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Women's 2nd Amendment Pro Choice Empowerment


And according to research by the American Journal of Public Health, when an abusive partner has access to a gun, even if the gun belongs to their victim, the situation is more likely to turn deadly: "The presence of a gun in domestic violence situations increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent," and, "more than half of women murdered with guns are killed by family members or intimate partners."


Trump's 'law-and-order' gamble

From The Hill, Mike Lillis

Trump, who is on the verge of becoming the Republican presidential nominee next week, has begun to characterize himself as "the law-and-order candidate" in the wake of last week's mass shooting in Dallas, where a sniper killed five police officers and wounded another seven.

It’s a loaded phrase, harkening back to the 1960s, when Republican presidential candidates Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon adopted it during the campaigns of 1964 and 1968, respectively. The expression was perceived as carrying racial connotations — a dog whistle to white voters amid civil rights protests — so Trump's resurrection of the language could further erode his standing with minority voters.

With that in mind, some political experts suggested Trump's "law-and-order" push is another indication that the billionaire businessman sees the surest route to the White House in energizing the white, male, working-class voters who largely constitute his base, rather than shifting his general-election message to appeal to minorities and women.

"He is trying to win an election primarily with the working and middle class white vote, where he thinks law and order will resonate," Julian E. Zelizer, political historian at Princeton University, said Tuesday.

Read it all at: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/287635-trumps-law-and-order-gamble

Hillary on Donald’s Cold Heart: He Makes People’s Violent Deaths About Him

From BNR, Melissa McEwen

The first part of Hillary’s speech was about police killings that disproportionately take the lives of Black and Latinx Americans, and about the recent violence again police in Dallas. As ever, she put a premium on the power of listening: “Embracing policies that promote justice for all people, and standing firm against any attempt to roll back the clock on the rights and opportunities that so many sacrificed so much to secure…starts with doing a better job of listening to each other.”

“We remember Laquan McDonald, killed in Chicago, a year-and-a-half ago, and Sandra Bland, who grew up in Illinois, who died one year ago today. Time after time, no one is held accountable—and surely we can all agree that’s deeply wrong and needs to change. And yes, we do need to listen to those who say ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Too many Black Americans, especially young men, feel like their lives are disposable, and they worry every single day about what might happen. They have every reason to feel that way, and it’s absolutely unacceptable. Everyone in America, everyone, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Surely that is something we can all unite behind.”

In the second half of the speech, Hillary pivoted to talking about Donald—and how we are watching the Party of Lincoln “become the Party of Trump. And that’s not just a huge loss for our democracy—it is a threat to it.” Donald, she noted, is running a campaign “as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetimes.

“His campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetimes. It is built on stoking mistrust and pitting American against American. It’s there in everything he says and everything he promises to do as President. It’s there in how he wants to ban Muslims from coming to the United States, and toyed with creating a database to track Muslims in America. It’s there in the way he demeans women, in his promotion of an anti-Semitic image pushed by neo-Nazis, and in the months that he spent trying to discredit the citizenship and legitimacy of our first black President.”


For Clinton, Warren offers historic choice for running mate

By Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press

As Hillary Clinton weighs possible running mates, Elizabeth Warren offers a historic choice.

Warren's got all the fire any Democratic presidential candidate would want in a 2016 running mate. She gleefully taunts Donald Trump and she's a dogged campaigner and enthusiastic ambassador to the party's skeptical liberal base of supporters.

On the Democratic ticket with Clinton, Warren would also be a bridge to supporters of former rival Bernie Sanders and a second fist through the glass ceiling to the highest offices in the land. Clinton got there first as the lone woman ever to capture a major party's presidential nomination in the United States.

Two accomplished women on the ticket — which would be a first for any major party — is a prospect that ignited cheers and excitement when the pair clasped hands and raised them high overhead in a campaign appearance in Michigan last month.

Read the rest at: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/for-clinton-warren-offers-historic-choice-for-running-mate/ar-BBukcUI

The simple, surprising factor that explains America’s gun problem

Research links racism and gun ownership

Source: Fusion, by Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel

Racially resentful white people love guns
The first step in our analysis was to understand the individual characteristics and political alliances and beliefs that are associated with gun ownership. To do this, we examined data from the 2012 American National Election Studies survey. Using a model that controlled for race, age, gender, education, income, partisan identification, geography and ideology, we found that racial resentment is highly correlated with gun ownership.

Racially resentful white people don’t like gun control
We also found that racial resentment strongly predicts opposition to gun control, controlling for race, age, education, partisanship, ideology, geographic region, income and gender. A person who is very racially resentful is much more likely to oppose gun control measures than one who is not.

In order to corroborate these results, we also examined the 2014 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, a survey of more than 50,000 people conducted in the fall of the election year (every federal election year since 2010) that uses some of the same questions as the American National Election Studies to measure respondents’ levels of racial resentment. We looked at how strongly people with varying levels of resentment toward black people supported (or didn’t support) five major gun-related policies:

Racially resentful white people are highly passionate about guns
In addition to racial attitudes, gun control efforts are hampered by a concept political scientists call “issue salience”: the fact that the issue of gun control is much more important to some people than others. In particular, our research shows that those who oppose gun control are more mobilized and care more about the issue than those who oppose it.

Much more at: http://fusion.net/story/324449/racial-resentment-guns-research/

The Return of "Mr. Robot" 7.13.16

Have recent events triggered that old dreaded nausea?

Tonight, USA Network (of course!), two back-to-back new episodes, followed by "Hacking Robot."

Attorney General Lynch is not pulling a Comey!

C-SPAN3 and streaming at http://www.c-span.org/video/?412357-1/attorney-general-loretta-lynch-testifies-capitol-hill&live (break for floor vote started around 12:45 ET)

Her answer over and over:

"Director Comey has chosen to provide great detail into the basis for his recommendations that were ultimately provided to me. He's chosen to provide detailed statements and I would refer you to those statements. I AS ATTORNEY GENERAL AM NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE ANY FURTHER COMMENT ON THE FACTS OR THE SUBSTANCE OF THE INVESTIGATION."

Republicans are apoplectic!

Used to call it conniption fits!!!

Race, justice, and America's founding mistake

Same thing over and over again.

Source: The Week, Damon Linker

Discussing the problem of factional clashes that can lead to political unrest and even revolution, Aristotle remarks that the source of such conflicts can often be found in an "error" that takes place "at the beginning" of a political community's history — at a time when "even a small error" takes on outsized importance for everything that follows.

Consider the L.A. riots of 1992, sparked when a jury in Simi Valley, California, failed to convict four police officers who'd been caught on video encircling Rodney King, an unarmed black motorist, and brutally beating him with batons. Soon L.A. was burning, with much of the mayhem filmed from the air by helicopter, allowing the rest of America to observe the violence live, from a safe, judgmental distance.

But then something touched a nerve: A news helicopter caught a group of black men swarming around a truck, pulling the white driver from the cab, and beating him. Before long, one of the assailants hurled a brick into the driver's face at point-blank range and then broke into an exultant dance. Seeing this vicious assault live on TV, I exploded in fury, screaming impotently at the injustice I'd just witnessed. How dare these criminals attack an innocent man just because of the color of his skin! Who the hell did they think they were? Send in the cops! Call up the reserves! Declare martial law!

It's an intolerable situation — at least for blacks. For whites? Yes, it's a problem, but also one much more easily forgotten, grudgingly accepted, or explained away. That certainly explains my reaction to the Rodney King verdict 24 years ago. It's bad, I thought. But not something to infuriate me. Unlike the similarly arbitrary act of unjust violence committed against the white truck driver. That was the real outrage. Or so it seemed to me at the time. Not because of anything as refined as ethical reasoning or moral judgment. But because deep down I knew that I would never find myself in Rodney King's shoes — and that even though I had very little in common with a truck driver hauling a load through south-central L.A., I had enough in common with him that I could put myself in his place.

Because he was white.


What Philando Castile’s death says about the dangers of “driving while black”

Audio suggests Philando Castile was pulled over because his nose fit a robbery suspect’s profile.


Audio clips from the police radio suggest that one of the tragedies of Philando Castile’s death by St. Anthony law enforcement in Minnesota was that he was victim of simply “driving while black.”

According to audio recovered by local news station KARE11 from a viewer, an officer radioed a traffic stop that they matched Castile’s license plate and location on July 6 allegedly because Castile looked like a robbery suspect, “just ’cause of the wide set nose”:

"I’m going to stop a car. I’m going to check IDs. I have reason to pull it over."

"The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery. The driver looks like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose."

Only In Your State / Discover What's In Your Own Backyard

Here's your link: http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/

Found this up the road from my house!

In November 2014, the Autauga County Sheriff's Office recovered 21 dolls from Bear Creek Swamp. These dolls were placed on top of bamboo stakes and then stuck into the swamp. Most of them were made of porcelain and appeared to be antiques. After social media blew up about the dolls, a few of the deputies paddled around in a canoe to retrieve them. To say these dolls were creepy is an understatement. The Autauga County Sheriff's Office felt like there was nothing to worry about because the Bear Creek Swamp area is known for teenagers hanging out at night, looking for creatures. I wouldn't care if there's anything to worry about or not. A doll graveyard is beyond creepy!


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