birth defects, was a public health emergency.

Mitch McConnell added on his way out the door:

“With continued hard work, and cooperation from our friends across the aisle,” he said, “we can continue to add to that record of achievement for people across the country. Shouldn’t that be what we all want, after all?”

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