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Update: Tracey Grissom denied new hearing, sentencing.

"Convicted murderess" Tracey Grissom and her defense attorney had their request denied. She and her team will now move on to formal appeal.

The judge commented, among other things, that the whole issue of mental state and PTSD after her ex-husbands 'alleged' attack was irrelevant when the defense focused on self-defense and lost the case on those grounds. Judge England also allowed that:

...he and the jury heard all they needed to during the first sentencing hearing, which lasted five hours. "That's four and a half hours longer than most of my other sentencing hearings," England said.

I guess justice and mercy are not relevant either.


"Just Think Wright" - AL 2nd Cong. District

Erick Wright is our Democratic candidate for the seat presently held by the infamous tea bagger Martha Roby. Not only is Wright a true blue Democrat, but to unseat Roby would send shock waves across America!

Erick Wright Facebook link: http://facebook.com/justthinkwright

The 2nd Cong. District stretches from Montgomery south to Dothan. Politically, it swings both ways, so Democrats do have a shot. Lots of big city voters mixed with rural. 3 elections ago it was Democrat (DINO Bobby Bright). If Wright can get out the vote, and the Republicans stay home and uninspired by Roby, this could be epic!

Republican Martha Roby is worthy of General Discussion attention. She is the poster child of all that is wrong with the national Republican Party. If you are a Democrat in this district, as I am, you know how simply awful Roby is as our representative.

This thread is just to remind you all we do have a real alternative and an opportunity!

Let me say one more time - Erick Wright is a real big D Democrat, this is not evil of two lessors.

Erick Wright for Congress: http://www.justthinkwright.com/
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