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*Hillary Group* That New Hampshire Poll...

Despite unrelenting negative media attack, Hillary remains the Democratic nominee of choice even for those who may cast a primary vote for Senator Sanders (I-VT) in his own backyard.

Title: Bernie Sanders Rises in Democratic Presidential Race in New Hampshire

By: R. Kelly Myers, Marlin Fitzwater Fellow, Franklin Pierce University

Portsmouth, NH. – Bernie Sanders shows strong gains in favorability and overtakes Hillary
Clinton in vote choice. Still, approximately two-thirds (65%) of voters believe Hillary Clinton will
win the Democratic Party’s nomination, compared to just 11 percent who think Sanders will win.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a very high favorable rating of 80 percent, followed closely by Vice President Joe Biden (79%) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (76%).

Despite no longer leading in terms of vote choice, Hillary Clinton is still widely considered to be the likely nominee. Almost two-thirds of likely Democratic primary voters believe that Hillary
Clinton (65%) will win the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, followed by Bernie
Sanders (11%) and Joe Biden (7%).
Only 17 percent of voters are unsure who will be the
eventual nominee of the Party.

*Hillary Group* Clinton's Favorability Strong Among Black Americans

Gallup poll release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hillary Clinton enjoys an 80% favorable rating among U.S. blacks, while two Democratic challengers who have struggled in public exchanges with black activists, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, suffer from low name recognition and favorability among blacks.

Clinton's favorability with blacks towers over other Democrats'

Most Republican candidates have negative image among blacks


AMC is in the middle of consecutive Sunday binge-watching marathon Season 1-5 reruns of the ongoing epic "The Walking Dead."

Some people believe zombie shows are allegorical morality tales for surviving in a Republican world where masses of brain-eating hordes want to destroy your individuality and freedom, and the best way to survive is to find like-minded people who believe we are strongest and safest if we stand together and help each other.


The marathon reruns end Aug. 23 with the premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead" followed by "Talking Dead" season premiere! Original Dead starts again Oct. 11.

Syfy Channel is also returning the great "Z Nation" September 11! If you missed the first season, it's out there on the internet for watching - it is good, scenarios you never imagined!

Remember - stay close and stick together! Otherwise, we are the walking dead.

Raise taxes? No way! Kill Medicaid? Hell, yeah!

Source: al.com

Budget committee approves cutting Alabama Medicaid by $156 million

The chairman of the Alabama House budget committee proposed a dramatic $156 million cut in funding for the state Medicaid program today after his plan to level-fund it and other key agencies unraveled.

Rep. Steve Clouse, R-Ozark, proposed the Medicaid cuts after the budget committee rejected a cigarette tax increase that was critical to the level-funding plan.

The usually low-key Clouse, animated and clearly frustrated, said he did not support cuts to Medicaid and considers it the foundation of health care in the state. "But evidently there's a lot of legislators that still question Medicaid," Clouse said. "There's a lot of citizens around this state that are still questioning Medicaid and what it does. And we've got a decision to make in this state."

"Are we going to be the first state in the United States of America that finally says, 'We're going to do away with the Medicaid system?

"I don't know, we may make that decision as a citizenry. And it's time that we had that debate."

It would cut the General Fund appropriation for Medicaid from $685 million to $529 million, a 23 percent reduction.

State Health Officer Don Williamson said the cuts would be compounded because state dollars are used to draw down federal money. Williamson said the state would no longer be able to run a Medicaid program that complies with federal requirements. He said that would mean a loss of federal funding, which would end the state program. That could lead to lawsuits and federal court intervention, he said. Without a Medicaid program, Williamson said hospitals and nursing homes would close and doctors would leave the state.

"If Alabama chooses not to have a Medicaid program, you will see an impact on the health care system that you can only begin to imagine," Williamson said.

About 1 million Alabama residents qualify for some level of Medicaid service. The program serves children, low-income pregnant women, the disabled, nursing home residents and others.

On a related note...

Alabama claims highest rate of disability in country

Alabama is the least able state in the nation. We are among the least able to climb stairs, least able to see with glasses, least able to put on our own clothes, least able to run our own errands and least able to think clearly.

Overall, Alabama leads the nation in disability rates, as nearly a third of Alabama residents require some assistance to negotiate basic daily life.

The Gender Card - Don't Leave Home Without It

For Hillary fans: The Briefing

In case you missed it!

Hillary never loses sight of the real enemy!

For Hillary supporters: The Briefing
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